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Full text of "Horae Germanicae : a version of German hymns"

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

Princeton Theological Seminary Library 






Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1845, in 
the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Northern District 
of New Tork. 



Exchange Buildings. 


The Translator would premise : — 

Hymns 28, 46, 81, and 121, were written before 
he could venture on an imitation of the German double 
rhyme ; and therefore fail to exhibit that trait of their 
Originals. All the rest give the precise form of the 
German stanza. 

As to the character of the Version — it is so free as to 
furnish no apology for harshness or obscurity in its 
language : and yet sufficiently dose to exclude him from 
all claim to merit for the thought. 

It is offered as " a specimen" of an almost boundless 
störe of German hymns ; and should it also prove an 
aeceptable " manual fm* the doset" his highest hopes 
respecting it will be answered. 

Auburn, N. Y. , November, 1 845. 


Go forth, little book ! — I to others now leave thee ; — 
Go seek among strangers in future thy friends : 

If worthy, — the worthy will kindly receive thee; 
If vvorthless, — neglect is thy worthy amends. 

Throughout all thy growth, I have taught thee with pleasure. 

What Germans have chanted, in English to teil : 
Amid graver cares, and in seasons of leisure, 

I 've lov'd thee ; — and, loving, now bid thee Farewell 

And, for saint the most feeble, should God ever use ther 
One joy to impart, or one murmur restrain ; — 

Though others, in scorn, should all favor refuse thee. — 
My toil and my pleasure will not be in vain. 




1 Thou Great First Cause ! when, of thy skill 

And might, the traces viewing, 
I see too how thy love is still 

The good of all pursuing, 
Astonish'd at thy matchless ways, 
How can I render worthy praise, — 

My God, my Lord, and Father ! 

2 The Earth, where'er I turn my eye, 

Reveals her Maker's glory ; 
Through day and night the shining sky 

Of praise repeats its story ; 
Who for the Sun there fix'd his place ? 
\Vho clothes him with majestic grace ? 

The starry hosts — Who leads them ? 


3 Who rules the fickle raging winds ? 

The clouds, in rain distilling ? 
And Who the lap of Earth unbinds, 

Our stores with plenty filling ? 
Great God, thy praises shall abide, 
And, with thy goodness, reach as wide 

As wide creation reaches. 

4 Praise thee the sunshine and the storm ; 

Thy praise the ocean raises : 
" Come !" — says the meanest reptile form, 

" Sing, to my Maker, praises !" 
" Me " — says the tree in bloom array'd, 
" Me " — says the grain, " thy God has made, 

" Sing praises to our Maker !" 

5 'Tis Man, — a body, of thy hand 

The marvelous formation ; 
'Tis Man, — a soul to understand 

Thy wonders of creation ; 
'Tis Man, — who to himself supplies 
Best proof that thou art good and wise, — 

Who best should sing thy praises. 

6 Now pay thy honors to his name, 

My soul, his glories telling : 
Thy Father and thy God proclaim, 

The world's glad anthem swelling : 
Let all our race, with one accord, 
Love, trust, and serve our common Lord : 

Who can refuse to serve him ! 

C. F. Geliert. 



1 Jehovah is my light, his grace revealing, 

In Hirn alone perfection finds a place, 
The soul's best joys are in Jehovah dwelling, 

Jehovah is the fount of holiness. 
This light to me can endless wonders show, 

Perfection! — 't is to this my hopes aspire, 

While joys ofsoul but quicken my desire 
That I for holiness to Hirn may go. 

2 Jehovah — Who can comprehend his being ? 

Here human thought is lost in wild'ring maze : 
But from his word I much may learn, there seeing 

How strangely wise and good are all his ways. 
In these, Who had his mind and purpose known ? 

Or was his counselor, his course to guide ? 

Proud Reason, blush ! — that sea is far too wide, 
Too deep for thee. — His plans are all his own. 

3 Jehovah, — Source of life to all that's living ! 

For mortal eye thy glories are too bright ; 
Yet through my pilgrimage thy light receiving, 

May I rejoice beneath thy watchful sight. 
Thyself art light, — and light is thine abode, 

Thou hatest him who in the darkness hides, 

But him thou lovest who in light abides — 
let thy brightness shine on all my road ! 

4 Jehovah, God with me ! — tili life is ended, 

Be all my days in thy communion pass'd ; 
My soul, tili then, by thy kind eye attended, 
Thou wilt to endless glory bring at last. 


Blind sinner, think ! — in time thy danger see l 
Refusing light, wilt thou the darkness take ? 
At death, all joy and hope will thee forsake, 

While Light and Love unite my God and me. 

Joachim Neander» 


1 Dread Majesty above ! 

Of pray'r none eise is worthy : 
The angels near thy throne 

With rev'rence bow before thee : 
In love and humble faith 
Make thou our souls sincere, 
That we may seek thy face 
With thanks and holy fear. 

2 Thou art the highest good, 
To ev'ry ill a stranger ; 

Thy bliss, complete in thee, 
Of change can fear no danger : 
All glory too is thine, 
Nor creatures, great or small, 
Thy glory can increase, 
Great Maker, Lord of all. 

3 Thou callest what was not 
To life and conscious pleasure ; 

And beings round thee spread 
In numbers out of measure : 


Thy nature all is love, 
And thy unbounded skill, 
Unceasingly employ'd, 
Thy schemes of love fulfil. 

Thou speakest, and 't is done ; 

When but thy word was given, 
The frame of nature rose — 

The earth and starry heaven. 
Thy will through all the world 
Such deeds of power show, 
As creatures eise would think 
Beyond all pow'r to do. 

Thou art the Lord of lords ; 
And earthly kings, the highest, 

Before thee are but dust, — 
Thou all their strength suppliest. 

Whose pride thou wouldst depress, 

Who longer can sustain ? 

But whom thou wilt exalt, 

Shall envied glory gain. 

'T is thine alone to live 
And reign supreme forever. 

Life's thine to give or take, 
We breathe but by thy favor. 

The soul that rules in us 

We have, Most High, from thee ; — 

Were such thy will, it dies, 

But thou must ever be. 

Thee — who has ever seen ? 
Who can in flesh behold thee ? 

10 HYMNS. 

No mortal eye could bear 
The splendors that infold thee 
Where thou, in glory thron'd, 
Inhabitest the praise 
Which angels evermore, 
In songs of rapture raise. 

8 What we, immortal King, 
Are of thy nature knowing, 

Thou hast thyself reveal'd, 
Thy works and counsels showing. 
Creation speaks thy power, 
More clearly still thy Son 
Displays thy wondrous grace, 
And makes thy godhead known 

9 Yet, what we learn of thee 
With shadows here is shrouded ; 

But soon we hope a light 
And vision all unclouded, 
When we to God shall come, 
No shade or veil between ; 
And there his glory see, 
As we ourselves are seen. 

10 Meantime would we below 
Ne'er cease our honors bringing ; 

Despise not, Lord, the praise 
Our stamm'ring tongues are singing 
When we shall rise to thee 
In realms of light above, 
In higher, nobler strains, 
We'll sing the God of love. 

J. S. Dieterich. 

HYMNS. 11 


1 Who, Lord, thy deeds can measure ? 

Unbounded is thy might, 
When men make crime their pleasure, 

Thy sword for slaughter's bright. 
Destruction, at thy bidding, 

Sweeps o'er what thou hadst made, 
Submissive to thy guiding, 

And, at thy word, is stay'd. 

2 'Gainst those thy will despising 

Thy glory thou'lt maintain ; 
Their wrath to fury rising 

But proves their rage is vain. 
Be still, ye proud, — nor longer 

Provoke his fearf ul rod ; — 
Dream not that ye are stronger 

Than is the arm of God. 

3 Vain hope, his church to trample ! 

Ye foes, mark well the word ! 
For her — resources ample 

Are ever in the Lord. 
His sword, high o'er her flaming, 

Shall guard and banner be ; 
Her host, in fight exclaiming — 

" The Lord and victory ! " 

P. F. Hiller, 

12 HYMNS. 


1 God is love — then sing his praises ! 

Love that shall unchanging be ; 
Teil what joys his Spirit raises, 

Making known that love to thee ! 
While his holy vengeance flaming 

Reaches to the lowest hell, 
Love he still himself is naming — 

All his saints approve it well, 

2 Love ! which he to men revealing 

Points them to his dying Son : 
Love ! — all human thoughts excelling, 

Measured by himself alone ; — 
Broad art thou, through space extending ; — 

Long, — to last when time shall cease ; — 
Deep, — to hopeless guilt descending ; — 

High too, — reaching heav'nly bliss. 

3 Love ! — although my heart can never 

Thy füll measure comprehend, — 
O make vain the foe's endeavor 

From thyself my heart to rend ! 
Love ! — to thee my soul is plighted, — 

Teach me more of thee to know, 
That my soul, to God united, 

Mav his love forever show ! 

J P. F. Hiller 

HYMNS. 13 


1 I trust the Lord, 
lipon his word 

I rest my soul's well-being : 

My walk with thee, 

Lord, here must be 
By faith, and not by seeing. 

2 Thy word is sure, 
May it secure 

My confidence forever ! 

Let Reason's pride 

Ne'er be my guide 
From faith my soul to sever. 

3 What but thy word 
Could light afford, 

To save from doubt and error ? 

Where eise is shown, 

Than here alone, 
Escape from guilt and terror ? 

4 'Tis here made piain, 

— Sought eise in vain — 
The soul is ever-living : 

For endless days 

Of future praise, 
That thou this life art giving. 


14 HYMNS. 

The only scheme 

Man to redeem 
From death, sin's fearful wages, 

Would lie conceal'd, 

But as reveal'd 
In these thy sacred pages. 

And now shall grief 

Hope no relief, 
My soul sink down despairing t 

No ! — here I see 

Thy grace for me 
A father's love declaring. 

By faith to live, 

Its fruits to give, — 
This is the path to heaven : 

All strength and skill 

To do thy will 
But through thy word are given. 

: Teach me, Lord, 
To prize thy word, 
This gift of matchless favor : 
Be it my wealth, 
Be it my health, 
My strength and life forever ! 

C. F. Geliert. 

HYMNS. 15 


1 Upon a hill there Stands a tree 

Where golden fruit is found, — 
'T is meant for ev'ry land to see, 

It shines for all around. 
Here many come by day and night, 

Its gold their fond pursuit, 
They shake its branches with delight, 

And bear away the fruit. 

2 And yet its riches always stay, 

The tree is never bare ; 
Whatever fruit is borne away, 

As much still glitters there. 
" What is its name ? — and where its place ? 

" How can this wonder be ? 

" Who now will teil us ? — Who can guess ? 

The Bible is that tree. 

C. G. Barth. 



In glory bright, God, thou dwellest, 
On which no mortal eye can look ; 

Yet all we need to know thou teilest 
In clear Instructions of thy book, — 

Both what thou art, and, in thy plan, 

What hopes and fears should govern man. 

16 HYMNS. 

2 Be then this volume, through life's stages, 

My light to shine in darkness here ; 
And, when I meditate its pages, 

To aid me, with thy grace be near ! 
To learn and practice all thy will, 
Let eye and heart be open still ! 

3 Thy word — may I so believe it, 

That it shall be my spirit's food ! 
But error — let me not receive it, 

And rob my soul of endless good ! 
Nor scoffers drive my heart astray, 
Nor sceptic doubts impede my way ! 

4 To know thee — 't is a pledge of heaven \ 

Now help me, Father, that both Thee 
And Hirn whom thou for us hast given, 

I here may learn by faith to see, 
As thy unerring truth has taught, 
Till to thy glory I am brought. 

5 And, as my knowledge shall be growing, 

May I in heart and life improve ; 
The kindred graces brighter glowing, 

My faith, my rev'rence, and my love : 
The more I comprehend thy will, 
May it promote a purer zeal ! 

6 For, What though knowledge be expanding, 

Unless to higher love it train ? 
What aids me light of understanding, 

If yet an evil heart remain ? 
Guide then my will by what is true, 
That I thy service may pursue. 

HYMNS. 17 

7 To know thee, Lord, may it ever 
On earth my spring of comfort be, 
That, when my soul and body sever, 

I may rejoice through faith in thee, — 
Then, see thee in füll glory shown, 
And know thee, as myself am known. 

Benj. Schmolke. 


1 The holy law and gospel, both 

From God himself proceeded, 
And, in the scheme of Christian truth, 

They both alike are needed : 
While yet there is diversity 
That's clearly seen by ev'ry eye 

Enlighten'd by the Spirit. 

2 The Law's great rule of what is due, 

Our conscience well might show it, 
— That love to God and neighbor too, 

Immutably we owe it : — 
But that in love our God should give 
His Son to die, that we might live, — 

He only could reveal it. 

3 The Laiv makes all our duty piain, 

Its kind and measure traces : 
The Gospel teils how to obtain 

From God his needed graces : 
By that, what we should do is shown, 
By this, what God for us has done ; 

This mercy speaks, — that, judgment. 

18 HYMNS. 

4 The Law, t is true, speaks of reward, 

But we can ne'er attain it, 
Since none, without a füll regard 

To all the law, can gain it : 
The Gospel gives its promis'd good 
To those who trust the Savior's blood, 

And humbly own the ransom. 

5 Where'er the Law the sinner iinds, 

It pierces him with sorrows : 
His wounds the gracious Gospel binds, — 

Hence he his healing borrows : 
That threatens death, the curse for sin ; 
This teils how endless life to win 

Through sufferings of Jesus. 

6 By that, our misery is known, 

This comfort is declaring ; 
That casts the stoutest sinner down, 

This raises the despairing : 
That points and urges on to death, 
While this restores the fainting breath, 

And brings the soul to heaven. 

7 The Law fit message will afford 

To those who conscience stifle ; 
Who dream of merit and reward, 

While yet with sin they trifle : 
The soothing balm of gospel grace 
Will find its meet and welcome place 

With souls sin-sick and broken. 

8 The destin'd aim of Law attain'd, 

Its terrors all are ceasing : 

HYMNS. 19 

Its thunders and its curses end, 

When man seeks gospel blessing. 
The cross of Jesus hope revives, — 
Who looks to this for mercy, lives ; — 

His peace shall be abiding. 

9 May Law and Grace on ev'ry heart, 
Make each its due impression ; — 

When fear and grief have done their part, 
Let faith then take possession : 

Of vengeance may the dread alarms 

Bring all to hide within the arms 
Of our dear Lord and Savior. 

10 grant us, Lord, through gospel faith, 

Thy strength for holy living : — • 
As children then, not fearing wrath, 

Thy Law our rule receiving, 
Will we, through grace, thy ways pursue, 
Will honor law and gospel too, — 

JBdieoing, and obeying. 


1 Man were better nam'd a spirit, — 
Would I call this body " J" ? 
T is, of that I shall inherit, 

But the seed ; — and soon will die. 
For, as grain corrupting lies 
Fruit to yield, the body dies, 
That from it, as blade from kernel, 
One may spring to life eternal. 

20 HYMNS. 

2 God ne'er form'd our soul — no, never ! 
Here to last some fleeting hours, 
It was form'd to live forever 
And disclose its noble pow'rs ; — 
Form'd for holy joys on high, 
Man — the soul — will never die. 
Save us, Lord, lest boundless mercies 
Change by sin to endless curses ! 


1 Lord, on the soul's enduring worth, 
As in thy sacred word set forth, 

So fix my deep reflection : 
That care for its eternal weal 
Shall ev'ry other care excel, 

And rule my constant action. 

Thyself hast for its int'rests car'd, — 
For it what joy hast thou prepar'd, 

Riches of grace expending ! 
Thine image, which at first it bore, 
In all its brightness to restore, 

Thy Son in mercy sending. 

3 Superior to such life as this, 

Design'd for pure and endless bliss, 

In flesh 't is here in training, — 
That exercise of faith and love 
May nurture it for joys above, 

Where Jesus now is reigning. 

HYMNS. 21 

4 Thou 'rt ready, to thy promise true, 
Life's fleeting cares to guide it through, 

And for thy glory cherish ; — 
let me not, by unbelief, 
Condemn this soul, in hopeless grief, 

Beneath thy wrath to perish. 

5 Lord, to thyself in cov'nant join 

My soul : — be thy sure mercies mine, 

My trust in thee unshaken ! 
This is my pray'r, and this my aim, — 
may I never know the shame 

Of having thee forsaken ! 

6 In thee the wicked have no part ; — 
Create in me an humble heart, 

That feels for sin abhorrence ; 
That for its guilt before thee mourns, 
But to thy grace in Jesus turns 

With hope and füll concurrence. 

7 Throughout my course, in all its length, 
Lord, may I, strengthen'd with thy strength, 

Strive for that crown of glory 
Which thou hast set before my eyes, — 
While earth's fair promises I prize 

But as an idle story. 

8 How blest the faithful, none can show ; 
Sweet peace and joy their portion now, 

Imparted by thy Spirit : 

And, when th' appointed hour is come, 

Thou wilt to glory take them home, 

Thy kingdom to inherit. 

J. S. Dieterich. 

22 HYMNS. 


1 Now one in health Death, instant, crushes, — 

Ye sleepers, wake ! your danger see ! 
A shudder through your spirits rushes, 

The shudder of eternity. 
Nor without cause your spirits quake, 
God's midnight thunder cries — "Awake !" 

2 This sudden death — to you it preaches, 

And, with a deep and solemn tone, — 
" Behold !" — it says — "God's vengeance reaches 

"And casts the highest, strongest down." 
Wake, sinners ! and again, awake ! 
The thunder rolls, on you may break. 

3 This brother came, — he saw, — departed, — 

More of him scarcely can be said : 
Now sighs and groans, by anguish started, 

And clouds are hovering o'er the dead. 
O what a fall ! — froin one and all 
Wonder extorts — " wliat a fall ! " 

4 In health and dead ! — in sin, too, dying ! 

By call of God, in anger spoke, 
Swift as the flash of heaven flying, 

And awful as its thunder-stroke, 
He 's plung'd, from heights of earthly bliss, 
Into eternity's abyss. 

5 " In health and dead !" — the thought still urges 

Upon the soul : — "in health and dead ! " 

HYMNS. 23 

Thought, troubled as the ocean's surges, 

And, as the sweeping whirlwind, dread : 
" In sin and dead ! " — 't is a dart, 
That pierces through the tortufd heart. 

6 Yes ! — fearful too as roar of ocean, 

Its foaming waves by tempest driven, 
Will be the sinners wild commotion, 

Cut off in sin, no waming given, 
By single step, without a thought, 
From time to retribution brought. 

7 Now, sinner, think, and timely tremble ! 

This fearful doom still threatens thee : 
Few, in their time of need, resemble 

The thief who sigh'd — " Remember me ! " 
Nor is it ev'ry one that dies, 
Who e'en a wish for mercy sighs. 

8 God many means of death is sending, 

Not ahvays sickness, plague, or war, 
Nor earthquake, — rocks and mountains rending, 

Nor storm, — its fury spreading far, 
Nor Lightning, — nor the raging flood : — - 
'Tis oft a mote, — or drop of blood. 

9 Save, Lord ! — may the fear of dying 

Make all these sinners fear to sin ! 
Let none of them in death be lying, 

Before thy Service they begin. 
For death they ? re ripe, alas ! 't is true, — 
Fit them for death, and judgment too ! 

24 HYMNS. 

10 We prostrate fall, and would implore thee, 

That we, Lord, thy grace may meet ; 
Crush not in wrath poor worms before thee 

That creep in dust beneath thy feet. 
Spare us ! — ■ we, that for mercy call, 
Are for thy vengeance far too small. 

11 But no ! though weak and ill deserving, 

In thy regard our worth is high ; 
Since thy own Son, thy pleasure serving, 

To save us, gave himself to die, 
A'nd shed that blood which cries to heaven - 
"Let man in mercy beforgiven /" 

12 Now, Jesus, — while of this our brother 

The open'd grave we're call'd to see, 
May each reflect — " Soon too another 

" Shall op'ning wait to cover me." 
And do thou, Lord, this warning bless 
To fit our souls for happiness ! 


How sad will be the sinner's part ! 

How dreadful in the bearing ! 
The pangs of conscious guilt his heart 

With nameless tortures tearing, — 
When, to the truth at last awake, 
The trump of God on him shall break 
With voice of awful thunder. 

HYMNS. 25 

2 His day of grace forever gone, 

Spent all his hours of gladness, 
Replete with sinful joys alone, 

— These joys are turned to sadness, — 
Eternity now makes it piain 
The Lord has threaten'd naught in vain, 
Nor vengeance always slumbers. 

3 Where now is ev'ry earthly good 

In which his soul delighted ? 
Wehere now that pride and hardihood 

Which ev'ry warning slighted ? 
His guilty heart with terror quails, 
His courage, all his boasting fails, — 
Transform'd to shame and anguish. 

4 Now curses fall upon his head 

From those his guidance rueing ; 
They, whose wrong passions he has fed, 

Charge him with their undoing : 
While ev'ry art he has employ'd, 
And ev'ry good he has destroy'd, 
Pass fearfully before him. 

o He hears the righteous Judge proclaim — 
" Depart, thou evil-doer !" 
No more can he excuses frame, — 

Conscience is his pursuer : 
Cast out from God, where 'er he goes, 
He f eels — this sharpens all his woes — 
" The doom is just, though dreadfid! " 

6 His tortur'd soul may wish — 't is vain ! — 
Reversal of the sentence ; 

26 HYMNS. 

Remorse — add torment to his pain, — 

No room now for repentance ; 
'Twere vain from falling hüls to crave, 
For his despair, a shelt'ring grave ; 
In dark annihilation. 

7 Turn, careless sinners, flee in haste 

To Hirn who can relieve you ! 
Your term of grace no longer waste, 

Nor let your hearts deceive you, 
To think — " there yet is time to spare ;" 
The day of doom to you is near 
With all its retributions. 

8 Whether ye cavil, or believe, 

'T will come — what God hath spoken, 
To Death should He commission give, 

At once your dreams are broken. 
Now mercy waits, — but short its stay, — 
Secure its blessings while you may, 
And be prepar'd for judgment ! 

J. C. Grot. 


1 He who once came as sufT'ring man, 
To perfect Mercy's wondrous plan, 

Will come, as Judge descending ; 
Nor long his Coming be delay'd, 
In glorious majesty display'd, 

Angels their Lord attending. 
Ye careless world, in time prepare, 
Nor put the evil day afar. 

H T M N S . 27 

" Why, Lord, so long thy judgment stay ? 
" Why slack thy promise ? " — scofFers say , — 

Braving the final sentence. 
'Tis — Hoar it, sinners, who presume 
Thus to deride the solemn doom, — 

Tliat you may find repentance. 
But if in sin you persevere, 
Too soon you '11 find the Judge is here. 

And when he comes in glory bright, 
You'll see, with trembling and affright, 

The horrors that ahide you : 
And Will you then God's terrors brave ? 
Nor sea nor mountain, death nor grave, 

From his dread wrath can hide you. 
Then, Mercy's day forever gone, 
O'er you his Justice rules alone. 

When fearfully his thunders sound, 
His trumpet-blasts are pealing round, 

Earth's deep foundations shaking : 
The pillars of a sinking world, 
With sudden crash, in ruins hurl'd, 

His foes with terror quaking ; — 
Then, dragg'd to meet the Judge's view, 
Scoffers believe, and tremble too. 

Repentance ? — Hope ? — 't is then too late ; — 
And none succeed, by pride or hate, 

Themselves 'gainst God to harden : 
Ye, who your sins so fondly prize, 
While mercy waits, in time be wise, 

Seek now his gracious pardon, — 
Lest ye shall curse yourselves at last, 
When ev'ry hope of pardon's past. 

28 HYMNS. 

6 Great day ! — of days the most sublime, 
Thou teachest us the worth of time, 

Louder than many thunders. 
Sinners, provoke not, to his face, % . 
Your God, so wonderful in grace, 

Of wrath to haste his wonders, — 
When you must sink in dark despair, 
While saints shall endless glory share. 

7 My soul is fill'd with trembling dread, 
No claims to favor can I plead, 

Guilty I stand before thee : 
Still, when thy sentence I shall hear, 
May I among thy saints appear, 

Forever to adore thee ! 
For, Jesus, thou canst sinners save, 
And now thy mercy, Lord, I crave. 

G. B. Funk 


1 Impart, Lord, thy light ! 
I am to seif a stranger : 

Show me myself aright ! 
I know, whate 'er the cause, 
I am not as I was ; 
For now I deeply feel 
All with me is not well. 

2 Consent with form and show, 
I had no fear of trouble 

In seasons past ; — but now 
Thick sorrows on me crowd, 

HYMNS. 29 

Myself a weary load, 

What lately cheer'd my heart 

Can no relief impart. 

No outward source of pain 
Excites desponding sorrow, 
Or leads me to complain ; 
Many and kind my friends. 
No foe my peace offends, 
My frame, as I desire, 
In health and strength entire. 

no ! — 't is grief of soul, 
And from within arises, 

Refusing all control. 

'Tis this, the anxious thought — 

That yet I know it not — 

If I am truly thine, 

And, Jesus, thou art mine. 

The things are far from one, — 
To be — and call'd — a Christian. 

1 know that he alone 
Is worthy of the name, 

Who, by thy strength, shall tarne 
His darling lusts, — and lives 
To Him who mercy gives. 

It were but self-deceit, 
If we the thought should cherish — 
That gospel-claims are met, 
And faith is prov'd sincere, 
If we from crimes are clear 
Which men of heathen name 
Would shun through fear of shame. 

30 HYMNS. 

7 He only Christ puts on, 
Who is of seif divested ; 

Who cannot trust his own 
Virtue, or strength, or will, 
Or wealth, or rank, or skill, 
But, these renouncing, prays — 
"Jesus, direct my ways ! " 

8 Thus speaks the voice of faith, 
In earnest supplication, — 

" Save, Jesus, — save from wrath ! 
" My Lord, Redeemer, Shield, 
" I to thy guidance yield, — 
*' Thou art my only trust, — 
44 save a sinner lost ! " 

9 Who fails this truth to know, 
Is still to faith a stranger, — 

Of God remains the foe : 
His hope, built on the sand, 
Cannot the trial stand ; 
Our safety's only ground 
Is in free mercy found. 

10 The fear, Lord, troubles me — 
Lest I in love am wanting ; 
Lest what I f eel for thee — 
Deceptive, hollow, faint, — 
Makes but almost a saint, 
And leaves the world supreme 
Above thy sacred name. 

hymn's. 31 

11 My heart, approach the test ! 
'Tis time it were decided, 

I eise can find no rest : 
Say to the world — "Away ! 
"Away, my sins ! " — but say 
To Christ — " Thou art alone 
" My joy ! " — or nothing's done. 

12 Poor worm ! — wouldst thou refuse 
The King thy cheerful homage 

By whom creation rose ? 
Wilt thou resist His call 
Who is the All in all ? 
Who his own world sustains, 
Supreme forever reigns ? 

13 What eise may pass away 
That 's found in earth or heaven, 

Himself unchang'd will stay, 
With pow'r'to curse or save. 
Before us is the grave, 
But thence He'll call his friends 
To bliss that never ends : — 

14 While they, who here below 
Neglect his great salvation, 

Must sink in endless wo, 
Far from the blest abode 
Of them who love their God, 
To wail in hopeless grief, 
Where none can give relief. 

32 HYMNS. 

15 He waits, — make no dela y , 
Take now his offer'd mercy, 

My soul, — and to him say — 
" Flesh, spirit, time, estate, 
" My all I consecrate 
" Entire, Lord, to thee, 
" Now and eternally. 

16 "Do what thou wilt with me, 
" Only make me a vessel 

" Of praise to honor thee ! 
" That I, by faith and love, 
" May seek thy joys above, 
" And there to Jesus raise 
" My song of endless praise ! " 


1 The Fountain flows ! waters of life bestowing : 

Come, thirsty soul, nor perish in thy pride ? 
Take, as a gift, what from the throne is flowing, — 
So cry the Lamb, the Spirit, and the bride. 
Come ! — nothing bars the way, 
And drink as thou shalt choose, 
There is no price to pay : 
The Fountain flows ! 

2 The Fountain flows ! With heart and hands be ready, 

Ye sons of want, the proffer'd boon to meet ! 
The sinner's friend, the helper of the needy, 
Your thither course will with his favor greet : 

HYMNS. 33 

The waters each may take 
\Yho now his mis'ry knows ; — 
Who longs — 't is for his sake 
The Fountain flows. 

3 The Fountain flows ! Thank God, the füllest measure 

Of grace and pow'r here meets our utmost need. 
Now, sinner, would thou ever share its pleasure, 
Haste, like the panting roe, with earnest speed ; 
Draw to the waters near 
Where thirst and languor close. 
With waters sweet and clear 
The Fountain flows. 

4 The Fountain flows ! Then take the healing offer'd, 

Ye heirs of wretchedness, to all your grief ; 
From hopeless evils you so long have suffer'd, 
Ye weary souls, accept a free relief ! 
No bolts, with vengeance rife, 
Shall here your way oppose ; — 
} T is nam'd the "Fount oflife." 
The Fountain flows ! 

5 The Fountain flows ! Let devils rage with madness, 

Let sink in ruin all the world beside, — 
Still Zion, crown'd with never ending gladness, 
Shall with her fount of saving-health abide. 
God guards her walls from fear, 
And his deliv'rance shows ; — 
Her God is ever near. 
The Fountain flows ! 

6 The Fountain flows ! for all a fount of healing : 

He's blest, for whom it shall not flow in vain ! 

34 HYMNS. 

Who drinks — a well of water never failing 
In him, to endless life, it sliall remain. 
For, wlioso tries its pow'r 
From thirst shall now repose, 
And ne'er be tiiirsty more. 
The Fountain flows ! 

J. C. L. Allendorf. 


1 Hasten, ye who wish his favor, 
And now in Jesus put your trust, — 

Lest, failing of his love forever, 

Your souls be number'd with the lost. 
Redeem the time, — there 's none to spare, 
And for eternity prepare ! 
Hasten ! 

2 Haste ! — ye who have idly wander'd 
Year after year in paths of sin ; 

Enough of life is madly squander'd, 

Strive now eternal life to win. 
To-day, for mercy there is room, — 
Who knows what may to morrow come ? 
Hasten ! 

3 Hasten, all your sins forsaking, 
The least of them is far too great ; 

And, of his holy grace partaking, 

Like Jesus every evil hate ! 
Who sins against the truth he knows, 
Prepares his soul for endless woes. 
Hasten ! 

HYMNS. 35 

4 Hasten now, to Jesus bowing, 
Rieh stores of good in him abound : 

Why should the fount in vain be flowing 
For you, where endless life is found ? 
You live, and still the way is free, — 
In this your pledge of welcome see ! 
Hasten ! 

5 Haste ! — the Spirit, proff'ring mercies, 
Now calls you and will give his aid ; 

The season lost will leave its curses, — 

Let not a moment's loss be made ! 
If now his call you disregard, 
His voiee may never more be heard. 
Hasten ! 

6 Haste, while entrance yet is offer'd ! 
Death soon will ever bar the way ■ 

No license for delay is suffer'd, 

Then hasten while 't is call'd to-day ! 
For, if to-morrow you should cry 
For help, — no helper may be nigh. 
Hasten ! 

[7 Hasten, Jesus, we implore thee, 

And show these sinners now thy grace ! 

Prepare them, Lord, to come before thee, 
And there forever sing thy praise ! 

Biest time ! when all the world shall sing 

The praises of their Savior-King, — 

Hasten !] 

J. A. Lshmns. 

36 HYMNS. 


1 Repent ! — nor still delay 
From one year to another : 

Death may, at any hour, 
Blast all thy hopes together : 
And, alter death, will God 
His wrath for sin display ; 
sinner, think of this ! 
Repent, without delay ! 

2 Repent ! — nor still delay 
Till life's late sands are gliding : 

Thou canst not know that age 
Will find thee here abiding : 
Life now its light affords, 
But short its longest day — 
Ere noon how often quench'd ! 
Repent, without delay ! 

3 Repent ! — nor still delay 
Till on a death-bed lying : 

Is this a work to do 
When panting, struggling, dying ? 
What pains and fears will then 
Thy trembling soul dismay ! 
Break now the cords of sin ! 
Repent, without delay ! 

4 Repent ! — nor still delay 
While youth is vigor lending, 

Wouldst thou in guilty joys 
Thy prime of life be spending ? 

HYMNS. 37 

The young die too, and then 
Who shall God's judgment stay ? 
turn, while yet there's time ! 
Repent, without delay ! 

Repent ! — no more delay ! 
All hope will soon be over, — 

Let sin's deceit no more 
From thee thy min cover ! 

Whoso the flesh, and world, 

And Satan will obey, 

Must hopeless sink to hell : — 

Repent, without delay ! 

Repent ! — no more delay ! 
While space to thee is sufFer'd, 

Let prayer before thy God, 
With grief for sin, be ofFer'd. 

If thus, in Jesus' name, 

For grace thou wilt not pray, — 

Thy soul's forever lost. 

Repent, without delay ! 

Repent ! — no more delay ! 
Live now for God and heaven ! 

Avow, with heart sincere, — 
" My all to God is given : — 

" On Jesus rests my hope, 

"He is my only stay ! " 

How blest would be thy soul ! 

Repent, without delay ! 

38 HYMNS. 


1 Bow thine ear, I now implore thee, 

Sov'reign of the earth and skies, 
Hear the pray'r I bring before thee, 

While my soul in anguish lies. 

'Tis my guilt oppresses me, 

Therefore, Lord, I come to thee, 
And, with grief my sins confessing, 
Seele thy pardon and thy blessing. 

2 All the weary, heavy-laden, — 

Such to thee are ask'd to come ; — 
Surely then I'm one that's bidden, 

And for me there must be room. 

Mercy's door is open still ; 

God in merey can, and will 
Hide my sins that so distress me, 
And with pard'ning grace will bless me. 

3 All thy word abides unbroken, 

Safe the hope encourag'd there : 
Who, if not thyself, has spoken — 

" Seek my face ? " With humble pray'r, 
Now thy face, Lord, do I seek, 
And implore of thee to break 
Sin's control : — thy Spirit sending, 
Keep me from my God offending ! 

4 See, too ! Is it not recorded 

By thy band, beneath mine eye, — 
"As I live," — yes, so 'tis worded, — 
" I've no wish that sinners die, 

HYMNS. 39 

M But that they their sins should mourn, 

"And from all their evil turn, — 
" Thus should humbly seek my favor, 
" And with me should live forever."? 

5 Thou art not one to deceive me, — 

I thine oath of mercy plead ; 
Here to die thou wiit not leave me, 

Nor forsake me in my need, — 

While with deepest grief I own, 

I've disgrac'd the name of son, 
Far from home and God have wander'd, 
And thy gifts have basely squander'd. 

6 What more would I now be saying, 

If not, smiting on my breast, 
With the publiean be praying — 

" Lord, 'tis thou that knowest best 

"All that I've offended thee, 

" have mercy upon me ! " ? 
On thine arms of mercy falling, 
" Mercy ! Mercy ! " — I am calling. 

7 Sins or guilt I'll not endeavor, 

Lord, before thee to excuse, 
Yet would hope thy pard'ning favor, — 

Nor wilt thou the grace refuse. 

What thy holiness demands 

All is paid by Jesus' hands, 
Who the perfect ransom offer'd, 
While for sinners here he suffer'd. 

40 HYMNS. 

8 Now, my God, the ransom owning, 
Be thy wondrous mercy shown ! 
Jesus, for my sins atoning, 
Has above to glory gone ; 
He has wrought my füll release, 
Hence alone I look for peace, 
Drawing, from his death of anguish, 
Life whose joys shall never languish. 

9 Me, dear Savior, onward nourish ! 

Be my soul's abiding food ! 
Faith and love within me cherish, — 

Here be thou my chosen good ! 

Then, when life on earth is past, 

I shall rise to thee at last, 
And, with saints how bow before thee, 
Ever — ever — will adore thee. 


1 What meanest thou my soul, 
In hopeless sorrow weeping : — ■ 

Through consciousness of guilt, 
In fear and anguish keeping ? 
So grievous is the load 
Thy sins upon thee bind, 
That peace or comfort, none 
Thy troubled thoughts can find. 

HTMNS. 41 

2 Full just is all the charge 
'Gainst thee by co^science spoken, 

Thy God thou hast despis'd, 
His holy law hast broken ; — 
Thy false and evil ways 
Are open to his view ; — 
Thou hast deserv'd to die — 
'T is all, alas ! too true. 

3 Thy guilt well mayst thou own, — 
And yet, will thou receive it ? 

God, in his word of truth, 
Commands thee to believe it, — 
That just as true and sure 
As thy repented guilt, 
So sure it is, that Christ 
For thee his blood has spilt. 

4 Though sinners he would save, 
God's claims he well asserted ; 

Did what we ne'er could do, 
— Our wills are so perverted, — 
The Law we had despis'd 
He honor'd and obey'd, 
Bore too its threaten'd curse, 
And suffer'd in our stead. 

5 And through his merits now, 
Of God's mere sov'reign favor, 

By faith we're justified, — 
So that how deep soever 


42 HYMNS. 

The wounds that sin inflicts, 
They cannot deadly be, 
Since Jesus, by his death, 
From guilt has set us free. 

6 Fears I may well dismiss, 
The power of Hell contemning ; 

Wilt thou still doubt, my soul, 
Thyself to wrath condemning ? 
Yet God, who by his word 
Would all my fears relieve, 
Is greater far than thou, — 
His word cannot deceive. 

7 Thy Spirit send, Lord, 
Thy pow'r and mercy showing, 

That I, in hope and love, 
May evermore be growing : 

Since thou my soul hast wash'd 
From dead works by thy blood, — 
Give me by faith to live, 
And work the works of God ! 

8 Give strength, victorious King, 
That, in thy steps pursuing, 

Satan, the world, and flesh, 
And all their rage, subduing, 
I too may vict'ry gain : 
Nor let my spirit dread 
The wrath my sins deserve, — 
For I to sin am dead. 

HYMNS. 13 

21. FAITH. 

1 Without true faith, Lord, 
Xone rightly comes before thee ; 

Our guilty doubts disperse — 
We humbly would implore thee ; 
Establish in our hearts 
The faith thou will approve, 
'Tis thine alone to give 
The faith that works by love. 

2 May we believe, God, 
That thou art ever-living ; 

Nor suffer us to doubt, — 
Thy care of all perceiving, — 
But that thou will reward 
With thy peculiar grace, 
Those who are earnest now 
To seek thy smiling face. 

3 Thy word is ever sure ; 
Grant that, in this coniiding, 

Our hopes may ever be 
Transforming, and abiding : 
Grant, too, in joy or grief, 
That, to thy guidance true, 
Whate'er thy word directs 
We steadily pursue. 

4 Thy Son, in mercy sent 
To die, for sin atoninff, — 

Hirn, as our Lord and God, 
With füll reliance owning, 

44 HYMNS. 

May we with thanks receive 
The grace his blood has bought ; 
And show our love to him, 
By doing what he taught. 

5 To serve him with the heart, — 
Be this our great endeavor ! 

Thus may we comfort find, — 
While, too, it shall deliver 
From servitude to sin, 
And give us strength to wage 
The war 'gainst ev'ry foe, 
Through all our pilgrimage. 

6 What sacred peace and joy 
By faith to us are given ! 

More glorious far the part 
Awaiting us in heaven. 

There we shall see and Jcnow 
What here believ'd is bliss ; 
Nor sin, or fear, or doubt 
Shall mar our happiness. 

J. J. Rambach. 


1 To us salvation now is come, 

God's wondrous grace revealing ; 
Works never can avert our doom, 
They have no power of healing. 
Faith looks to God's beloved Son, 
Who has for us deliv'rance won — 
He is our great Redeemer ! 

H Y H N S . 45 

2 What God's most holy precept claims 

No child of Adam renders, 
But, from the throne, dread vengeance flames, 

And speaks the curse in thunders. 
The flesh ne'er prompts those pure desires 
That, 'bore all eise, the law requires ; — 

Relief by law is hopeless ! 

3 'Tis then a vain delusive dream 

That God the law has given, 
That we thereby reward might claim, 

And earn our war to heaven : 
But tis a glass, where we descry 
How many sins in ambush lie, 

And in our flesh are hiding. 

4 By our own strength to put aside 

God's wrath, and win bis blessing, 
The task, though many oft have tried, 

Is but our guilt increasing : 
For God hypocrisy abhors, 
And flesh with goodness ever wars, — ■ 

'Tis, in its nature, evil. 

5 But all the Law must be fulfill'd, 

Or we must sink despairing; — 
Then came the Son — so God had will'd, — 

The human nature sharing, 
For us the Law's demands obeyVl, 
And thus his Father's vengeance stay'd, 

Which over us impended. 

46 HYMNS. 

6 With all the Law 't is now complied 

By one could well obey it : 
Each humble soul, now justified 

By faith in him, may say it — 
" Yes, I receive thee, gracious Lord, 
" Thy death to me shall life afford, 

" For me is paid the ransom ! 

7 " Here all excuse for doubt were vain, 

" Thy truth cannot deceive me, 
"And thou hast said, — in words so piain, 

" No room for doubt they leave me, — 
" ' Whoso shall humbly trust my name 
" ' To save his soul from guilt and shame, 

" * Is heir of my salvation.' " 

8 This faith — whose heart is right with God, 

And he alone can know it ; 
A faith whose light will shine abroad, 

While holy works shall show it : 
'Tis one God will himself approve, 
A holy faith that works by love. 

Art thou of God begotten ? — 

9 Then by the Law will sin be shown, 

Thy soul its guilt deploring, — 
Till grace too make her message known, 

To hope thy soul restoring ; — 
She says — " In Christ are sinners blest, 
" In Htm, not in the Law, — is rest ; " — 

Thus faith is wrought with power. 

H Y Bf NS. 47 

10 From faith in Jesus that is right, 

Good works are always flowing ; 
False is the faith that shuns the light, 

On works no care bestowing : 
E'en if true faith alone could live, 
It needs good works the proof to give 

That it is true and saving. 

11 Hope, though deferr'd, let none destroy, — 

God's promise is abiding : 
What day our hope shall end in joy — 

Most wisely he is hiding. 
He knows the rittest time to give, 
His promise never can deceive — 

With Hirn we well may leave it, 

12 Nor, when thy wishes may be cross'd, 

Thy confldence give over; 
E'en when thy good He 's seeking most, 

His purpose he may cover : 
Though flesh and sense may oft repine, 
His word of grace is ever thine, — 

On this repose securely ! 

13 Now to the God of matchless grace, 

To Father, Son 3 and Spirit, 
We litt our highest songs of praise, 

Our praise his favors merit. 
His promis'd grace He will perform, 
And save us by his mighty arm, — 

His worthy name be hallow'd ! 

48 HYMNS. 

14 Thy kingdom come ! tliy will be done 

Ou earth as done in heaven ! 
Give us our bread, eacli day its own ! 

And be our debts forgiven 
As we our debtors shall forgive ! 
Far from temptation may we live ! 

From evil save ! — So be it ! 

Poliander, i. e.Jno. Graumann, [D'Aubigne.] 
Paul Speratus, [A. Knapp. J 


1 I am redeem'd ! — the purcbase of that blood 

Which on the cross was slied : 
To God I'm reconcil'd, — my heart renew'd, — 
My terrors all are fled. 
The scheme of mercy — Wisdom made it, — 
The costly ransom — Love has paid it. 
I am redeem'd ! 

2 I am redeem'd ! — Nor can the thunder-roar 

Of Sinai yield alarm ; 
For me, the fearful curse my Savior bore, 
My soul it cannot härm. 
Rapented sins, would ye appal me ? 
To joy and thanks God's mercies call me ! 
I am redeem'd ! 

3 I am redeem'd ! — My Savior broke the band 

That chain'd me to the foe. 
The keys of Hell were in his friendly hand, 
He shut its portals to. 

HTMNS. 49 

Now walk I free, secure of pardon ; 
From sin and Satan'e weary bürden 
I am redeem'd ! 

I am redeem'd ! What is there I should fear? 

Death's gloom will beam with light; — 
The Lord ot life for me will then appear, 
: lead to mansions bright. 

And though in dust my dust shall slumber, 
My sleeping dust will he remember. 
I am redeem'd ! 

I am redeem'd — from guilt, and fear, and pain, 

To joys that will abide ; 
And Death to me will prove etemal gain, — 
With Jesus at my side. 
Then shall I rise to share his favor, 
And there resound his praise forever. 
I am redeem'd ! 



Psalm 130. 

1 From deep distress to Thee 1 pray, 
God. hear my intreaty ! 
Tum not thy face from rne away, 
But show thy tendei pity : 
Judge, shouldst thoii my de< - 
In justice weighing du« award, 
How could I stand the trial ! 

50 HTMNS. 

2 Should mercy with thee not prevaii 

To show to man thy favor, 
His ev'ry aci his guilt would swell, 

Vain were his best endeavor. 
His goodness in its utmost length, 
Reveals his utter want of strength, — 

He must rely on mercy. 

3 On Gorj alone, and on his grace, 

Can I securely rest nie ; 
He sees my heart, He heals distress, — 

To Hirn, then, why not trnst me ? 
He owns a Father's narae, and knows 
The füll amount of human woes — 

On Hirn be my reliance ! 

4 Should comfort seem afar to keep, 

Pll not sink down despairing ; 
They who in godly sorrow weep 

Shall find a gracious hearing : 
Thus Christians do, and they are blest 
In God, their conlidence and rest, 

Their comfort, and Redeemer. 

5 Many and great my sins, I own, 

But great er God's free mercies : 
Frorn wrath I flee to his dear Son, 

Who bore for me its curses : 
And He will be my Shepherd, too, 
Will all my troubles guide me through, 

To rest with him in glory. 

M. Luther. 

HYMNS. 51 



1 How coiikl I wish a greater blessing 

Than that the God of love were mine ? 
If all the world I were possessing, 
For this would I the world resign : 

Yet, from his love, how many fleeing 
Despise the fountain of well being ! 

2 Men hope elsewhere a good unchanging, 

But wake and find their hopes a dream : — 
Some, in the search, through earth are ranging 

But all their search deceives their aim : — 
Some jeopard life in country's quarreis, 
Yet gain at best but fading laureis. 

3 Gives God no means his love of knowing ? — 

Forget ye who your souls would save ? 
"YVho, on the cross his life's blood flowing, 

Such proofs of love for sinners gave ? 
Are ye indeed still left in blindness 
How he has shown his loving-kindness ? — 

4 That He to earth came down from heaven, 

The God in human form reveal'd ? 
What words of life by Hirn were given ? 

How many by his grace were heal'd ? 
And how, your endless good devising, 
He bore the'curse, its shame despising? 

52 HYMNS. 

5 Can ye, unmov'd, now hear this message, 

And proofs of love still ask for more ? 
Nor to your hearts yield Him a passage, 

Who bars to you Hell's fearful door ? 
Why not to him your souls surrender — 
To him your highest Service tender ? 

6 Thou God of love, do thou receive me ! 

Thou art my life, my hope, my all : 
Though worldly pleasures all should leave me, 

No loss would I their absence call ; — 
Thou'lt make it gain, — and I before thee, 
Rejoicing, ever will adore thee. 


1 " This man sinners doth receive ! " 
Well may \ve the saying ponder, 

Who in sin's delusions live, 
And from God and heaven wander : — 
This alone can hope revive — 
" Jesus sinners dotk receive ! " 

2 We deserve but grief and shame, — 
Yet his words, rieh grace revealing, 

Pardon, peace, and life proclaim : 
Here their ills have perfect healing 
Who with humble hearts believe. 
" Jesus sinners doth receive ! " 

HYMNS. 53 

3 As a faithful shepherd seeks 
Sheep that from the fold are straying, 

He, with eye that ever wakes, 
Watches us whom sin's betraying, 

And from ruin would retrieve. — 

<c Jesus sinners doth receive ! *' 

[ Come, ye wand'rers, one and all, 

Come, we all have invitation, — 

Come, obey his gracious call, 

Come and take his free salvation ! 

He has died that we might live. — 

" Jesus sinners doth receive ! " 

5 Savior, now I come to thee : 
Great my sins, a weary bürden ! 

Wilt thou kindness show to me ? 
Can I hope to find a pardon ? 
I will trugt ; my soul relieve ! 
Me, a sinner, Lord, receive ! 

6 Rieh thy merey ! — strangely good ! 
how oft have I offended ! 

But, through thy redeeming blood, 
All my fear of wrath is ended : 
Yes, I now can witness give, 
" Jesus sinners doth receive ! " 

7 Now, though conscience be at rest, 
Will the Law still urge its charges ? 

Who the Law has honor'd best, 
He from guilt my soul enlarges ; 
Hence my comfort I derive, — 
" Jesus sinners doth receive ! " 


54 HYMNS. 

8 " Jesus sinners doth receive ! " 
Happy in his ceaseless favor, 

Here for heaven I will live, 
Then shall live with him forever. 

Joy in death these tidings give — 

" Jesus sinners doth receive ! " 

E. Neumeister. 


1 Know ye the land — on earth 'twere vainly sought, — 
To whicli the heart in sorrows turns its thought ? 
Where no complaint is heard, — tears never flow, — 
The good are blest, — the weak with vigor glow ? 
Know ye it well ? 

For this, for this, 
All earthly wish or care, my friends, dismiss ! 

2 Know ye the way — the rugged path of thorns ? 
His lagging progress there the trav'ler mourns ; 

He faints, he sinks, — from dust he cries to God — 
" shorten, Father, now the weary road ! " 
Know ye it well ? 

It guides, it guides, 
To that dear land, where all we hope abides. 

3 Know ye thatfriend ? — In him a man you see ; — 
Yet more than man, more than all men is He : 
Himself , before us, trod the path of thorns, 

To pilgrims now his heart with pity turns. 
Know ye him well ? 

His hand, his hand 
Will safely bring us to that Father-laud. 

Claus Harms. 

HYMNS. 55 


i What, without thcc, would I have been ? 

Without thee, Lord, what should I be ? 
Before I had thy mercy seen, 

No friend or hope appear'd for me. 
What I desird I scarcely knew, 

Upon the future darkness feil, 
And, though my grief incessant grew, 

To whom couid I my sorrows teil ? 

2 With spirits stink, and all alone, 

The day to me was gloomy night : 
Joyless I still was pressing on 

Where others seem'd to have delight : 
I vainly sought for peace abroad, 

At home the prey of constant grief, — 
How did I live without my God ! 

Endure so long without relief ! 

3 But thou hast brcught thy mercy nigh, — 

The purp ose first was clearly thine ; — 
How soon the clouds of darkness fly, 

When God commands bis light to shine ! 
Till then my reason was debas'd, 

But thou hast taught my soul to rise, 
And what had been a dreary waste, 

Blooms round me now a paradise. 

4 Life, now, with halcyon days is crown'd, 

The world breathes love and joy to rne, 
I find a balm for ev'ry wound, 

^Sly cheerful breast throbs füll and free. 

56 HYMNS. 

For this thy rieh, unbounded grace, 
My heart and pow'rs to thee are giv'n ; 
o Here, 'mong thy friends grant me a place, 
Till thou reeeive my soul to heav'n. 

5 There, He in upper glory Stands, 

Whom, though unseen, we love below, 
His varied grief for us demands 

That grateful tears for him should flow ; 
Thal we our hearts should open wide 

To all who love Immanuel's name, 
Should pity those for whom he died, 

And to the world his grace proclaim. 

6 Now go ye forth in all the ways, 

And hither bring poor wand'rers home, 
Urgent resist their vain delays ; 

All now is ready, — bid them " come ! " 
'T is heav'n to be with us below, 

By faith its glories here we see, — 
But more than brightest faith can show 

Shall there our endless portion be. 



1 To thee, Lord Jesus, now I come, 
From mercy's door no longer roam, 

But seek thy gracious pardon : 
With load of sins my soul oppress'd 
From sorrows cannot look for rest, 

Till thou remove the bürden. 

HYMNS. 57 

I eise must sink in dark despair, 
And never hope His love to share 
To whom the heavens are unclean — 
An heir of death I must remain. 

Lord Jesus Christ ! 

Thy mercy show ! :||: 
And save me from eternal wo ! 

2 Sin's yoke, for me too heavy grown, 
Now weighs my sinking spirit down — 

Let, Lord, the yoke be broken ! 
think — beneath sin's grievous load 
Thy soul for mine to death was bow'd, 

Think what thy mouth has spoken. 
The guilt my sins upon me lay, — 
Thy blood can wash it all away ; 
For thy salvation now I plead, 
Thy grace can meet my ev'ry need : — 
Lord Jesus Christ, 
That grace fulfil, :||: 
Nor yield me up to Satan's will ! 

3 Thou art my confidence alone, 
Beside, no helper will I own, 

Physician of my spirit ! 
None eise can cheer the soul with faith : 
None eise, by vict'ry over death, 

Can teach me not to fear it. 
My shield of strength, my port of rest, 
Thou rock and fortress of the blest, 
My Savior, my almighty friend. 
My hope of joys that never end — 
Lord Jesus Christ ! 
Accept my faith, :||: 
Increase it tili I sleep in death ! 

58 HYMNS. 

4 Henceforth my willing neck shall bear 
Whatever yoke thou placest there, 
Nor will its weight oppress me. 
Beneath it, I shall find my peace, 
And by it, while I grow in grace, 
My sorrows too shall bless me. 
When, passing through this vale of tears, 
I meet with trials and with fears, 
Fresh hopes from thee, their living source, 
Shall help me end with joy my course. 
Lord Jesus Christ, 
Alone thy love :||: 
Gives hope below, or joy above ! 

J. A. Freylinghausen. 


1 I now have found abiding rest 

For which I long was sighing, 
Now, on my Savior's faithful breast 

My weary head is lying : 
This is the place where sin, no more, 

And Death and Hell alarm me ; 
I now am safe, by Jesus' pow'r, 

From all that eise would härm me. 

2 He whispers me — " I'm wholly thine, 

"And thou art mine forever ; 
" Henceforth all fear and doubt resign, - 
" Confuling in my favor ! 

HYMNS. 59 

" Thy ev'ry want shall find supply 
" From my exhaustless treasures ; 
" I'll üll thy spirit with my joy, 

" The pledge of endless pleasures." 

3 From Jesus and his love, Who now, 

By terrors to divide me, 
My great and many sins would show ? - 

His Avounds from vengeance hide me : 
My sins are great, — I'll not despair, 

Though conscience too arraigns me, 
Nor doubt my Saviors watchful care — 

His arm of love sustains me. 

4 I thank thee, God's beloved Son, 

Thy boundless grace adoring, 
Which brought thee from thy glorious throne, 

Our peace with God restoring. 
make my heart a slirine, where" peace 

Shall keep her constant dwelling ; — 
Where grateful praise shall never cease, 
■ Abroad thy glories telling. 


1 Sinai flames its awful wonders, — 

Flow can I its terrors meet ? 
Where's a Roch that, from its thunders, 

Yields a cleft of safe retreat ? 
Rock — thou none wilt find but Jesu?, - 

Such a cleft, his wounded side ; — 
Tliere, no dread of wrath can seize us,- 

Jesus bore our curse, and died. 


2 Place of Refuge — where ? — teil me ! 

That my soul may thither fly, 
Now that guilt and fear o'erwhelm me, 

With the blood-avenger nigh. 
Refuge ? — there is none but Jesus, — 

To his wounds for rescue turn ! 
He, from vengeance to release us, 

Has the stroke of vengeance borne. 

3 Wretched, naked, child of loathing, 

Must I shame forever bear ? 
Where can I obtain me clothing, 

And before my God appear ? 
Jesus' dying love can give it, — 

Hence our robe of righteousness ; 
All by faith may now receive it, — 

None could wish a richer dress. 

4 But my crimes, of countless number, 

— More than sands upon the shore, — 
With their load my soul encumber ; — 

What can meet the dreadful score ? 
Nothing but the blood of Jesus, 

This a perfect ransom paid, 
He from all our load will ease us, 

While our faith on him is stay'd. 

5 Where's ^fountain ever-flowing, 

That can slake my thirsty heart ? 
And from filth of evil-doing, 
Cleansing to my soul impart ? 

HYMNS. 61 

Jesus' wounds — from these are bursting 

Living streams of sacred blood, 
Here may drink the heart that's thirsting, 

Here the soul be cleansed for God. 

Are there mansions — who will show them ? — 

That with constant peace are blest ? 
Where afflictions — none shall know them, — 

And from care my soul may rest ? 
Such a place is Christ preparing, — 

Faith, e'en here, secures our peace ; — 
Who His sufT'rings now is sharing, 

Soon shall share his home of bliss. 



1 I now have found the Rock of ages, 

And, with it, all that soul would crave ; 
This Rock — unmoved when tempest rages, 

This Rock — from which the swollen wave 
With broken billows back is rolling — 
When storms from Hell's abyss were howling, 

Received me to its shelt'ring cleft. 
My soul, dismiss all doubt and terror, 
Thy faith is no delusive error, 

Here safe retreat for thee is left. 

2 Oppress'd with guilt of sins so many, 

My soul was as the troubled sea ; 
Nor help for me appear'd there any, 
But dark despair awaited me. 

62 HYMNS. 

While conscience, for my sins accusing, 
All hope of light or life refusing, 

Disclos'd the world of wo beneath, — 
As one that's toss'd on ocean's surges, 
Where each to ruin onward urges, 

I struggled on the brink of death. 

3 On me, when now all hope was dying, 

The Savior look'd ; — nor stood apart : — 
He heard my voice for mercy crying, 

And pity moved his tender heart : 
To me his wounded body showing, 
And from the wounds his life's blood flowing, 

He cried — " Come, weary sinner, come ! 
" I am the rock for thee was riven, 
"A refuge in my wounds is given, 

" Haste ! for thy shelter here is room ! " 

4 What comfort, now, my spirit borrows, 

Rock of my strength, — what joys from thee ! 
Where now is gone that flood of sorrows ? 

Lo ! — backward roll its waves from me. 
Now finds my soul, to its füll measure, 
In thee its paradise of pleasure ; — ■ 

What pure delights my bosom tili ! 
Of all the bliss I share before thee, 
I deeply feel I'm all unworthy, — 

Yet thankful take it : — such thy will. 

5 Let then the angry winds be roaring ! 

Let sea and sky their fury wage ! 
The fioods of Death their storm be pouring, 
And Satan double all his rage ! 

HTMNS. 63 

All this but little can alarm me, — 

My Rock secures that nothing härm me, 

Though darkness all my prospect hide. 
Let sink with fear both hill and mountain, 
My Rock will stand ; — a ceaseless fountain 

Of life still flowin°r from its side. 


1 Aspire, my heart, on high to live ! 

For there is found thy treasure : 
What's here,\vo\il& all thy hopes deceive,- 

That only suits their measure. 
Poor is the wealth that soon must fail a 
None other can for thee avail 

Than riches stor'd in heaven. 

2 'Tis all a gift, — not wages paid, — 

This treasure none can merit ; 
And Jesus, who atonement made, 

He, only, can confer it. 
The soul could have no higher good, 
Than God's beloved Son, with blood, 

For us has dearly purchas'd. 

3 This is a treasure will remain, — 

By faith in him, we seal it : 
No foe can make its title vain, 

No thief can ever steal it. 
Nor Death, nor Time, its worth destroys, 
'Twill be a source of holy joys, 

Long as the soul is Irving. 

64 HYMNS. 

4 This treasure, Lord, to me commend, 

And teach my heart to prize it ; — 

Compar'd with this, what earth can lend — 

Sincerely to despise it. 

For me to die will then be gain, 

And when thy cotfrts I shall attain, 

I will forever thank thee. 

P. F. Hiller. 


1 Jesus, my chief pleasure, 
Comfort's richest treasure, 

Portion of my soul ! 
Pow'r and Grace revealing, 
Sin's distemper healing, 
Thou wilt make me whole. 
Have I thee ? — 
S T is wealth to me ! 
Earth, without thee, all eise giving, 
Were my wants deceiving. 

2 Thou for me engaging, 
Storms are vainly raging, 

They can work no härm. 
Let the rocks be shaking, 
Earth itself be quaking, 
Nature show alarm, — 
Shall I fear ? 
Though, far and near, 
All conspiring would confound me, 
Still thy arms are round me. 

HYMNS. 65 

3 'Mid terrific wonders, 
Sinai speaks in thunders ; — 

Jesus quells my dread. 
Death may o'er me hover, 
Grave in darkness cover, — 
Jesus meets my need. 
Judgment, too, 
I fearless view, 
He my judge to sight is offer'd 
Who for me has suifer'd. 

4 Who, with smooth deceiving, 
Lures me from believing, 

Or would shake my faith ? 
Scofls let foes be umging, 
Songs will I be singing, 
Praising God tili death. 
I'm secure 
By Jesus' power ; 
He of foes can rule the madness, 
Crowning faith with gladness. 

5 " Gold — 'bove all things prize it ! 
" Honor — idolize it ! " 

Say the worldly wise. 
These shall never blind me, 
Nor apostate find me 
Who the faith denies. 
Grief nor loss, — 
Shame, death, the cross, 
No disasters that betide me, 
Shall from Christ divide me. 


66 HYMNS. 

6 Earth's delusive bubbles, 
Source of human troubles, 

Countless victims make. 
World ! — your bondage breaking, 
All your joys forsaking, 
Now my leave I take. 
Envy, Pride, 
All sin beside — 
From your chains will Christ deliver, 
Freeing me forever. 

7 Cares and fears have vanished, — 
All complaint is banished, — 

Jesus — He is mine ! 
Whoso here shall love him, 
Though dark trials prove him, 
Light on him shall shine. 
Should distress 
My soul oppress, 
From my Savior still I borrow 
Joy in all my sorrow. 


1 Earth's boasted joys and splendor 
No real good can render, 

However fair they seem : 
What now may most delight us, 
With eager hopes excite us, — 

We soon shall find an idle dream. 

HYMNS. 67 

2 Men toil with ceaseless trouble — 
For what ? — Some airy bubble 

That can no profit give. 
Whafs life ? — A flick'ring taper 
Emitting deadly vapor : — 
Where flatt'ring most, 't will most deceive. 

3 The fame which here \ve covet, 
As if 't were endless, love it, — 

Is all an empty breath ; 
Soon as \ve yield our spirit, 
We never more shall hear it, 
5 T will sink, with us, forgot in death. 

4 'T were vain, on skill or science 
To set our fond reliance — 

They cannot death abide. 
Whose pride more room would borrow, 
And finds this world too narrow — ■ 
They '11 find a narrow grave too wide. 

5 Our gains must be forsaken — 
For which such pains are taken, 

And toil — that rest denies : 
Success in our endeavors 
Can win from Death no favors. 
And when we die, to us it dies. 

6 E'en as a rose at morning, 
Its parent-stock adorning, 

Expands beneath the light ; 
But, ere the day is ended, 
Or light with darkness blended, 
Its bloom is Struck by with'ring blight : 


7 So we on earth are blooming, 
7/a hope, to greatness Coming, 

From care and sorrow free ; 
But e'er we lntv<^ attain'd it, — • 

Or ;ill our hloorn — linvc gain'd it, — 

The blast of Deatb sweeps us ;iw;iy. 

8 A wake, my rouI ! — remind ihce ! 
()i* life that's here assign'd thee, 

What 9 8 now, alone is thine. 
The past — 't is as the river 
Whose waves roll onward ever, — 
Thefuture — who can say " 9 Tü ?nine/" ? 

9 Of man rejecl the story 

That vauntfl bis power and glory, 

And trust in Gon alone. 
Hü pow'r- -o'er all 't ls reigning, 

I lis time '1 is never waning, — 

Of glory He awards the crown. 

10 Biest he in God conflding 

For joys wiih Nun abiding ! 
Though here be Boon tnay die, 

He there shal] live forever 

In God's unbounded favor, — 
He'a blesl whose portion is on bigh! 

a. Gryphtai. 

II y M !t s . 69 


1 Why vex thyself with anxious fears, 
My soul, or weary thee with cares 

About mere earthly good ? 
Confide thyself to God alone, 
The earth and skies are all his own. 

2 His pow'r and will can never fall 

To meet thy wants. He knows them well, 

He all thy bürden knows: 
He is thy Father, and thy God, 
Will comfort thee on all thy road. — 

3 My God and Father ! — Yes, thou art, 
And well I know thy tender heart 

Will ne'er thy child forget. 
Besides thyself, I here helow 
Nor hope, nor consolation know. 

4 Let others on their riches rest : 

I build on God ; in him am blest, 

In poverty am rieh. 
He is my wealth, I need no more ; 
Who trusts in Him is never poor. 

5 Thy riches, Lord, forever last, 
To-day as in all ages past : 

In thee I may confide. 
Thy stores of grace in me display ! 
For other wealth I cannot pray. 

70 H Y M N S . 

6 All worldly pomp I well can spare, 
If I may endless honors share 

By thee for sinners bought, 
Dear Savior, with thy precious blood : 
For these Pll pray, my Lord and God. 

7 Whate'er it be earth values most, 
Gold, silver, jewels- — or may boast 

Of pleasure, — or of power, — 
All these will quickly pass away, 
Nor help to meet the judgment-day. 

8 I thank thee, God's beloved Son, 

Who, from thy great and glorious throne, 

To me thy truth hast giv'n : 
And by the truth do thou prepare 
My soul thy glory, too, to share ! 

9 Love, honor, praise to thee be brought, 
For that salvation thou hast taught ! 

My faith, dear Lord, confirm ! 
That I, in realms of endless light, 
May ever live before thy sight. 

Hans Sachs. 

HYMNS. 71 



1 Can I this world esteem, 
Or here repose my treasure, 

When I alone in thee, 
Dear Jesus, find my pleasure ? 
Thou art my chosen good, 
Without thee, joy's a dream ; 
With thee, I need no more — 
Can I this world esteem ? 

2 This world is like the smoke 
In air füll quickly failing ; 

'Tis like the shadow vain 
Of clouds fast onward sailing : 
All, all soon flits away, — 
But Christ abides the same ; 
Ke's my enduring Rock, — 
Can I this wcrld esteem ? 

3 The world their honors seek, 
To earthly great-ones bending ; 

Nor will at all refiect 
That these to dust are tending : 
To Hirn who ever lives, 
Whom I my glory deem, 
To Christ — they scorn to bow ; - 
Can I the world esteem ? 

72 H Y M N S . 

4 The world for riches strive, 
Their toil no respite sufTers ; 

The hest reward they hope 
Is treasure in their coffers : 
I know a higher good, 
A treasure that's supreme ; — 
'T is Jesus, — He is mine ; — 
Can I the world esteem ? 

5 The world feel deep the wound, 
If any are despising 

Or wish to lower, them, 
Upon their ruin rising : 
But if it please my Lord, 
For him Pll sufFer shame, 
In this my glory seek ; — 
Can I the world esteem ? 

6 The world to darling lusts 
Admit no curb or measure, 

For seeking joys on high 
They find no heart or leisure ; 
The wretch who scorns restraint 
Will meet his friends with them ; - 
While then I love my God, 
Can I the world esteem ? 

7 Can I this world esteem ? 
How soon its honors vanish ! 

These cannot from the brow 
Death's pallid tokens banish : 

HYMNS. 73 

Its riches — they are dust ! 
Its joys — a lying name ! 
But Christ — eternal bliss ! 
Can I this world esteem ? 

Can I this world esteem ? 
Christ is my life forever, 

My wealth, all my estate : 
I rest upon His fayor 

My portion here, — above, 

My ev'ry hope and aim ; — ■ 

Once more, then, I would say — 

Can I this world esteem 1 

G. Bf. Pfexferkorn. 


1 Beware, man, lest endless life 

From all thy thoughts be driven, 
And, vrhen Death calls thee to the strife, 
Thenfirst thou think of heaven ! 

2 Are riches, honors, worldly Show, 

For heav'n the sonl's adorning ; 
That thou, pursuing these, should know 
Small quiet — eve or morning ? 

3 To us the scriptures plainly say — 

This globe itself shall perish : 
As if they would forever stay, 
Shall we its baubles cherish ? 

74 HYMNS. 

4 Art thou not daily made aware 

How many Death has taken ? 
Füll poor they pass thee on their bier y 
By all their wealth forsaken. 

5 What has the earth with thee to send ? 

With what can it enrich thee ? 
Its pomp, its wealth, its pleasures end — 
So Death, ere long, will teach thee. 

6 All real good is found above, — • 

'Tis worth thy füll endeavor; 
It well deserves thy constant love, 
Its bliss endures forever. 

7 Who can describe the boundless störe 

That there awaits the pious ? 
What could we want, that Jesus' pow'r 
And love cannot supply us ? 

3 Nor eye has seen, nor ear has heard, 
Man's heart it never enter'd, 
What things God has for them prepar'd 
Whose love on him is centred. 

9 How long must I here grope in night ? 
Could I his pinions borrow, 
Swift as the eagle in his flight, 
I'd leave this world of sorrow. 

10 Come, take me, Jesus, — thither bring 
Where angels bow before thee ! 
Take me where saints with angels sing, 
That I may there adore thee ! 

Simon Dach. 

HYMNS. 75 


2 tell me not of glitt'ring treasure, 
Of pomp and splendor here below ; 

The earth to me can yield no pleasure, 
With all its pomp and glitt'ring show. 

Let others love whate'er they will, 

My heart prefers my Savior still. 

2 In Hirn alone is joy abiding, — 

He is my hope, my chief desire : 
Upon his word my soul confiding, 

To eiicUess pleasures would aspire. 
Let others love whate'er they will, 
My heart prefers my Savior still. 

3 The world — its joys are scarcely tasted, 

The flesh — its beauty cannot last, 
For time will these have quickly wasted ; 

The pride of man will soon be past. 
Let others love whate'er they will, 
My heart prefers my Savior still. 

4 His saving pow'r, rieh grace revealing, 

Shall in its strength forever stay ; 
His throne, in glory never failing, 

Shall stand when time has pass'd away. 
Let others love whate'er they will, 
My heart prefers my Savior still. 

76 HYMNS. 

5 His wealth is always outward going, — 

Its störe no diminution knows ; 
While other Springs withhold their flowing, 

This fountain with füll waters flows. 
Let others love whate'er they will, 
My heart prefers my Savior still. 

6 He, to the skies my soul receiving, 

Can bless when other bliss is none ; 
Will there, my ev'ry want relieving, 

Delight me when all eise is gone. 
Let others love whate'er they will, 
My heart prefers my Savior still. 

7 Though many cares may here oppress me, 

While I a pilgrim seek my home ; 
Yet He has said all good shall bless me, 

When to his glory I shall come. 

With joy 1*11 seek to do his will, 

Confiding in his mercy still. 

J. Angelus. 


1 Here many wise and prudent grow, 
A name for knowledge^aining, 
And much of understanding show 

In things to earth pertaining : 
But he whom Christ has taught, will choose 
A wisdom that the world refuse — 
The wisdom of the rigJiteous. 

HYMNS. 77 

2 In God alone, for needed grace, 

He places his reliance ; 
To faith his heart accords its place, 

And yields a glad compliance ; 
His Savior's word and life he knows, 
And then, hy words and living shows — - 

The wisdom of the righteous. 

3 Let all the wisdom earth has taught 

Together be united, — 
Can it avail to cleanse the spot 

By which the soul is blighted ? 
This work of pow'r is only done 
Through faith in God's beloved Son — 

The wisdom of the righteous. 

4 Man's wisdom — will it fears allay 

When Death shall o'er him hover ? 
Or can it teil how near the day 

When dust his dust shall cover ? 
Here darkness Ulis the wise with grief, 
One thing alone can work relief — 

The wisdom of the righteous. 

5 The worldly wise would gladly waive 

All thoughts of Death, and dying ; — 
Their wisdom, bounded by the grave, 

No hope beyond supplying. 
The gospel, gleaming through the night, 
Brings immortality to light — 

The wisdom offne righteous. 

78 HYMNS. 

6 Dear Saviour, make me good and wise ! 

Thy mercy spread around me ! 
The world and flesh against me rise, 

With errors would confound me : 
keep me safely in the road 
That leads to glory and to God, — 

Then, crown me with the righteous ! 


1 Love, honor, praise and thanks to thee, 

For, Jesus, thou art worthy ; 
But praises, that shall worthy be, 

Who, Lord, can bring before thee ! 
Ere light arose, thy glory shone, 
Thyself God's equal, only Son, 

The glory of the Highest. 
Thine is the kingdom, — thine the pow'r, 
O'er all thou rulest evermore, — 

To all, thou all suppliest. 

2 They're thine — for by whose sov'reign might 

Creation — has it standing ? 
When man and angels burst to light, 

Who spoke — " live ye ! " — commanding ? 
Thou art the Word — unchang'd the same — 
By which the world to being came, — 

All that has lif e and motion ; 
Whate'er we see, what lives unseen, 
Whate'er the earth and sky contain, 

What shelters in the ocean. 

HYMNS, 79 

3 And yet to us how strangely good ! 

For our sakes hither Coming, 
And to thyself our flesh and blood, 

Of thy own will, assuming ; 
What shame and grief to thee it cost 
To seek and rescue what was lost, 

The curse for us enduring ! 
A love like thine, none shows beside, 
For sins our own, thyself hast died, 

Thus life for us procuring. 

4 Thou gavest life, — thou givest still, 

On high in glory seated ; 
Thou savest us from Satan's will, 

With all our sins remitted, — 
While thy delight from bonds to free 
And cheer the heart that trusts in thee, 

Excites our joy and wonder. 
öf weary souls thou art the rest, 
And them, who with thy love are blest, 

Naught from thy love can sunder. 

5 Thou hearest when thy people pray, 

And stillest their complaining ; 
Till earth and sky shall pass away, 

Thy care for them retaining. 
We are thy chosen heritage, 
Let endless thanks our hearts engage, 

For thy distinguish'd favor : — 

To thee, Lord, my all I give, 

Grant that I here for thee may live, 

Then live with thee forever ! 

P. F. Hiller. 

80 HYMNS. 


1 I love thee, Lord, with love sincere, 
And pray thee ever to be near, 

Thy needed grace bestowing ; 
The universe, I prize it not, — 
Things here — above — alike f orgot, — 

While thou thy love art showing. 
And when with griefs I am oppress'd, 
To thee alone I look f or rest ; — 
Nor let it, Savior, e'er be said 
Thy blood for me was vainly shed. 

Lord Jesus Christ, 

I love thy name, 

My love inflame ! 
And never turn my hope to shame ! 

2 Who was it, but thyself, who gave 
My body, soul — all that I have, 

And life — my term of trial ? 
For doing good I grace implore, 
That all I have may praise thee more, — 

Nor wilt thou give denial. 
save me, Lord, from error's path, 
From Satan's wiles, from Satan's wrath : 
My heart with courage too prepare, 
That ev'ry cross I well may bear. 

Lord Jesus Christ, 

My King on high, 

At death be nigh, 
And teach thy servant how to die. 

HYMNS. 81 

May waiting angels, when in death, 
Sustain'd by thee, I yield my breath, 

Convey my soul to heaven ! 
My body sleep — no more to break 
lts rest, tili — all the dead to wake, — 

Th' archangel's shout is given. 
Then, from the dust with joy I'll rise, 
To hail thee Coming from the skies, 
On clouds of majesty enthron'd, 
And with eternal glory crowird. 
Lord Jesus Christ, 
My song of praise 
To thee I'll raise, 
Nor cease to sing through endles days. 

Martin Schalling. 


1 All with Jesus are delighted, 

While he speaks of joys to come, 
Thinking that to thern is plighted 

After death a happy home : 
But " The cross " — when he declares it — 
" None, but he who takes and bears it, 

" Can my true disciple be : " — 

Few — how few ! — to this agree. 

2 All are pleas'd when — " Come ye weary ! n 

They can hear the Savior say : 
But 't is language harsh and dreary — 
" Enter ye the narrow way ! " 

82 HYMNS. 

While " Hosanna ! " men are singing, 
All can love ; — but when is ringing — 
" Crucify him ! " — at the sound, 
Nothing more of love is found. 

3 While his hands are food supplying, 

All with joy his bounty take ; 
When in anguish he is lying, 

None for his protection wake. 
Thus may Jesus have our praises, 
While our hopes and joys he raises ; 

But should he his favor hide, 

Love to him would not abide. 

4 Is thy joy in Christ arising 

From thy love to him alone ? 
In his sorrows sympathizing, 

Canst thou make his griefs thy own ? 
Should he cease with hope to bless thee, — 
Should dark fears and doubts distress thee,- 

Still confiding, couldst thou say — 

" Jesus, thou art all my stay " ? 

5 In thyself, Lord, thou art worthy, 

All our love is but thy due : 
Saints and angels cry before thee — 

" Thou art holy, just, and true ! " 
Whoso, in thy bright perfections, 
Finds for him thy best attractions, 

Has, in loving thee, a part 

That shall satisfy the heart. 

HYMNS. 83 

What thy love and mercy offer, 

Loving thee would I obtain ; 
And, if call'd for thee to suffer, 

It will be my endless gain. 
Here my soul, in all its sorrows, 
Peace from thee, and comfort borrows ; 

And if joys from earth remove, 

'Tis to flourish more above. 


1 Lord Jesus Christ, my spirit's health, 
My highest good, my only wealth, 

Whatever shall betide me, — 
My heart's delight thou'lt ever be, 
No joy or sorrow shall from thee 
And from thy love divide me. 
Thou makest me to know thy way, 
Thy hand of mercy is my stay, 
It guides my course in all its length, 
And in mv weakness gives me strength. 
Lord Jesus Christ, 
Thou art my light 
Through nature's night, 
neverhide thee from my sight ! 

2 My all is govern'd by thy will, 
But this reveals thy mercy still, 

And to my good is tending : 
It oft my wish may strangely cross, 
But soon I see, what seern'd a loss, 

In gain as strangely ending. 

84 HYMNS. 

With weary steps, by dreary road, 
I yet may reach thy bright abode, 
There with the saints whom tbou wilt bless, 
To wear the crown of righteousness. 

Thou, Jesus Christ, 

Art my desire, 

All I require, — 
My wärmest hopes to thee aspire. 

3 On thee alone I rest my all, — 
With theo, for nothing eise I call 

When evils here oppress me : 
Nay ! — what were heav'n aside from thee ? 
'T would be a thankless gift to me, 

Unless my Savior bless me. 
What then has earth, without thy love, 
That could my soul's affections move ? 
Throughout the universe, beside, 
There's none in whom I can confide. 
Lord Jesus Christ, 
My life thou art ! 
Shouldst thou depart, 
All hope and joy forsake my heart. 

4 And were it so, that I beneath 
Shame, torture, agony and death, 

Must, soul and body, perish : — 
Should pains and fears still onward swell, 
Till all around me were a Hell, — 

My faith I yet would cherish. 

HYMNS. 85 

But thou wilt be my spirit's health, 
My chosen good, my only wealth : — 
And I too shall — must ever be, 
Both soul and body, blest in thee. 

Lord Jesus Christ, 

Thy word I take, 

And those who make 
Their tfust in thee, thou'lt ne'er forsake. 

5 Who will not thy free grace receive, 
Nor, with the heart, in thee believe, — 

He must to wo be driven : 
Who for the world's vain pleasures lives, 
To these his heart and service gives, 

Is all unfit for heaven : 
And he, on lusts of flesh intent, 
Who will not for his sins repent, 
Nor here on thee for mercy wait, 
Must cry for mercy when too late. 

Lord Jesus Christ, 

For me appear ! 

Why should I fear ? 
To faith thou art forever near. 

6 I therefore bind myself to thee : 
Thou, too, hast bound thyself to me, 

And hence my joy I borrow : 
My confidence on thee is fast, 
My Rock, that firm shall ever last 

In joy and, too, in sorrow; 


86 HYMNS, 

All thou hast done, thy deeds of grace, 
Shall fill my heart and mouth with praise? 
Till I shall rise to thee above, 
And see thee whom unseen I love, 

Lord Jesus Christ, 

Haste on the day, 

Nor longer stay ! 
Come quickly ! Why so long delay ? 

E. Neumeis£eT„ 


1 Good Shepherd and tender, 
Thy flock's great defender, 

Thy wide-scatter'd flock are now longing for thee. 
'Mid dangers they're straying, 
False guides are betraying, — ■ 

Restore them thy presence, and troubles shall flee. 

2 come, spread thy cover, 
While storms o'er them hover, 

And days are all gloomy with terror and pain : 
In green pastures feed them, 
By still waters lead them, 

And make them rejoice in thy favor again. 

3 Thy grace once were sharing 
The simple, way-faring ; 

The languishing soul with thy mercy was blest : 
Where hope was now failing, 
Thy glad voice was hailing — 

" Come near, heavy-laden, and Hl give you rest I * 

HYMNS. 87 

Thy church in their dangers, 

Wilt thou leave to strangers ? 
Their hopes and their safety on thee must depend : 

The word thou hast spoken 

Can never be broken — 
" Behold I am with you until the world's end ! " 



1 Jesus, our Lord, when thou art near, 

The soul enjoys a sacred peace ; 
Thy gracious look calms every fear, 
And thrills our mortal frame with bliss 
And gratitude. 

2 Not that we see thy smiling face 

And outward mien, with nat'ral eye, 
But still our souls thy beauty trace ; — 
For thou canst bring thy glories nigh, 
Thy form unseen. 

3 In showing mercy, truth, andlove, 

Thy readiness to pardon sin ; — 
To cleanse, to bless, to lift above 
And, as a friend, our hearts to win, 
Thou art reveal'd. 

88 HYMNS. 

[4 When round us earthly prospects smile, 
And pleasures their temptation spread, - 
Be near ! — lest these to sin beguile, 
Show us the path where thou hast led 
To better joys.] 

5 When sorrows rise, our souls relieve 

With mem'ry of thy vict'ry won ; 
This shall our drooping hopes revive, 
And thus thy presence, with us shown, 
Be seen by all. 

6 Be ever near us, gracious Lord, 

To all our trials suit thy care : 
And, happy in thy kind regard, 

By faith and love would we prepare 
Near thee to shine. 


1 Why is my heart so far from thee, 

Thou only source of pleasure ; 
While fear, and toil, and grief to me 

From care permit no leisure ? 
leave me not in hopeless night, 
Nor hide me, Father, from thy sight 

Where spirits are rejoicing. 

2 Thick darkness here is spread around,— 

And must I struggle ever 
For light and peace, — yet all be found 
A fruitless, sad endeavor ? 

HYMNS. 89 

With sin the never-ceasing strife, 
The burdens of this myrtal life, 
To dust my soul are sinking. 

3 Too weak am I, by strength of mine, 

Where dwell thy joys, to tower ; 
Too weak, where hosts of darkness join, 

To quell their prince's power. 
Within, around, I trouble see, — 
Where look for help ? — God, on thee 

Alone is my reliance. 

4 With humble faith upon thy word, 

My all in all I take thee ; 
Be thou my Rock, my shield and sword ! 

I never will forsake thee : 
Though sin my soul has oft defiTd, 
Through Jesus, I am yet thy child, 

And Thou, my gracious father. 

5 The vict'ry thou wilt guide : — 't is well ! 

The strife Pll dread no longer : 
Of fears — no more would dare to teil, 

The w T eak shall prove the stronger. 
Thou wilt to me thy presence grant, 
And, with thy smile, I nothing want 

For earth, or yet for heaven. 

G. B. Funk. 


90 HYMNS. 


1 Remember Jesus, God's dear Son, 

My soul, — 't was thy salvation, 
That brought him from his glory down 

To live in humble Station. 
Forget him not ! — 't was for thy good 
He took upon him flesh and blood, — 

thank him for this mercy ! 

2 Remember Jesus, God's dear Son ; 

For thee his griefs were suffer'd ; 
His death has thy deliv'rance won, 

And life to thee is offer'd ; 
The agonies by him endur'd 
Eternal joys for thee procur'd, — 

thank him for this mercy ! 

3 Remember Jesus, God's dear Son ; 

He, from the dead awaking, 
In pow'r at God's right hand is shown, 

Death's gloomy bondage breaking ; 
From sin and death he sets thee free, — 
In serving him is liberty ; — 

thank him for this mercy ! 

4 Remember Jesus, God's dear Son ; 

The crown of vict'ry wearing, 
Back to his glory he has gone, 

A place for thee preparing : 
That thou, in glory too, may see 
His-honors and his majesty — 

thank him for this mercy ! 

HYMNS. 91 

5 Remember Jesus, God's dear Son ; 

Soon He, the Judge is Coming ; 
When saints with favor he will crown, 

To wrath the sinner dooming : 
Be earnest now to gain the prize, 
That thou with him above may rise, 

To thank his grace forever. 

6 grant me, Jesus, God's dear Son, 

That, in thy love abiding, 
I ne'er forget what thou hast done, 

But, in thy strength confiding, 

May, through thy death, be dead to sin : 

And, through thy life, the vict'ry win, 

To reign in life eternal ! 

C. Günther. 

49. PRAYER. 

1 Who, Lord, has any good whatever, 

That does not from thyself proceed ? 
Of all good gifts thou art the giver, 
Supreme in counsel and in deed. 
In all our wants, with humble pray'r, 
Thou biddest us to thee repair. 

2 Obeying, I would now implore thee, 

And, while my many sins I own, 
I courage take to come before thee, 
Since for me intercedes thy Son. 
On Him alone my hopes rely 
That thou wilt not my suit deny. 

92 HYMNS. 

3 Grant then to me, as thou approvest, 

All that befits a child of thine : 
None loves me, Father, as thou lovest, 
None eise can meet such wants as mine : 
From sin, from slavish fear release, 
And bless my soul with holy peace. 

4 Grant me a faith shall never fail me, 

One that shall always work by love : 
To rob of this should foes assail me, 
May it in me new courage move, 
More boldly for the truth to strive, 
And more by faith on thee to live. 

5 Give me a conscience unoffending, 

And prompting only what is right, 
A heart, to duty's call attending, 
As ever open to thy sight : 
And when I err, so chasten me, 
That I a father's love may see. 

6 A heart that, in my days of gladness, 

May never from thy fear decline ; 
A heart that, under clouds of sadness, 
May still submit its will to thine ; 
A heart that loves to trust in thee, 
And patient too, create in me. 

7 All other good be thou supplying, — 

What 't is I need thou knowest best : 
With cheerful hope, for grace relying, 
My weakness on thy strength I rest : 
Thy constant guidance I require, 
For this strengthen my desire ! 

HYMNS. 93 

8 Wliile yet on earth I may be staying, 

Give grace my life for thee to spend ; 

Death often to my thoughts displaying, 

Then bring the day my life shall cnd, 

That, when I'm call'd to go from this, 

I may attain the world of bliss. 

J. S- Dieterich, 


1 All our hope on Him's suspended, 
Who from the skies to earth descended, 

And bought us with his precious blood. 
We are his, both flesh and spirit, 
All that we have his favors merit, 
And in his love we seek our good. 
Lord, take us for thy own, 
And with thy glory crown 
Us confiding ! 
Give us a place, 
Where endless grace 
Is beaming from thy smiling face. 

2 Not our choice, nor our endeavor 

Has earn'd for us thy pard'ning favor, — 
5 T is due to sov'reign grace alone : 
Strength of ours is unavailing, 

And all in works are ever failing, 
But they in whom thy strength is shown. 

94 HYMNS. 

Our earthly hopes restrain ! 
For poverty is gain, 
Winning heaven. 
Who trusts thy care 
In self-despair, 
And bears thy cross, — has riches there. 

i Lord of harvest ! — Hear us praying 
— And are we not thy word obeying ? — 
" Now to thy field more reapers send ! " 
King! — thy heralds send, inviting 
As guests. all who, in grace delighting, 
May wish thy supper to attend. 
They, only they, find rest, 
Who there with thee shall feast 
In thy glory : 
Where care shall cease, 
And perfect peace 
Forevermore the soul shall bless. 

4 Look upon the millions lying 
In shades of death, and hopeless dying, 
Divided from thy kingdom far : 
Age on age to them declining, 
For them no gospel has been shining, 
Their night has known no morning star. 
Light of truth divine, 
Upon their darkness shine — 
Come, Lord Jesus ! 
Go thou before, 
Our way explore, 
And set for us an open door ! 

HYMNS. 95 

5 We, thy wounds and pity showing, 
From which to us salvation's flowing, 

The wonders of thy dying love 
Will to them be ever telling, — 
And on thy cross so long be dwelling, 
That kindred grief their hearts shall move, 
For mighty is thy word, 
And pierces, as a sword, 
Soul and spirit : 
Thy yoke of ease, 
Thy Spirit's bliss — 
And, too, we'll teil of paradise. 

6 Works, for thee most glory winning, 
Are oft despis'd at their beginning ; — 

What though we are frail worms of dust ? 
Thou wilt ever be beside us, 
Thy strength sustain, thy wisdom guide us, — 
In thee alone we put our trust. 
Thy mustard-grain will grow, 
Till it a tree shall show 
Widely spreading ; 
For thou, Lord, 
Wilt be its guard, — 
For this we plead thy gracious word. 

A. Knapp. 

06 HYMNS. 


1 Our blessings'come, God, 
From thine exhaustless treasure ; 

Of earthly good our shares 
Are portion'd at thy pleasure. 
Grant to my body, Lord, 
A health tliat may endure, 
And to my spirit give 
A conscience that is pure. 

2 May I too strive to learn, 
By ceaseless Observation, 

How best T may perform 
The service of my Station : 
Wherever duty leads 
May I delight to go, 
On all I undertake 
Thy blessing, Lord, bestow. 

3 Keep me from saying what 
May after need recalling ; 

Guard me, lest idle words 
May from my lips be falling ; 
But when my duty leaves 
For silence no pretence, 
O make me wise to speak 
The truth without oifence. 

4 When danger shall arise, 

I would not too much fear it ; 

My cross, whate'er it be, 
give me strength to bear it. 

HYMNS. 97 

May I the rage of foes 
By gentleness subdue ; 
And, when I counsel need, 
May I the best pursue. 

5 With all around, may I 
In peace and love be living, 

As by the Savior taught. 
And if thy hand be giving 
Increase of earthly störe, — 
To all I thus obtain, 
May there be nothing join'd 
Of an unrighteous gain. 

6 And if old age I reach, 
Ere life on earth is ended, 

And must its trials meet 
With all its weakness blended, — 
Against the sins of age 
Awake my jealous care, 
That I gray hairs may thus 
A crown of glory wear. 

7 And let me die at last 

My Christian faith professing ; 

Take then my soul to thee, 
To share eternal blessing : 

And to my body give 

Among thy dead a place, 

That, as their ashes sleep, 

Mine too may sleep in peace. 

98 HYMNS. 

8 And when thy saints shall rise, 
Then, Jesus, I implore thee, 

Complete in righteousness, 
May I appear before thee ; 
And hear my Savior say, 
In voice of tender love, 
" Come, ye redeem'd, and share 
" My perfect joys above ! " 

J. Hermann. 



1 Now in thy presence I appear, 
Lord, my supplications hear ! 
The record of my crimes efface, 
Thou God of mercy and of grace ! 

2 A heart that's pure, create in me, 
A heart to love and honor thee, 

An humble heart of thanks and praise, 
A heart to trust thee all my days. 

3 Be thou my help when dangers rise, 
On thee I rest my waiting eyes : 
No ills can do my spirit härm, 
While guarded by thy friendly arm. 

4 Myself and hopes are in thy hand, 
From thee, all that I understand ; 

But still increase my knowledge, Lord, 
By sure instructions of thy word. 

HYMNS. 99 

5 Thy name — that it may yield delight, 
O keep it ever in my sight ! 

My faith — that it may work my joy, 
Let works of faith be my employ. 

6 So, Lord, my path of duty teach, — 
That, learning, I may strive to reach, 
In what I do, the perfect rule 

Of virtue taught me in thy school. 

7 In my own strength, Pm all unfit 
The trials of the world to meet : 

But, with thy strength to bear me through, 
Can meet them, and can conquer too. 

8 Of earthly good, to make me blest, 
Grant, Lord, just what thou seeest best : 
Of envied wealth I ask no störe, — 
What thou wilt bless — I ask no more. 

9 The bounties thou to me shalt lend, 
May I to others' wants extend ; 
More pleas'd the needy to relieve, 
Than when thy bounties I receive. 

10 grant me health for doing good, 
For serving thee with gratitude : 
While for my health I never take 
Such care, as duty to forsake. 

11 Ever a faithful friend supply, 

To cheer my way to joys on high ; 
One who, that both for God may live, 
Shall counsel and example give. 

100 HYMNS. 

12 Should thou old age to me assign, 
And should its evil days be mine : * 
May still my trust in thee abide, 

Nor clouds of age thy mercy hide. 

13 And when my life on earth shall end, 
Wilt thou my dying couch attend ! 

Be then, through thy dear Son, Lord, 
My endless life, my great reward ! 

C. F. Geliert. 


1 My richest comfort, here while living, 

Is found in praying to my God : 
This, in my weakness, strength is giving, 
And cheers the roughest, darkest road. 
In ev'ry toil, in ev'ry grief, 
'T is pray'r supplies my best relief. 

2 Where can I peace or hope discover, 

When conscience to its duty wakes, 
And, all my sins recounting over, 
The scourge of retribution shakes ? 
No other hope or refuge near, 
To God for mercy I repair. 

3 And must I meet the scorn of scoffers, 

If I with sin will not comply ? — - 
My soul its pray'r in secret offers 

To God for grace. He hears my cry ; — 
A father's love from fear relieves, 
And courage for his service gives. 

HYMNS. 101 

4 I would not for revenge be seeking, 
Should any for my inj'ry seek ; 
Nor ever meet with evil speaking 
Those who of me may evil speak ; 
All my revenge shall be the pray'r 
That they with me His grace may share. 

o And when a trouble may distress me 
For which the world I cannot blame, 
I, to a God who hears, address me 
For his support to bear the same. 
From griefs which we to Hirn confide, 
His mercy he will never hide. 

6 And, for the duties of the calling 

To me by providence assign'd, 
I strength implore, before him falling ; — 
Nor plead in vain. The strength I find : 
'T is He that gives ; — and Him I bless 
For strength, and skill, and all success. 

7 Or, if an evil lust be raging, — 

Too weak its violence to quell, 
On God I call. For me engaging, 
He nerves my heart to do his will ; 
And, strong in his resistless might, 
To vict'ry I maintain the iight. 

8 And when, in life's last struggle lying, 

To me none eise can render aid ; 

To God my voice shall then be crying, 

Nor Death shall make my soul afraid. 

Though voice should fail, my dying sighs 

Accepted pray'r to him shall rise. 

J. B. Miller. 


102 HYMNS. 


1 Thou God the Father, now in love 

And mercy, stand beside me ! 
Far from my soul my sins remove, 

From dread of vengeance hide me ! 
And, by thy word, show me the way 
That leads to an eternal day, 

Nor leave me here to wander. 

2 Guard me, Lord Jesus ; render me 

Of seif deception wary ! 

keep me from hypocrisy, 
Long as on earth I tarry. 

1 now to thee my soul confide, 
Thou Son of God, with me abide — 

In living, or in dying. 

3 Thou Holy Ghost, true wisdom's source, 

Of faith my measure heighten ! 
Sustain me in true wisdom's course, 

What's dark in me enlighten ! 
Grant too that I my life may spend 
In holiness, tili life shall end, 

And then depart to glory ! 

4 Thou Three in One, the only God, 

What hopes or fears betide me, — 
let them never from the road 

Of love and truth divide me ! 
My joys and griefs — ■ a tangled maze, — 
Direct them all to show thy praise, — 

Then take my soul to heaven ! 

HYMNS. 103 


1 For help, whither shall I flee ? 

Who now to peace will guide me ? 
To none, dear Savior, but to thee, 

Can I with hope confide me. 
'Tis thine to give the weary rest, 
The mourning soul in thee is blest, — 

Help, Jesus, the afflicted ! 

2 My sin, Lord, is now my grief, 

Against my will it rages : — 
Thy grace alone can bring relief, 

While sin its warfare wages. 
All that I need is known to thee, 
And now a part myself can see, — 

Help, Jesus, the sin-burden'd ! 

3 Good Shepherd, bearest thou the weak ? 

Sustain me in my weakness ! 
Thou Great Physician of the sick, 

Heal thou my moral sickness ! 
A prey to Death I helpless fall, — 
For health and strength to thee I call, 

Save, Jesus, or I perish ! 

4 To those who trust thee — " Nothing fear ! M 

" I am the Life ! " — thou criest, 
Seeks not my soul, with strong desire, 

The life which thou suppliest ? 
Through all my sorrows thou canst lead, 
In death provide for ev'ry need — 

Help, Jesus, the confiding ! 

104 HYMNS. 

5 I would do good, but still I fail, — 
Must I thus always waver ? 
What grief it gives thou knowest well. 

Who shall my soul deliver, 
And set the slave forever free 
From sin and death, to live with thee ? — 
I thank thee, God, through Jesus ! 

J. Neander. 


Ah ! when shall I be, from sinning 
And from wrong affections, free ? 

When, the vict'ry fully winning, 
Be well-pleasing, Lord, to thee ? 

I have still to own, with weeping, 

Sin his watch within is keeping, 
Still, füll oft, with efforts strong, 
Urges me to do the wrong. 

Yet, in time of my devotions, 
Musing on thy sacred word, 

I have feit those sweet emotions 
Which to saints their bliss afford. 

Then I priz'd this holy pleasure 

Far above all worldly treasure, 
Wish'd a heart entirely thine, 
Warm with virtue all divine. 

HYMNS. 105 

3 Then too vow'd, füll purpose making, 

That I only thine would be, 
And, my inmost pow'rs awaking, 

From all evil would be free ; 
Thee my Service wholly giving, 
Ever for thy glory living, 

Sin in all its forms would shun, 

And the ways of God would run. 

4 But, alas ! — too soon, exerting 

Hidden pow'r, some passion rose, 
Marring, hind'ring, disconcerting 

Ev'ry good I might propose. 
Lures to pleasure, fears and troubles, 
111 examples, cheating bubbles, — 

These on ev'ry side assail, — 

And my schemes of goodness fail. 

5 Wretched man ! — from evil lurning, 

Vain my utmost strength appears ; 
Then, with deepest sorrow mourning, 

Fruitless too are all my tears. 
Still my heart with sin is teeming — - 
Is there none from sin redeeming ? — 

Thanks ! — my God, through Christ, will free 

From this load of misery ! 

6 Thou forgivest, God of mercies, 

Those who 'gainst their errors strive : 
They alone shall bear thy curses, 
Who in sin consent to live. 

106 HYMNS. 

May I not then hope for pardon, 
While I feel my sins a bürden ? 
Trusting to thy gracious care, 
Can I yield me to despair ? 

7 Since, while I am here remaining, 

Sin will new advantage seek ; 
And, perfectipn not attaining, 

I must still continue weak : — 
Bless me so in all my striving, 
So direct me in my living, 

That, in all sincerity, 

I may humbly walk with thee. 

8 When I fall, make me observant, 

Careful lest I fall again, 
Haste to strengthen then thy servant 

That my course I may maintain : 
Warn me ! — ever go beside me ! 
Daily on — still onward guide me ! 

Till I reach eternal rest, 

With thy perfect image blest, 

Balth. Muenter. 


1 My Life is but a pilgrim-stand f — 
A trav'ler to my father-land, 

I seek the city with foundation, 

Whose builder, maker, is my God ; - 
And gaining there my blest abode, 

Would ever sing his great salvation. 
My Life is here a pilgrim-stand, 
Pm trav'ling to my father-land. 

HYMNS. 107 

The hours of Life's uncertain day 

Haste on without a moment's stay, 
And, when once gone, are gone forever ; — 

They bear me to eternity : 

Lord Jesus, give me eyes to see ! 
Whate'er I need to know, discover ! 

Nor let earth's vain delusions hide 

Thee from my sight, my only guide ! 

No journey is without its cares : — 
Life's journey too the spirits wears ; — 

It is not all a path of roses. 
The road is narrow, — foes are strong — 
And oft entice me to the wrong ; — 

The tangled thorn my way opposes ; — 
O'er trackless wilds Pm forc'd to go, 
And, groping, toil my passage through. 

At times to me the Sun is bright," — 

That Sun that sheds its gracious light, 
Alone to bless the pure in spirit : 

Then comes the roaring, raging storm, — 

So loud, terrific its alarm, — 
So dark, — I cannot help but fear it : 

But when I think of joys above, 

My terror yields its place to love. 

Thou, Jesus, once a pilgrim too, 
Wilt prove thyself a helper true, 
Of all my anxious cries, a hearer. 
Thy warning word in mind Pll keep, 

108 HYMNS. 

And, by thy guidance, ev'ry step 
Shall bring nie to salvation nearer. 
My life and strength are waning fast, 
Lord, with thy consolations haste ! 

6 grant me growth in holiness ! 
With stronger faith my spirit bless ! 

And thus of stumbling make me heedful ! 
I daily fall — help me to rise, 
And, by each fall, yet more to prize 

Thy helping hand, so often needful : 
While, in this darken'd soul of mine, 
Thy beams of mercy brighter shine. 

7 And when my heart, God of grace, 
Shall faint with longings for thy face, — 

grant my soul thy füll fruition ! 

Whene'er to earth my eyelids close, 

May I with thee enjoy repose 
Where sin and grief find no admission. 

Thy weary child bid thither come, 

To live with Thee — a blissful Home. 

8 My lot is here with strangers thrown, 
And by the world Pm little known ; — 

But there friends wait with joy to meet me : 
And there, with those I love the most, 
Pll join in song the angel-host, 

Whose glories with their welcome greet me. 
My Saviour, come ! no more delay ! 
And bless me with that happy day ! 

F. A. Lampe. 

HYMNS. 109 


1 We are but pilgrims here below, 

With loads of care oppress'd, 
While through earth's dreary vale we go, 

And vainly look for rest. 
His way beset with griefs and fear, 

The weary wand'rer sighs, — 
He seeks, and ever hopes 't is near, 

The good that from him flies. 

2 Here is no father-land, — no home, 

No resting-place is here ; — 
For trial we are hither come. 

The soul pants with desire, 
But her desires can never fill ; 

And eures, that here are found 
The wounded heart of man to heal, 

Add torment to the wound. 

3 The pleasures, which on earth we find, 

Are smoke, soon seen no more ; 
They're billows which the angry wind 

Is dashing on the shore. 
With toil we build, and then destroy ; — 

We oft new burdens choose : — 
And, what to-day we count our joy, 

To-morrow we refuse. 

4 The pride of knowledge, falsely call'd, 

Oft leads our souls astray : 
The blind by blinder guides are told — 
«« We've found a better way ! " 

110 HYMNS. 

Dear Savior, from thy throne above, 

Set us from error free ! 
Grant us to serve thee here in love, — 

Then bear us home to thee ! 

5 When faith thy promise humbly takes, 

And seeks thy will to do, — 
Clear light upon our pathway breaks, 

The world to guide us through. 
Thy Spirit send, our souls to save ! 

Thy wisdom make our own ! — 
That we may rest beyond the grave, 

And wear the pilgrim's crown. 


1 The way of Christians leads through deserts dreary, 

And thorny is their road ; 
The mountain heights are fearful, steep, and weary, 
By which they rise to God. 

2 But, trav'ler, f alter not ! — God's hand extended 

Shall guide and strengthen thee : 
Look onward ! — -Where their earthly course is ended, 
The crown of glory see ! 

3 This prize füll well deserves thy utmost striving ; 

Not worthy to compare 
Are trials which, ere to the goal arriving, 
The faithful pilgrims bear. 

HYMNS, 111 

4 Through all its straits would I still, imcomplaining, 

The narrow way pursue : — 
What joy and thanks, — when, to its end attaining, 
I reach the garland too ! 

5 Oft now, while faith before my thoughts is bringing 

The victor's happy crown ; 
My raptur'd soul her flight from earth is winging 
Up to the Savior's throne. 

C. C. Sturm. 


1 Steep and thorny is the way 
\Vhich to endless life is leading ; 

Biest is he, with Christ his stay, 
Who that narrow way is treading ! 
Happy, who its end attains, 
And the prize of glory gains ! 

2 'Bove all measure his reward, 
Who, tili death, is persevering; 

Who from earth withholds regard, 
But, to Jesus still adhering, 
Firm in faith directs his eye 
Ever to the crown on high. 

3 He whom, though unseen, we love, 
He has won our prize so glorious ; 

From the cross, to God above 
He ascended all-victorious, — 

When " 'T is finish'd ! " he had cried, 
And, for vict'ry, first had died. 

112 HYMNS. 

4 Conq'ring Chief ! — we, void of fear, 
Follow thee, no toil declining ; 

Storms and night Surround us here, 
There the light is ever shining ; 
Dawn is beaming, seen by faith 
Through the gloomy shades of death. 

5 Onward, comrades, urge your way ! 
Let no fears or foes alarm us ! 

Look to Jesus ! — Watch, — and pray 
That our God with strength may arm us ! 
In our weakness mighty shown, 
He gives vict'ry through his Son. 



1 Jesus, my Lord and God, 
Whose glories none can teil ; 
My spirit's life and strength, 
My great Immanuel ! 

Thy people thou dost form, 
And from their evil cleanse, — 
Grant then, Lord, to me 
Deliv'rance from my sins ! 

Confide in my promise ! — confiding, be still ! 
Distrust not my power ! — distrust not my will ! 
Behold, from afar I salvation reveal ! 

2 Ah, Yes ! my spirit's friend, 
I f eel Pm far from thee : 

HYMNS. 113 

draw me to thyself ! 

Reveal thy pow'r in me ! 

A heart, Lord, that's pure, 

Of all things wish I most, — 

But mine is all defU'd : — 

Alas ! must I be lost ? 
Thou art not forsaken, — thy heart I renew ; 
I am thy Redeemer ; remain to me true ! 
My perfect redemption in thee will I show. 

3 Redemption ! — I am yet 
By sin with fetters bound : 
And am I true ? Alas, 
Pm fickle, faithless found : 
And where is that new heart 
Should glow with love to God ? 
Guilt feel I more and more, — 
My sins a heavier load ! 

Thy pray'r I will answer : — in spite of all foes, 
From sin I will save thee, — from Hell's fearful woes: 
Vll do it ! — Who can the Almighty oppose ? 

4 'T is well ! I own thy grace, 
And in thy word confide : 
Hope shall my anchor be, 
Till safe in port I ride. 

Dear Savior, through my course* 

To me thy guidance lend, 

Till I at length shall come 

Where sins and sorrows end. 
Believer, be fearless ! — this anchor hold fast ! 
Doubt not ! — I will guard thee, tili dangers be past, 
And to a sure haven will bring thee at last, 

114 HYMNS. 


1 Most High ! with reverence to fear thee 

Is both our duty and delight ; 
None can with holy joy come near thee, 
But those who fear before thy sight : 
Work then, dear Father, work in me, 
By thy good Spirit, fear of thee ! 

2 May it preside o'er all my goings, 

Control my heart, direct my will ; 
Thus guarding me, in all my doings, 
From ev'ry known approach to ill : 
For, tili the love of sin be slain, 
All show of love to thee is vain. 

3 Grant that I ever may adore thee 

As One who all my actions sees ; 
And be afraid to do before thee 

Aught that would thee my God displease. 
What if the praise of earth were gain'd, 
If thee, great God, I should offend ! 

4 May I, too, fear the Judgment Coming, 

Nor dare with scoffers to agree : 
Despairing not, yet not presuming, — 
Nor arrogant in serving thee : 
Nor let thy grace be my pretence 
For blind or careless confidence. 

HYMNS. 115 

5 May I so dread all that would nourish 

The lawless appetites of sin ; 
So all the right affections cherish, 
That I through thee may vict'ry win ; 
And, when the confliet shall be past, 
May triumph with thy saints at last. 

6 Maintain my conscience pure, unswerving, 

Fearless of shame or trouble here ; 
And this, my heart with courage nerving, 
For ev'ry trial will prepare : 
While nothing shall allure, or fright 
My soul from choosing what is right. 

7 May rev'rence prompt all my reflections, — 

And still, wherever I may be, 
Direct in honesty my actions, 

From all disguise and feigning free. 
They who thus honor thee in heart — 
None eise — with thee shall have their part. 

8 Thus may I fear thee while I'm living ; 

Dying, Pll fear not death or grave : 
And then, eternal life receiving, 

For which thy Son the purchase gave, 
Will rise to share thy joys above, 
Where all is light, and peace, and love. 

Benj. Schraolke. 

116 HYMNS. 

63. JOY IN GOD. 

1 In thee, God, I find my joy, 

Thou art my trust, — What can annoy, 
Long as thy love shall bless me ? 
Lord, I am thine, 
And thou art mine ; — 
Can any want distress me ? 

2 For thou hast chosen me by grace, 
And with thy saints assign'd my place, - 

The world in vain would hurt me : 

Thy mercy will 

Its measure fill, — 
Thou never wilt desert me. 

3 Thy patience too is strangely kind, 
Of daily sins I pardon find : 

To me, my guilt deploring, 

Thou bring'st anew 

Thy Son to view, 
My comfort thus restoring. 

4 Thou art to me the best of friends, 
That to my ev'ry want attends : 

None can thyself resemble ! 

Firm at thy side 

Wilt thou abide, 
Though hüls and mountains tremble. 

HYMNS. 117 

5 Thou art my light, my life, desire, 
My Rock : — and can I more require 

That's found in earth or heaven ? 

Lord, without thee, 

All eise to me 
For joy were vainly given. 

6 'Bove ev'ry good, thou art the best, 
On whom my highest pleasures rest ; 

In thee I live coniiding : 

Here, and above, 

Lord, may our love 
Be evermore abiding ! 

7 Thou blessest me : — let foes revile ! 
Since, for my härm, their rage and toil 

Must prove all unavailing. 

While thou art near 

I will not fear, 
But sing with song unfailing. 

8 From thee is flowing endless peace, 
Its streams with pleasure now I trace, 

Thou source of true enjoyment, 

To where thy praise, 

Through endless days, 
Shall be my blest employment. 

To human eye has not appear'd 
What joys above thou hast prepar'd, — 
But faith cannot deceive me : 
There perfect bliss 
I shall possess, 
And of it none bereave me. g. Uscot. 

118 HYMNS. 


Whate'er God does, isfitly done; 

To change my evil nature, 
He gave his Spirit through his Son, 
And form'd me a new creature. 
His mercy's sure, 
It will endure ; 
And, on this firm foundation, 
I rest me for salvation. 

Whate'er God does, isfitly done; 

And right his sov'reign pleasure : 
Since he has made my care his own, 
1*11 trust his ev'ry measure : 
He is my God, — 
Through all my road, 
He knows how to sustain me, 
And in his Service train me. 

Whate'er God does, isfitly done; 

He is my guide — defender ; — 
In varied forms his love is shown : 
To Hirn my will I render 
In joy, or wo, — - 
And time will show 
How well he has directed, 
And all my way protected. 

HYMNS. 119 

Whateer God does, isfitly done ; 
And all, for wisest reasons : 
By best of paths he leads me on, — 
E'en at the darkest seasons 
I find his grace 
In ev'ry place ; 
And, conscious of his keeping, 
I change to joy my weeping. 

Whate'er God docs, isfitly done ; 

Of this I have assurance. 
True ! — here my life its course may run 
Through dangers and endurance : 
Still, I shall share 
His loving care ; — 
His circling arms infold me, 
And, when I die, will hold me. 

Whate'er God does, isfitly done ; 

His cup — shall I ref use it, 
Because it is a bitter one ? 
He sees it best, — I choose it : 
And He at last 
Will make me rest 
Where duty has no trials, 
And needs no self-denials. 

Sara. Rodegast. 

120 HYMNS. 


1 Rule thou my portion, Lord ; my skill 

I could not trust to guide it : 
To my Creator's gracious will 
I cheerfully confide it ; 

Thou, by whose hands 

All nature Stands, 
Through all the days decreed me, 
My God and Father, lead me ! 

2 Thou sawest from Eternity 

How much would best befit me ; 

Didst fix what here my days should be, 

What joys and griefs should meet me. 

Why shrink my heart ? 

Wouldst thou have part 

In faith's rieh blessings tender'd, 

Without faith's Service render'd ? 

3 Thou knowest, Lord, my ev'ry want, 

And, ere my pray'r is pleaded, 
Art ready my request to grant, 
As wisdom sees 't is needed. 

Thy love to me 

Is fatherly : — ■ 
Be not my wish the measure, 
But, Father, thy good pleasure. 

HYMNS. 121 

4 Füll oft a course of wish'd success 
Prepares for sorrows — firmer 
Than any wrought by such distress 
At which we're prone to murmur. 
From earthly grief 
Death brings relief , — 
While cherish'd idols — failing, 
Then bring remorse and wailing. 

o What t is that forms our highest good, 
All know who wish to hear it : 
Nor honors, wealth, nor pamp'ring food 
Can cheer the deathless spirit : 
But if thy word 
We will regard, 
We bence mar pleasures borrow, 
To sweeten ev'ry sorrow. 

6 What is life's glory here below ? 

Soon it will all have vanish'd : 

What is the grief we saffer now ? 

'T will soon be ever banish'd. 

Trust in the Lord ! 

For His reward 

To endless glory raises, — 

Ye righteous, sing his praises ! 

C. F. Geliert, 


122 HYMNS. 


1 A tow'r of safety is our God, 

His sword and shield defend us ; 
His mercy too relieves the load 
Of evils that attend us. 
But the ancient foe 
Strives to work our wo ; 
Fearful power and art 
In him their force exert, — 
On earth he has no rivaL 

2 By strength of ours naught could be done, - 

The strife füll soon were ended ; 
But rights for us that righteous One 
By God himself commended. 
Needs his name be told ? 
Jesus — f rom of old 
Lord of Sabaoth, — 
Our God and Savior both, — 
He shall our souls deliver. 

3 Though devils all the earth should nll, 

Each gaping to devour us, 
This Savior would our terrors quell, 
And vict'ry guide before us. 
Frince of this vain world, 
Be thy fury hurl'd 
On our heads ! — 't were vain ! 
He will thy rage restrain, 
His smallest word subdue thee. 

HYMNS. 123 

His truth ouifoes shall lielp to show, — 

For this no thanks they merit ; — 
Believing him we onward go, 
He cheers us by his Spirit : — 
Should they, in the strife, 
Quench our joys — and life ; — 
When their worst is done, 
For us the vict'ry's won — 
He'll crown us then with glory ! 

M. Luther. 


* 1 As God shall lead Pll take my way, 
Nor wish my own selection : 
The path He chooses cannot stray, 

Nor needs it my correction. 
His guidance I will ever keep, 
And cheerful follow step by step — 
As child would trust a father. 

2 As God shall lead Pll follow still, 

Imploring his assistance, — 

Though far too often my seif- will 

Might wish to make resistance : 

Let God for me the way explore, 

And I will now, and evermore, 

His counsel seek to honor. 

124 HYMNS. 

3 If God will lead me — 't is enough, — 

On Hirn is my reliance : 
And let the road be smooth, or röugh, 

I yield a glad compliance. 
Into his hands I all commit, 
To guide for me as seemeth fit, — 

For living, or for dying. 

4 God leads me — and my ev'ry change 

I leave to his good pleasure : 
Though Reason may pronounce it stränge - 

His course reveals the measure 
Of good, that He for me had thought 
Before I was to being brought : 

Can I refuse his guidance ! 

5 God leads me — I will true remain, 

Nor faith, nor hope shall waver : 
My spirit, if his strength sustain, 

Who from his love can sever ? 
With confidence Pll hold it fast, 
And ills, endur'd from first to last, 

Shall work my greater blessing. 

6 As God shall lead I'll onward go, 

E'en where Death's shadows lower : 
But Death shall prove a conquer'd foe, 

His terrors, lose their power ; 
For He, — my Savior, — will be there, 
Who died that faith might nothing fear ; — 

This is my soul's sheet-anchor. 

L. Gedike. 

HYMNS. 125 

68. GOD OUR LIGHT, &c. 

1 God is my light"! — Never, my soul, despair 

In hours of thy distress ! 
The sun withdraws, and earth is dark and drear : — 
My Light will never cease ; 
On days of joy with splendor beaming ; — 
Through nights of grief , its rays are gleaming, — 
God is my Light ! 

2 God is my trust ! — My soul, be not afraid ! 

Thy Helper will abide : 
" Hl not forsake thee ! " — He has kindly said, — 
He's ever at thy side ; 
In feeble age will yet stand by thee, 
No real good will he deny thee : — 
God is my Trust ! 

3 His is the pow'r ! — He speaks, and it is done ; 

Commands, it standeth fast ; 
Ere hope of rescue is in me begun, 
Behold, the work is past ! 
When we our weakness most are feeling, 
God loves to prove, his strength revealing, 
His is the Pow'r. 

4 The kingdom his ! — Throughout the earth he reigns 

With wisdom, grace, and might ; 
The stars go on, and time its course maintains, 
Beneath his watchful sight; 
In silence onward still proceeding, 
The universe obeys his leading, — 
The Kingdom his ! 

126 HYMNS. 

5 God is my shield ! — Of me he takes the care 

As none beside could do ; 

He guards my head, — he watches ev'ry hair, 

All dangers brings me through : 

While thousands, to vain helpers calling, 

On right and left are near me falling, — 

He is my Shield ! 

6 God's my reward ! — Well pleas'd I theref ore go 

The paththat He has shown : 

It has no trials but my God will know, 

When he awards my crown. 

PH gladly strive, the fight sustaining, 

Until in death the vict'ry gaining, — 

God's my Reward ! 



1 God, to my soul benighted, 

Gave light and life to see : 
When earthly hopes are blighted, 

He'll not abandon me ! 

He ever is the same ! 
As day successive changes, 
He for my wants arranges, 

Always the great lam. 

2 While human love or favor 

Soon cold or dead appears, 
His mercy glows forever, — 
He numbers all my tears, 

HYMNS. 127 

He softens all my grief ; 
From sin and dang'rous errors, 
From guilt and gloomy terrors, 

From death, he gives relief. 

3 God, with his love, has bless'd me ! 

Bereft of all besides, 
Upon his arm I'll rest me : 

He my affliction guides, — 

I'll leave it to his will : 
My int'rests here, in heaven, 
To God the Lord be given, 

His pleasure to fulril. 

4 It ever is his pleasure 

To work his people's good ; 
'Twas goodness, beyond measure, 

Gave them a Savior's blood. 

He, who so much has done, 
Has said they shall inherit, 
In body and in spirit, 

All good through Christ his Son. 

5 Away the world is gliding, 

Its joys and empty show : 
A bliss, pure and abiding, 

On me will God bestow. 

True ! — life on earth shall close, — 
But when, by grave invested, 
This weary frame has rested, — • 

He'll wake it from repose. 

128 HYMNS. 

6 My soul, already living 

In God's paternal hand, 
Fit body then receiving 

For my new father-land, — 

It shall my glory be, 
Where saints enjoy his blessing, 
To praise, with song unceasing, 

The Lamb eternally. 

7 Though now I sorrows suffer, 

Such as my sin requires ; 
My future prospects offer 

All that my heart desires 

Of joys that shall endure : 
Christ eye to eye appearing, 
My soul his image wearing, 

My lot will be secure. 

8 It is the Father's pleasure, 

Who here assign'd our place, 
That now his Son's füll treasure 

Should yield us grace for grace : 

His Spirit He supplies, 
To us the pathway showing 
Of bliss that's ever growing, — 

To him let anthems rise ! 

9 Praise Him, with hearts and voices, 

Who gave us all our pow'rs ! 
Biest he, who thus rejoices 

To consecrate his hours ! 

The praise of God will prove 
On earth our best enjoyment, — 
Nay more ! — our blest employment 

In realms of peace above. l. Helmbold. 

HYMNS. 129 


1 Our God is true ! — Them he will ne'er forsake 

For whom his love he shows ; 
Our God is true ! — We shall his care partake, 

In all our joys and woes : 
His wings will spread their shelter o'er us, 
Though mountains quake, — earth yawn bef ore us : — 
Our God is true ! 

2 Our God is true ! — He is a faithful friend 

We from experience know ; — 
And rest assur'd he will our souls defend 

From ev'ry watchful foe. 
His cov'nant love gives no denial 
To humble faith in hours of trial, — 
Our God is true ! 

3 Our God is true ! — His promise he maintains : 

Lest we from life should stray, 
Our feet to guide where bliss immortal reigns, 

He onward lights our way. 
God is not man that he should falter, 
What He has spoke he will not alter. — 
Our God is true ! 

4 Our God is true ! — He has a father's love, 

In all he does is good : 
Our troubles here his faithful care will prove, 

When all is understood. 
In trials, grace and strength are growing, 
And then, from these, good works are flowing. — 
Our God is true ! 

130 HYMNS. 

5 Our God is true ! — 'Tis He who vengeance stay'd, 

And now removes our guilt 
Through his dear Son, who well the Law obey'd, 

For us his life's-blood spilt : 
His only Son for us was given, 
To save from hell, and fit for heaven. — 
Our God is true ! 

6 Our God is true ! — And we, forever his, 

Shall ever meet his care, 
Until we come to scenes of perfect bliss, 

Eternal life to share. 
And now with blessings he receives us, 
Through faith all needed grace he gives us : — 
Our God is true ! 

7 Our God is true ! — The watch, our father's eye 

Of all his children takes ; 
With pleasure sees when here his kind supply 

Their gratitude awakes. 
Would they despair ? — their hearts sustaining, 
He stills the voice of their complaining : — 
Our God is true ! 

8 Our God is true ! — My soul, what wouldst thou more ? 

He is thy portion still. 
Let God be true — there's naught to fear — tho' störe 

Of fraud the world should füll. 
With hate let former friends be burning, 
E'en this shall to thy good be turning, — 
Our God is true ! 

HYMNS, 131 

9 Our God is true ! — Never forget, my soul, 
How kind and true he is ! 
Be true to God ! — Let this thy life control, 

And be devoutly his ! 
From loving him let nothing drive thee ! 
And of this stay let none deprive thee, — 
" Our God is true/" 

E. Liebich. 


1 Daar Savior, when I here am blest 
With lively hope of future rest 

Where joys are ever flowing, 
And there, by faith, see my abode ; — 
How light to me the heaviest load 

Beneath whicb I was bowing ! 
Then, all the fond pursuits of earth 
Are in my view as nothing worth, — • 
Chas'd by the dawn of endless day, 
Its glories pass like dreams away. 
Lord Jesus Christ, 
Sure ground of faith, :||: 
All this is owing to thy death. 

2 \Vhen, call'd the change of worlds to make, 
My soul shall from its fetters break — 

Thou, from on high, be near me ! 
Thy rod and staff be then my stay, — 
Through Death's dark Valley guide my way, 

With hopes of glory cheer me ! 

132 HYMNS. 

The splendors of the world of light, 
Amid the all-surrounding night, 
Shall through the clouds of darkness shine, 
Revealing what shall soon be mine. 

Lord Jesus Christ, 

With cheerful faith, :||: 
I then shall sweetly sleep in death. 

3 But should my heart, reluctant, shrink ; 
The cup of Death still fear to drink ; — 

My sins begin to number ; — 
Then come the thought — M My Lord has died, 
" My sins — atoning blood shall hide, 

" Nor God will more remember ! " 
The hope for sinners thou hast wrought, 
Their life, which by that death was bought, 
Which, God-forsaken, thou didst meet — 
'T is this alone makes dying sweet. 
Lord Jesus Christ, 
My only faith, :||: 
Do not forsake me at my death ! 

4 In hope my weeping eyes I'll close, 
My flesh in dust find safe repose, 

From all its sorrows resting ; 
And He who died, from death to save, — 
His voice will call me from the grave, — 

I know whom I am trusting. 

HYMNS. 133 

Ke lives ! — and foes I fear'd below, — 

The Grave and Death, — his pow'r shall know; 

He lives ! — and I, with saints above, 

Shall know the wonders of his love. 

Lord Jesus Christ, 

My spirit's faith, :||: 
For life prepare me by my death ! 

5 My conndence shalt thou remain 
When thou to earth shall come again, — ■ 

The tombs be rent asunder : 
Before thy throne I there shall be, 
The Judge of all the nations see, — 

Shall see with joy and wonder. 
Then wilt thou, Lord, to me divide 
A portion always to abide, — 
And I shall share — by promise shown — 
A glory lasting as thy own. 
Thanks, Lord, to thee ! 
With shouts Pll sing-—:!!: 
?c Where, Grave, thy vict'ry ! — Death, thy sting ! " 


1 When they may chance to meet together, 
In whom thou, Lord, hast thine abode ; 
Each will in each soon find a brother, 
Alike the purchase of thy blood. 
Thy Spirit has their spirits fill'd, 
Their griefs and fears by thee are quell'd ; 
Of all their trust they count thee worthy, 
And love, and bless, and pray before thee. 

134 HYMNS. 

2 Though strangers to each other's faces, 

In person each to each unknown, 
They soon discern the Christian graces, 
And heart to heart is closely drawn 
By love to thee, — which rules with pow'r 
In all thy saints, from that blest hour 
When, wak'd from sin, in which they slumber/d, 
They were among thy people number'd. 

3 Theirs is a precious, joyful greeting, 

While each from each thy praises learns ; 
That is a happy, cordial meeting, 

Where with thy love each bosom burns. 

Tlieir inmost souls they now reveal, 

The glories of thy kingdom teil, 
Their guilt, ingratitude deploring, 
The wonders of thy grace adoring. 

4 The mouth of each is overflowing 

With that of which the heart is füll, 
While all, in hope, are onward going 
To see thy throne of endless rule : 
Here is thy presence feit, — and more 
Is learn'd of thee ; thy grace and pow'r 
Permitting them to taste a measure 
Of what shall form their endless pleasure. 

5 may I always be united 

To such a blest society ! 
By those who are with thee delighted 

Confirm yct more my faith in thee ! 

And from my heart, Lord, remove 

Whatever would ofFend thy love ! 
True vine, — wilt thou my spirit cherish, 
A branch that shall forever flourish ! 

HYMNS. 135 


1 Firm is my hope of future good, — 

By grace, and through my Savior's blood, 

I hope for life in heaven : 
To me my Father from above, 
A pledge of his unfailing love, 

Faith in his Son has given. 

2 What, Lord, can speak my joy of heart, 
To have in thy rieh grace a part, 

From which no force can sever ! 
My soul from sin has found a eure, 
And, resting on thy word, is sure 

To share thy love forever. 

3 Thy word, — that word of life and peace, — 
Makes every doubt and murmur cease, 

If we aright will hear it : 
It yields us comfort in our grief, 
In ev'ry trial brings relief, 

Or strengthens ns to bear it. 

4 Increase my faith and knowledge, Lord, 
ßy study of thy sacred word ! 

For this l'll here adore thee : 
Be it my light on all my way, 
And thus prepare me, day by day, 

To sing thy praise before thee. 

C. F. Geliert. 

136 HYMNS. 


1 Oh that I had a thousand voices ! 

A mouth to speak with thousand tongues I 
Then, with a heart his praise rejoices, 
Would I proclaim in grateful songs, 
To all, wherever I should be, 
What 't is the Lord has done for me. 

2 that my voice might high be sounding, 

Far as the widely distant poles ; 
My blood be quick with rapture bounding, 
Long as its vital current rolls ; 
And ev'ry pulse thanksgiving raise, 
And ev'ry breath, a hymn of praise. 

3 Be not, my pow'rs, in silence sleeping; 

Awake ! — inflame your utmost zeal ! 
Your strength in constant effort keeping, 
The praises of my God to swell : 
Soul, body, all your might employ ! 
Extol the Lord with sacred joy ! 

4 Ye trees ! — your growth his seasons nourish, 

Now wave and rustle to his praise ! 
Ye flowrets fair ! — so soon to perish, — 
Your forms with beauty he arrays, — 
Let all your bloom now vocal be, 
And join the song of praise with me ! 

HYMNS. 137 

5 And yet, should universal Nature] 

Hear and obey my earnest call, 
Should I have aid from ev'ry creature, 
The strength would still be far too small, 
His greater wonders to unfold, 
Which all around me I behold. 

6 Dear Father, endless praise I render, 

For soul and body strangely join'd ; 
I praise thee, Guardian kind and tender, 
For all the noble joys I find 
So richly spread on ev'ry side, 
And freely for my use supplied. 

7 What equal praises can I offer, 

Dear Jesus, for thy mercy shown ? 
What pangs, my Savior, didst thou sufTer, 
And thus for all my sins atone ! 
Thy death alone my soul could free 
From Satan, to be blest with thee. 

8 Honor and praise, still omvard reaching, 

Be thine too, Spirit of all grace, 
Whose holy pow'r, and faithful teaching 
Give me among thy saints a place : 
Whate'er of good in me may shine 
Comes only from thy light divine. 

9 Who grants immortal hopes to bless me ? 

Who, but thyself, God of love ? 
Who guards my way lest fears oppress me ? 
'Tis thou, Lord God of hosts above. 
And when my sins thy wrath provoke, 
Thy patience, Lord, forbears the stroke. 

138 HYMNS. 

10 I kiss the rod too, unrepining, 

When God his chast'ning makes me feel : 
My graces call for his refining, 
The trial works no lasting ill : 
It purifies, — and makes it known 
That He regards me as a son. 

1 1 In life I often have discover'd, 

With gratitnde and glad surprise, 
When clouds of sorrow o'er me hover'd, 
God from them sent my best supplies : 
In troubles He is ever near, 
And shows me all a father's care. 

12 Why not then, with a faith unbounded, 

Forever in his love confide ? 
Why not, with earthly griefs surrounded, 
Rejoicing, still in hope abide ; — 
Until I reach that blissful home 
Where doubts and sorrows never come ? 

1 3 No more low vanities regarding, 

To thee, in whom I find my rest, 
I cry — my inmost soul according, — 
" My God, thou art the Highest, Best ; 
" Strength, honor, praise, and thanks, and pow'r 
" Be thine, both now and evermore ! M 

14 Of all thy goodness I'll be singing, 

While yet my tongue has strength to move ; 
To thee my grateful homage bringing, 
Long as my heart has pow'r to love : 
When feeble lips no voice can raise, 
My dying sighs shall murmur praise. 

HYMNS. 139 

15 Accept, Lord, I now implore thee, 

The meagre praise I give below : 

In heav'n I better will adore thee, 

When I an angel's strength shall know : 

There would I lead the saered choir, 

And raise their Hallelujahs high'r ! 

John Mentzer. 


(Psalm, 103.) 

1 Now to the Lord sing praises, 
My soul, and bless his holy name ! 

From Death and Hell he raises, — 
What He has done for thee prociaim ! 
Thy sins are all forgiven, — 

With fear no more oppress'd, 
Thou, with bright hopes of heaven, 

Reposest on his breast. 
When threat'ning dangers try thee, 

On him thy load is cast ; 
All evil that comes nigh thee 

But works thy good at last. 

2 He has to us expounded 

His Law, most holy, good and just ; — 

His Grace, to those unbounded, 
Who on his faithftil cov'nant trust 
His wrath is soon abating, 

And lighter than our guilt ; 
His mercy, for us waiting, 
By kindness seeks to melt. 

140 HYMNS. 

When we with grief are turning 
From sin, — his rod he'll stay, — 

Far as the eve from morning 
Will put our sins away. 

3 As throbs of pity move him 
Who hears his helpless children cry, 

So God, to them who love him, 
Is in affliction ever nigh. 
He knows we're dust ; — that sorrow 

Makes our enjoyments brief, 
Like grass that fades to-morrow ; — 

That, as the falling leaf 
Before the wind now flying, 

And now forever gone, — 
So, feeble man is dying, 

His hasty course is run. 

4 Unchanging is God's favor, 
No portion eise remains secure ; 

But this abides forever 
To all who in his love endure. 
His truth has never falter'd 

To faith in ages past ; 
And never will be alter'd, 

While time and faith shall last. 
Then let us now be singing 

His praise, as angels do — 
To Him their honors bringing 

In praises ever new ! 

HYMNS. 141 

Be honor, praise and blessing 
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ! 

And pray'r — that He increasing 
Our love for what shall please him most, 
We may, in faith abiding, 

From Him our comfort find, 
And, in his strength confiding 

With heart, and soul, and mind, 
On earth may live before him, 

While life endures, — and then, 
With angels may adore him 

Through endless life — Amen ! 



1 Shall I not His praise be singing 

Who in glory reigns above ; — 
To him thanks and honors bringing, 

For the blessings of his love ? 
Those, who with sincere endeavor 
Keep the way that He has shown, 
He will as his children own, 
Yielding them a father's favor. 
All things eise their time will last, 
But His love, when time is past. 

2 As the eagle fondiy hovers 

O'er its young defenceless brood, 
So my God from danger Covers, 
Granting me all needed good. 

142 HYMNS. 

With a father's love he ey'd me, 
When began my infant days ; 
Ere my heart could mean his praise, 

He with watchful care supplied me. 
All things eise their time will last, 
But His love, when time is past. 

3 Gifts from every side, to nourish 

Me, — lo ! at his bidding come : 
Hills for me with verdure flourish, 

Valleys, too, for me must bloom : 
Beast, and grain, and herbage tender, 
Fish, and fowl, and loaded tree, 
From the earth, and air, and sea, — 
All, their welcome tribute render. 
Gifts, like these, a father prove, 
God displays a father's love. 

4 For me, wretched — hopeless lying, — 

Worthy of his wrath alone, 
He to shame, and griefs, and dying, 

Gave his well beloved Son. 
Who the love of God can measure ? 
None of all our feeble race, — 
While, on ev'ry side, we trace 
Proofs that mercy is his pleasure. 
Great my sins, but high above 
Reaches his unbounded love. 

5 As my teacher, to direct me, 

He has sent his Spirit, too : 
Who, to comfort and protect me. 
Should his scheme of love pursue ; 

HYMNS. 143 

And, while I am sin bewailing, 

Gire me hope ; — in weakness, strength, 
Light in darkness ; — tili, at length, 

I might sing his grace imfailing, 
And, though earthly griefs annoy, 
Triumph still with holy juy. 

6 Shall I, weary of confiding, 

Fear what shall the future be ? 
Since on earth Pve been residing, 

God has daily car'd for me. 
When I think what he has sent me, — 

Comforts for my earthly home, 

Pledges for the life to come, — 
What more need I to content me ? 

Shall I my own weakness fear ? 

He, my confidence, is near. 

7 how many Springs of sadness 

Has my God in mercy dried ! 
And how many streams oi gladness 

To my soul has He supplied ! 
When his purpose He's concealing, 

On his wisdom I will rest, — 

Still he's doing what is best, 
All my ills and anguish healing : 

His, a father's love to me, 

Has been, and will ever be. 

8 As a parent with affection 

Still regards an erring son, 
Whom aside from his direction 
Some temptation may have drawn : 

144 HYMNS. 

So, for faults, the God of mercies 
Chastens them who share his love> 
Not in wrath, such as they prove 

Who despise his threaten'd curses ; — 
But that chast'ning, understood, 
May promote their greater good, 

9 Now he tries them with distresses, — 
But in these his love is found ; 

Then at last in glory blesses, 

And with joy the victor's crown'd. 

They, who now in tears are sowing, 
Shall a joyful harvest reap : — 
Though, if need be, here they weep, 

Soon, with rapture ever growing, 
They before the throne shall praise 
Hirn who guided all their ways. 

10 Since, Lord, by thy boundless favors 
Thou hast shown a father's heart, 

Strengthen thou my weak endeavors 
Of a child to do the part ! 

What are sorrows here arising, 
If thou love me ? And, for this, 
I renounce all other bliss, 

Hopes and joys of earth despising : 
These but their brief time will last, 
But thy love, when time is past. 

P. Gerhard. 

HYMNS. 145 


1 The poor are waiting at your door, 

In their relief be ready ! 
With lib'ral hand impart your störe, 

Be mindful of the needy ! 
There, hungry, naked, see them stand, — 
With wliat the Lord has fill'd your hand, 

Be mindful of the needy. 

2 The poor — their sighing is not good — 

strive then to remove it ! 
The favor on the poor bestow'd — 

God will himself approve it. 
Clothe ye the naked when they plead, 
And with your bread the hungry feed, — 

Remember thus the needy ! 

3 They thirst — then freely give them drink, 

As if to Christ 't were offered : 
Of hü return let Christians think 

Who for his people suffer'd, 
And promises a füll reward 
To them who shall his poor regard : 

Forget not ye the needy ! 

4 The poor for us their pray'rs will send 

For blessings rieh and endless. 
And was not Jesus poor ? — a friend 

To us — eise poor and friendless ? 
That, through his poverty and pain, 
We might the bliss of angels gain ? 

Christians, help the needy ! 

146 HYMNS. 

5 But in God's name let all be done 

That to the poor is given ; 
Then Jesus will the doing own 

On earth, and too in heaven. 
And when he comes — on that blest day - 
With joy you'll hear your Savior say — 

Ye to myselfhave done it. 


1 Füll of wonder, füll of skill, 

Füll of wisdom, füll of might, 
Füll of mercy and good-will, 

Füll of comfort and delight, — 
Füll of wonder — once again — 
Is of love the marriage chain. 

2 Who have strangers always been, — 

Never were together brought, — 
Neither by the other seen, — 

Never of each other thought — 
These has God, their hearts and hands 
Bound in love's endearing bands. 

3 Here an infant is at nurse, 

There another's born afar ; 
Both pursue their random course, 

Each of each is unaware : 
But the wand'rers yet shall come 
And together find a home. 

HYMNS. 147 

4 This one proves a worthy son, 

That a lovely daughter grows, 
Each to form the other's crown, 

Each to soothe the other's woes, 
Each to be the other's light — 
But to both 't is hid in night ; — 

5 Till when best it pleases Him 

Who directs the lots of all, — 
Where and how it best may seem 

Makes to each his portion fall ; — 
Then will shine in open day 
- What before in darkness lay. 

6 Man on earth at length shall see 

What his God saw long before ; 
What on high was his decree, 

Done on earth, reveals his pow'r : 
Counsels there his wisdom show 
Guiding well events below. 

7 We may often think, in pride, 

Things much better might have been ; 
But shall night the sunbeams chide, 

Teaching brightness how to shine ? — 
Better so — than feeble man 
Should eternal wisdom scan. 

8 Sunder not what God has joined ! 

None but He knows what is best : 
Often errs the human mind, 

In his thoughts no errors rest. 
What He wiüs, he will sustain, 
Other plans are made in vain. 

148 HYMNS. 

9 See the pious loving pair 

Whom the ties of marriage hold ! 
Who so much enjoy his care ? 

Who, with blessings manifold, 
Find the duties they attend 
Leading to such happy end ? 

10 Virtue here, extorting praise, 

Blooms while life itself shall last ; 
Other love in bloom decays, 

Like vain shadows soon is past. 
Perish, all around that's true ! 
Truth in them is ever new. 

11 Love with them, as fresh as morn, 

Vigor to itself affords : 
Love and truth their board adorn, 

Sweetly temper all their words ; 
Love secures the heart repose 
From its troubles and its woes. 

12 When their comforts suffer loss, 

Love abides their comfort still ; 
Bowing, well they bear the cross, 

Saying — " 'Tis our Father's will ! ** 
Cheer'd amid the present gloom, 
Hoping better days to come. 

1 3 Streams from God with blessings flow 

All their varied wants ta meet : 
Olive-plants around them grow, 

Till their house is now complete ; 
What at iirst was weak and few 3 
Now is strong and many too a 

HYMNS. 149 

1 4 And on earth wlien God has done 

All for them he meant to do, — 
Led by him, when they have gone 

Through, all he would lead them through, — 
With himself, to share his love, 
They shall rise to joys above. 

15 Füll of mercy, — say I still, — 

Füll of comfort and delight, 
Füll of wonder, füll of skill, 

Füll of wisdom, füll of might, 
Füll of wonder — say again — 
Is of love the marriage chain. 

P. Gerhard. 


1 Awake, my soul, from sleep arise ! 

The night away is driven, 
The beams of morning cheer the skies, 

The sun is bright in heaven. 
Now raise thy thoughts in pray'r to God 
That he may shed his graee abroad, 

His mercy shine around thee. 

2 The light brings work, to each his own — 

All should be up and doing : 
The birds with carols hail the dawn, 

Their Maker's praise pursuing : 
So, with the sun's reviving rays, 
Men to their God should offer praise, 

Whose light for them is shining : — 

150 HYMNS. 

3 Then let them to their labors go, 

Relying on his favor ; 
And teach their gratitude to flow 

In cheerful, prompt endeavor, 
That, while his goodness shines around, 
No idle hour with them be found, — 

But each with virtue shining. 

4 Day after day its light affords, 

Yet oft God's work is slighted ; 
While, without deeds, with empty words 

His favors are requited. 
Lord, may these idlers work at length, — 
give them grace, and will, and strength, 

While light to them is shining. 

5 Thy word our duty renders piain 

To us thy faith professing ; 
Stand by us too — it eise were vain — 

And aid us with thy blessing ! 
Thy word and will, thy pow'r and grace, 
Send through the world from place to place, 

Far as the sun is shining ! 

6 In mercy, Lord, our hearts prepare 

To answer thy good pleasure ! 
Be piety our constant care ! 

Of love increase our measure ! 
May godly fear our pathway lead 
Afar from evil thought or deed — 

Thy Spirit in us shining. 

HYMNS. 151 

7 The Hght of faith be ever mine, 

A light serene and steady ! 
May meekness my adorning shine, 

By favors done the needy ! 
True wisdom let my Ups impart, 
A wisdom flowing from the heart — 

And thus my light be shining ! 

8 Keep me, dear Savior, in thy sight, 

And guard my soul from danger ; - 
guide me by thy holy light, 

A pilgrim and a stranger, 
Till I shall reach the city, where 
The saints thy love forever share, 

With endless glory shining. 

P. Lackmann. 


1 The day is gone, — the weary sun declining 
Behind the hüls, — and now the stars are shining, — 

But Jesus, Sun of righteousness, abide, 

Nor from my soul thy gracious presence hide ! 

2 'Twere utter darkness here, if thou should fail me, 
Where all the pow'rs of evil would assail me, 

And plunge me into deeps of endless night, 
Without one star to shed its glimm'ring light. 

3 Accept, Gon of graee, for daily favors, 
Which now and ever prompt to good endeavors, 

My offer'd thanks ! — and may their incense rise, 
By love's pure flame enkindled from the skies. 

152 HYMNS. 

4 Of ev'iy wrong this day I've done before thee, 
Through thy dear Son, for pardon I implore thee : 

And when in sleep I rest my weary head, 
Be still thy wings of love around me spread l 

5 And from the foe — from injuries whatever 
Beset my couch, I pray thee, Lord, deliver ; 

May angels through the night their watch prolong, 
Then wake my soul to join their morning song. 

6 And when life's day by night shall be o'ertaken, 
May then my soul, its faith in thee unshaken, 

From Death's dark vale, with angels soar away 
To where thy presence makes eternal day. 

81. ON DEATH. 

1 That I shall die, füll well I know, 

All human life is short and frail : 
No lasting good can earth bestow, 

All portion here must quickly fail ; 
In mercy, Lord, direct my ways, 
That I in peace may end my days. 

2 When I shall die, is all unknown, . 

Except to thy omniscient mind : 
And lest, with life, my hopes be gone, 

May I from thee such favor find, 
That I may always be prepar'd 
For death, and for thy great award. 

HYMNS. 153 

How I shall die, to ask were vain ; 

Death does his work in varied forms ; 
To some, with agonies of pain ; 

And some sink peaceful in his arms. 
Just as thou mit ; — if , when 't is past, 
My soul be found with thee at last. 

Where I shall die, — I know it not, 
Nor where my ashes shall be laid ; 

Only be it my happy lot 

With saints redeem'd to leave the dead, — 

Small care to me the place affords, — 

The earth throughout is all the Lord's. 

But when in death I shall recline, 

Then let my soul ascend to thee ! 
Through Christ's redemption 1 am thine, 

By faith his glories now I see, — 
'T will all be well ! I little prize — 
Where, How, or When, this body dies. 

B. Schmolke. 


1 Happy the man who seeks the prize, 
And in the faith of Jesus dies ! 
Thrice happy ! when, his trials past, 

He finds his rest 
In God } s own city with the blest. 

154 HYMNS. 

2 Men, worn with cares tili life is gone, 
Seek many things, yet need but one : 
Mortals, your vain pursuits forsake, 

His counsel take, 
And God your endless portion make ! 

3 Why toil for earth to dying day ? 
You nothing brought, nor take away ; 
This world resign, its joy and care ! 

For heav'n prepare, 
And place your heart and treasure there ! 

4 See that your peace with God be made 
Ere you are summon'd to the dead, 
Who warn you — " Yesterday was ours ; 

" To-day is yours ! *' 
Be ready ! — this your all secures ! 

5 No one is found so rieh — or poor, 
No head so tall, — heart so secure, 
Of none the morning dawns so fair, 

That Death will spare : — 
The common lot we all must share. 

6 To tenants of this vale of gloom, 
What ray of hope can cheer the tomb ? 
'Tis thine, Lord, whose sov'reign migh 

From Death's drear night, 
Brought immortality to light 

7 Thy words of grace are sounding high — 
" Who trusts in me shall never die ! " 
Thy cross, thy grave, thy life anew, 

Thy glory too, 
Bring our inheritance to view. 

HYMNS. 155 

8 Our graves of rest are many here, 
Many our glorious mansions there, 
Our faith a place to us has shown 

Before the throne, 
Prepar'd for us by Christ the Son, 

9 He is the Lord of endless doom, — 
He testifies — "I quickly come ! " 

" So come, Lord Jesus ! " Hoping then 

With thee to reign, — 
We long to hear thy glad "Amen ! " 


1 How heedless, how secure is man ! 

A child of dust, — his life a span, — 

Lest thoughts of death his peace should mar, 

He puts the evil day afar. 

2 The stripliag thinks old age is sure, — 
The man, — that life will long endure, — 
The old hope yet another year, — 

And no mistake do any fear. 

3 Twere vain pretenco, if these should teil — 
" We oft on death have ponderd well : " 
Whom death has none the wiser made, 

No due regard to death has paid, 

156 HYMNS. 

4 By Time Eternity is fix'd, 

This world prepares us for the next ; 
And here our life we should employ, 
To gain a life of endless joy. 

5 Death to that bar the spirit brings, 
Where God will judge all secret things : 
What man from man conceals with care, 
Would vainly hope concealment there. 

6 Since Death then daily threatens thee, 
Be active, — always ready be ! 

Thy faith by constant trial prove, 
Whether 't is faith that works by love. 

7 A sigh, reserv'd for dying breath, — 
A wish, though the Redeemer's death, 
Before his throne to stand approv'd — 
Can never show thy guilt remov'd. 

8 A heart that trusts the sacred word, 
'Gainst ev'ry sin maintains a guard, — 
Where faith, and hope, and love unite — 
In this the Savior takes delight. 

9 With care must holiness be sought, 
Though by the pow'r of God 't is wrought ; 
He works, when, with a holy zeal, 
Thyself would all the work fulfil. 

10 The thing for which thou here shouldst live, 
For its possession mainly strive, 
And value most when it is gain'd, — - 
Is virtue through thy faith attain'd. 

HYMNS. 157 

11 They who in life their God revere, 
And, viewing their departure near, 
In holiness shall seek to grow, — 
The sting of Death will never know. 

12 How oft this duty I forsake ! 

Do not for vengeance, Lord, awake, 
But Death keep ever in my view, 
That virtue's path I may pursue : — 

1 3 That I my heart may daily try, 
As under thine all-searching eye, 
If there the Savior's love he fonnd, 
If there the Spirit's fruits abound : — 

14 That I may trust thy grace alone, 
When all my service here is done, — 
And shout, while Death inflicts his doom, 

" 'Tis nnish'd ! Come, Lord Jesus, come ! " 

C. F. Geliert. 


1 Why so alarm'd, my deathless spirit, 
On looking forward to the tomb ? 
It cannot hold thee, nothing fear it ! 
'T will only give the body room : 
From dust deriv'd, this mortal frame 
Shall there repose from whence it came. 

158 HYMNS. 

2 But thou, an heir of endless being, 

Shalt wing thy way to upper light, 
The Source of all existence seeing, 
With steady and unclouded sight, 
Forever to extol his pow'r, 
His wisdom and his grace adore. 

3 Thou there shalt learn, with knowledge certain, 

What here no wisdom could explain : 
From secrets shall be drawn the curtain, 
Which now all hope to draw were vain : 
While error shall be done away, 
The gloom of doubt be turn'd to day. 

4 There shalt thou see with open vision, 

Now only seen with eye of faith, 
Hirn who, amid the world's derision, 
Once died for thee a cruel death ; 
And shalt rejoice that fear, nor shame 
Withheld thy praises to his name. 

[5 Fear not the grave, it cannot härm thee, — 
Thy Savior waits thee in the skies : 
Nor for the sleeping dust alarm thee, — 
This dust shall in his image rise, 
And join'd with thee in realms of peace 
Will share and swell thy happiness.] 

D. ScbiebeJer. 

HTMNS. 159 


1 We're thine, God, for evermore, 
Our times are subject to thy pow'r; 
All things obey thy wondrous plan, 

Ere life began, 
Thy will had iix'd for us its span. 

2 When, Lord, our journey's end is come, 
And angels wait to bear us home, — 
While parting friends around us weep, 

Our spirits keep, 
And make our death a quiet sleep. 

3 Or should it come with racking pain, 
Our sinking hearts do thou sustain ; 
A father's love to us fulfil, 

And make us still 
Submissive to our Father's will. 

4 And by the Holy Spirit blest 
With hope of an eternal rest, 
May we, by faith's unfailing light, 

Without affright, 
Go onward through Death's gloomy night. 

5 Reveal the glory of the Lord, 
Where waits for us thy free reward ! 
And when our cries for mercy flow, — 

The Savior show — 
Jesus, the friend to whom we go. 

160 HYMNS. 

6 O'er justice must thy grace prevail, 
Adjudg'd by law, the best would fail : 
The holiest plead for mercy most, — 

*T is all our trust ! 
Without thy mercy all were lost. 

7 Lord, with thy grace stand by us then, 
Nor let our confidence be vain ! 
Thus, when we yield our dying breath, 

Victorious faith 
Shall triumph o'er the fear of death. 



1 Who knows how near my life's expended ? 

Time flies, and Death is hasting on : 
How soon, my term of trial ended, 
May heave my last expiring groan ! 
For Jesus' sake, when flesh shall fail, 
With me, God, may it be well ! 

2 Death comes when night the world is hiding, - 

He comes too in the glare of day, — 
Wherever I am here abiding, 
At once I may be call'd away : 
For Jesus' sake, when flesh shall fail, 
With me, God, may it be well ! 

HYAINS. 161 

3 Lord, lead me oft to think of dying, 

That when the hour of trial's come, 
My soul may then, on Christ relying, 
Sink all its terrors in his tomb : — 
And for His sake, when flesh shall fail, 
With me, God, may it be well ! 

4 And now, betimes, may I provide me, 

That I may always ready be, 
And cheerful say — " What shall betide me, 
" Lord, as thou wilt, direct for me ! " 
And when my heart and flesh shall fail, 
For Jesus' sake, may it be well ! 

5 Awake in me desires for heaven ! 

Help me to view the world aright ; 
Far from my heart its wiles be driven, 
While endless joys allure my sight : 
For Jesus' sake, when flesh shall fail, 
With me, God, may it be well ! 

6 My many sins ! — veil them over 

With merits of thy dying Son ! 
I here thy richest grace discover, — 
Here find I peace, and here alone : 
And, for his sake, when flesh shall fail, 
With me, God, may it be well ! 

7 His bleeding wounds give me assurance 

That thy free mercy will abide ; 
Here strength I find for death's endurance, 
And hope for all I need beside : 
For Jesus' sake, when flesh shall fail, 
With me, God, may it be well ! 

162 HYMNS. 

8 Nothing from Christ my soul shall sever, 

Nor life, nor death ; — things high, nor low : 
I take him as my Lord forever, 
My f uture trust, as he is now : 
And for his sake, when flesh shall fail, 
With me, God, may it be well. 

9 Then come my end to-day, to-morrow, 

I know, through Christ, 't will work my good : 
The world may in the prospect sorrow, — • 
But I rejoice through Jesus' blood : 
And for his sake, when flesh shall fail, 
With me, God, may it be well ! 

10 I live, meantime, in thee confiding, 
Of death have no appalling fear ; 
Enough for me — My God is guiding, 
Through faith my future hopes are clear : 
Thy grace in Christ will never fail, 
And when I die, 't will all be well. 

Aemilia Juliana, 
Countess of Schwarzburg- Rudolstadt. 


1 Soon, in the grave my flesh shall rest, 

My soul from earth remove, 
And, in the Savior's glory dress'd, 
Shall reach the Home I love ; — ■ 

2 My friends — the whole celestial choir, 

My every feeling — joy, 
To honor God — my one desire ; 
His praise — my one employ. 

HYMNS. 163 

[3 Nor would I wait tili angel-host 
Shall teach their song to raise : 
To Father, Son, andHoly Ghost, 
PH here begin my praise. 

4 Now to our God, the Father, Son, 
And Holy Spirit, sing ! 
With praise to God the three-in-one, 
Let all creation ring !] 

N. B. The first tvvostanzas are Hymn 3Ö03 of Knapp's " Liederschatz," 
who adds the note " Found in the Hymn Book of my deceased icife." 


1 Heavexward, still heavenward 

Urge thy ling'ring feet : 
What deserves thy chief regard 
Only there is met, 
Not here below. 
Earthly honors all are vain, 
Raise, if thou would glory gain, 
From earth thy view ! 

2 Heavenward thy wishes send, 

With each rising day ! 
Life's brief portion to its end 
Swiftly glides away. 
Be this thy pray'r ! 
" God, who madest me for heav'n, 
" Let thy strength and grace be giv'n, 
" To bring: me there ! " 

164 HYMNS. 

3 Heavenward He points thine eye, 

There to seek thy prize : 
Not depress'd, nor rais'd too high, 
By earth's vanities. 
Its wealth is poor ; 
From the good that here is won, 
Only what for heav'n is done 
Will long endure. 

4 Heavenward direct thy mind 

When afflictions press : 
While thy Father, ever kind, 
Watches thy distress, 
Wouldst thou despair ! 
In that land of light and peace 
Sorrow shall forever cease, — 
Füll joys are there. 

5 Heavenward, whate'er betide, 

Move the saints of God ; 

Scorn'd for Hirn — the crucified, 

Pleas'd they bear the load. 

This Savior own ! 

All for Hirn account but loss, — 

Willing, first to bear the cross, 

Then, wear the crown. 

6 Heavenward the Savior led 

Through reproach and wrong : 
In his path they too must tread 
Who to him belong. 

HYMNS. 165 

Did He complain l 
Trust, like him, his Father's care, — 
Murmur not, — but strive with pray'r, 

And vicfry gain ! 

7 Heavenward He'll be thy guide 

All the desert through : 
Draw thee closer to his side 
As new dangers grow ; 
Thus hope is given, — 
Which, though earthly cares annoy, 
Cheers the soul with holy joy, 
And lifts to heav'n. 

8 Heavenward shall lead thee on 

Deatrrs own night of gloom : 
True — tili Death's brief shades are gone, 
Terrors thick may come : — 
Thy courage rouse ! 
Death and Night themselves shall fail, 
While with rapture thou shalt hail 
Thy Father's house. 

9 Hallelujah ! Heavemvard 

Send thy praises now ! 
Soon shalt thou, before the Lord, 
With his angels bow 
^Tiere the saints in glory Test, 
And, with their Redeemer blest, 
Praise and adore. 

166 HYMNS. 

10 Hallelujahs shalt thou sing 

When thy Lord shall come, 

In triumphant joy to bring 

All his people home. 

Thy fears discard ! 

From the cross He took the throne, 

He will help thee win thy crown — 

On ! heavenward ! 

J. G. Schoner 


1 Yes ! I was born to live forever, — - 

This world cannot my portion give : 
Though Death my ties to earth may sever, 
I shall not, dying, cease to live. 
J T is not the time I here may spend, — 
Mine is a life shall never end.. 

2 What though the world to me were given, 

Its honors, pleasures, riches, — all ! 
To fill my wishes without heaven, — 
The world itself would be too small. 
Far eise than this the soul requires, 
To satisfy its large desires. 

3 The God of love, my wise Creator, 

For my own good has seen it best 
To place the wish for something greater, 
With his own hand, within my breast. 
He who my soul its hunger gave, 
Will give the food he makes it crave. 

HYMNSo 167 

4 M} r wish a perfect love to render, 

And God in clearer light to see, 
Which here my sins and darkness hinder, 
Shall yet be f ully granted me ; — 
That T, for all his mercies done, 
May make his grace and glory known. 

5 God will adjudge a right decision, 

And virtue shall at last be crown'd ; 
Though here, assail'd with wild derision s 
It neither peace nor safety found. 
The scoffers, who may triumph here, 
Before his judgment shall appear. 

6 'Tis so ! Could angels eise adore him ? 

Shall not the Lord of all do right ? 
Can scorners, and who fear before him, 
Find equal favor in his sight ? 
Alike to all is death decreed, 
But retribution shall succeed. 

7 My soul would not in death be sleeping, 

With this desire accords his Word ; — 
And, to his testimony keeping, 
I can no room for doubt afford : 
How swells my joy when he declares — 
The soul shall live for endless years ! 

8 Yet more ! — Pve Jesus now to teach me, 

And show me what himself has wrought : 
Instructions, from his mouth that reach me, 
With mercy and with truth are fraught. 
I am the purchase of his blood, 
And thus redeem'd to live with God. 

168 HYMNS. 

9 My Jesus lives ! Who can destroy me ? 
Or rob me of a Savior's love ? 
He's near ! Can fears of death annoy me ? 
He points my soul to joys above. 
This body too from dust shall rise, 
And share the glory of the skies. 

10 Let Valleys sink ! — the hüls be quaking ! 

My faith shall suffer no dismay, — 
For, on my soul the morn is breaking — 
The dawn of an eternal day ; — 
When, Lord, thou wilt thy blessing give, 
And I shall then begin to live. 

11 Grant, Jesus, of the fruits of heaven, 

That I the seed may daily sow ; 
may the Spirit now be given, 
That I the works of faith may do ! 
Then Death shall open wide for me 
The gates of immortality. 


1 I'm but a weary pilgrim here, 
Life's varied griefs sustaining ; 
The ills I feel, and those I fear, 

Would tempt me to complaining : 
But, Lord, the hopes of joys above 
The pains of pilgrimage remove, 
Or give me strength to bear them. 


HYMNS. 169 

2 Oft now, while sin is plotting still, 

My soul is rille d with terrors ; 
How oft its snares my heart beguile ! 

How many are my errors ! 
But I shall yet deliv'rance see, 
From sin and its delusions free, — 

In this my soul rejoices. 

3 I see around me, day by day, 

Those, Jesus, who despise tliee : 
Their heart of pride leads them astray, 

Thy honors it denies thee : 
Their scorn and pride will all be past, 
When thou shalt come the Judge at last, 

And saints shall shout thy welcome. 

4 Oft, in the silence of the night, 

My soul her griefs is sighing ; 
And morn, with its returning light, 

No respite is supplying : — 
A glance at heaven relief bestows, — ■ 
That home of rest no sorrow knows, 

But joys reign there forever. * 

5 And when the future gives alarm 

Of evils to oppress me ; 
And anxious fears of corning härm 

Thick gather to distress me ; — 
Eternity makes time so small, — 
Its fleeting fears and sorrows all 

No longer raise my terror. 

170 HYMNS. 

6 When Death, so dreaded from afar, 

Comes nigh, my days to number, — 
That, free from ev'ry earthly care, 

My head may sink in slumber, — 
That peace and joy may banish fear, 
Let then eternity appear, 

With views of future glory. 

7 Hope, Lord, makes ev'ry bürden light, 

Its strength from Thee it borrows : 
That glory — fit me for its sight, 

By all my pilgrim sorrows ! 
May it in death my doubts dismiss, 
And form my endless störe of bliss 

With Thee, in life eternal ! 

C. C. Sturm 


1 Weary now, that home of pleasure 

Gladly would my soul enjoy, 
Where is stor'd my only treasure, 
Where no evil can annoy. 

2 Happy home, — where peace is dwelling, 

Such as earth can never bring ; 
Seraphs bright, its glories telling, 
Sweetly there its praises sing. 

3 Home, — where bliss is ever growing 

Which no mortal thoughts conceive ; 
Joys, from God in rivers flowing, 
Like their source forever live. 

HYMNS. 171 

4 That dear home of pilgrim strangers 

Longing for their house above, — 
Free from earth, its strife and dangers — 
There my soul would dwell in love. 

5 Then, — no more a child of sorrow, 

Where no sin or trials come, 
Through a day that has no morrow, — 
I shall learn the joys of Home. 

Altered from Magenau, 


1 Will it no pleasure be, 

When faith shall end in knowing, 
Hope to fruition growing, — 

The Savior's face to see ? 
To learn from him the story, 
What vict'ries won our glory — 

Will this no pleasure be ? 

2 Will it no pleasure be, 

When friends, who went before us, 
Our God shall there restore us 

From pain and sickness free ? 
Where sorrows show no traces, 
To meet their glad embraces ; 

Will this no pleasure be ? 

3 Will it no pleasure be, 
When foes that would destroy us 
Shall never more annoy us ? — 

172 HYMNS. 

Where dwells füll harmony, 
Always to live a stranger 
To trouble, fear, and danger, — 

Will this no pleasure be ? 

4 Will it no pleasure be, 
Where angel-chorus raises 

To God most High their praises, 

With seraphs to agree ? 
And, when the skies are ringing, 
To join " thrice Holy ! " singing, — 

Will this no pleasure be ? 

5 yes ! — there's pleasure there ! 
Away, earth's glitt'ring bubbles l 
Your joys are füll of troubles, 

Your bliss not worth the care. 
Then do not, friends, bewail nie, 
When heart and flesh shall fail me, — 

But think ! — There's pleasure there. 

A. Knapp. 


1 The reaper now is waiting, 

The com to ripeness come : 
The evening sun is setting, 

The trav'ler seeks a home : 
Grown in thy service hoary, 

Thy servant longs for rest ; 
Lord, take him to thy glory, 

There with his Savior blest ! 

HYMNS. 173 

2 With ills his life was blended, 

Much patient toil he bore ; 
Now all his ills are ended, 

His trials are no more : 
His day's fatigue is over, 

With saints he there stall sleep, 
Where angels round them hover, 

And safe their ashes keep. 

3 Thy counsel, Lord, directed, 

And strangely oft, his way ; 
Thy shield his life protected, 

Thy promise was his stay : 
Thy Spirit, to him weary, 

Gave strength thy will to do ; 
Füll many straits and dreary 

Has safely brought him through. 

4 To him, when earth imparted 

Xo joy, thy grace was near ; 
To him, when broken hearted 

For sin, did Christ appear. 
While flesh, now wasted — dying, 

Sank feeble to the tomb, — 
In strength his soul was crying — 

" Come, Jesus, quickly come ! " 

5 Biest soul ! — thou shalt behold him 

Whom thou hast loved below ; 
The wishes thou hast told him 
Be more than ans wer 'd now : 

174 HYMNS. 

His call from high receiving, 
Thou art to glory gone ; 

Thy blessing for us leaving, 
And pray'rs before the throne. 

6 Do not, Lord, deny us 

Like grace — so rieh and true : 
In feeble age stand by us, 

And make us faithful too. 
Lead us, thy strength supplying, 

The path that Jesus trod, 
Till death, — ■ that we, in dying, 

May show thy praise abroad. 

A [widowed] MOTHER. 

1 Robes of white thy form inclosing, 

Pale in death we see thee sleep, 
Free from ev'ry care reposing ; — 

Thanks we offer while we weep. 

Faithful mother ! — with the blest 

Thou hast enter'd into rest : 
Sleep thy dust ! — its slumber breaking, 
Only when in glory waking ! 

2 Eyes — that, with affection beaming, 

Oft upon her children feil ; 
While she bless'd, with tears were Streaming, 
And a mother's love would teil ; 

HYMNS. 175 

On us, while we here remain, 
Ne'er will beam your light again ; 
But our eyes hereafter meeting, 
Brighter, then, will be your greeting. 

3 Hand — our way so gently leading, 

Which her gifts so kindly gave, 
Joy, contentment, round us spreading, — 

Thou art ready for the grave. 

All thy toil has ceas'd at last, 

Now thy day's fatigue is past, — 
But, at Jesus' bright appearing, 
Thou'lt be there, the palm-branch bearing, 

4 Mouth — rever'd in childhood's wildness, 

Lov'd, when riper years came round ; 
All thy counsels were in mildness, — 

Now no more we hear thy sound : 

But whate'er thy lips have said 

Deep in mem'ry shall be laid ; 
And, when Christ his people raises, 
We shall hear thee sing his praises. 

5 Heart — whose e v'ry throb revealing 

Love to kindred left to mourn, 
E'en in death with love was thrilling, — 

Must thy love no more return ? 

Weeping, hoping, we implore — 

" Lord, to us that heart restore ! 
" When the grave our dust shall render, 
" May it throb with love as tender ! " 

176 HYMNS. 

6 Then will grateful tears be flowing, 
As they now in sorrow flow ; 
We in joy our love be showing, 
As in griefwe show it now : 
From thy grave that happy day 
Rolls for us the stone away ; — 
Dead in Christ, thou'lt live forever, 
Biest with his eternal favor. 

A. Knapp. 

[7 Hear us, Lord, thy throne addressing ! 

Listen to the orphans' pray'r ! 
With thy chast'ning grant thy blessing ! 

Show us thy paternal care ! 

We in youth have feit thy rod, 

Make us know the orphans' God ! 
Taking from us father, — mother, — 
Be our stay ! — we have no other. 

8 With thine eye of love be near us I 
Guidance by thy hand impart ! 
May thy mouth with counsels cheer us, 
Flowing from thy tender heart ! 
Then our griefs in joy shall end, 
While in thee we have a friend, 
Who, at death, will friends restore us, 
That to glory went before us.] 

HYMNS. 177 


1 Why weepest thou ? — Lov'dfriends to thee are lost> — 

Nor meet thy longing eyes. 
In dust to sleep retird the weary dust, 
In earth's still bosom lies : 
Life's blossoms, gaily blooming, 

From with'ring naught could save ; 
Its joys and griefs entombing, 
Füll welcome was the grave. 

2 Why weepest thou ? — Their father-land on high 

Allur'd their souls away : 
From earth's deep shadows, clouding all their sky, 
They sought a brighter day. 
Here anxious cares unnumber'd 
Our hopes and peace destroy ; 
There, with no fears encumber'd, 
The soul has ceaseless joy. 

3 Why weepest thou ? — Here e'en the righteous fall 

Oft into grievous sin ; 
The world, or flesh can there no sense enthral, 

The foe, no vict'ry win ; 
There grace fulfils its measure, 

The heart is free from stain, — 
Xor, to its hours of pleasure, 

Succeeds regret or pain. 

4 Why weepest thou ? — The future's dreary night 

Obstructed all their view ; 
Now happy prospects cheer their ravish'd sight, 
With blessings ever new : 

178 HYMNS. 

Apart the veil is riven 

Which on their vision lay ; 
Far off the clouds are driven, 

And shines a glorious day. 

5 Why weepest thou ? — The Savior's gentle hand 

Has wip'd away their tears : 
No sorrow enters that dear father-land 
Which to our faith appears. 
His arms of love inclosing 

The weary and distress'd, 

There, on his heart reposing, 

They find a blissful rest. 

6 Why weepest thou ? — He ever lives to save ! 

The dead shall hear his voice ; 

He'll bring thyself too, fearless of the grave, 

To Zion and its joys. 

Thy fr iends with songs shall greet thee, 

When thou shalt thither come : 

Thy lost ones there shall meet thee, 

In their eternal home. 



1 We give this body to the dust ; 
But in the sure and joyful trust, 
That, when the trumpet sounds, 't will rise 
To life immortal in the skies. 

HYMNS. 179 

2 The soul, releas'd, is now with God, 
By death dismiss'd to its abode, 
And, purified from ev'ry sin, 
Adores the pow'r of grace divine. 

3 The ills, which here the saint attend, 
At death for ever have an end : 
And all who Christ by faith receive, 
On dying, shall forever live : 

4 Shall live from sin and sorrow free ; 
Their dust shall sleep in Christ, tili He, 
Reveal'd in pow'r, this dust shall raise 
To share his glory, — show his praise. 

o Here rest thee sweetly tili he come ! 
While we repair, each to his home, 
Henceforward looking for the day 
Which soon will call our souls away. 

6 Dear Savior, now our souls prepare, 

That we the call may nothing fear ; 

]\Iay vict'ry througli thy death obtain, 

And find — for us to die is gain. 

Michael Weiss. 

180 HYMNS. 


1 I hail the day, in prospect bright, 

When, I from death awaking, 
My Savior God shall meet my sight, 
Forth in his glory breaking : 

Then to the skies 

With joy Pll rise, 
Their crown of glory wearing 
Who love their Lord's appearing. 

2 Thou, Lord, wilt in due time reveal 

This day of füll redemption ; 
The day, when I from ev'ry ill 
Shall have complete exemption : 
In heaven too, 
As angels do, 
With ev'ry good attending, 
Shall live a life unending. 

3 This endless life wilt thou impart, — 

Thou art my hope unceasing ; — 
Thy Coming shall rejoice my heart, 
My prison'd dust releasing : 
Nor need I fear, 
Before thy bar 
Thy scoffers to resemble, — 
Who shall in anguish tremble ; — 

4 While I, in wonder and delight, 

Shall stand, dear Lord, before thee, 
With the redeem'd upon thy right, — 
And then in heav'n adore thee. 

11YMNS. 181 

With hopes so high, 
Thy grace supply, — 
To fit me for thy favor, 
And for thy joys forever ! 

J. Busch. 


1 Hark ! The trump of God is sounding, 
Th' Archangel's shout the call resounding, 

Arise, ye saints, and leave the tomb ! 
Children of your heav'nly Father, 
To Hirn, from your dispersions, gather, 
The Lord of glory calls you home. 
Behold the morning break, 
Death's night is gone, — awake ! 
Hallelujah ! 
Now is prepar'd 
Your füll reward, — 
That day, — the last great day is here ! 

2 Earth, and Sea, and Hell are quaking, 
Now the redeem'd to life are waking ; 

To new and perfect life they rise : 
Jesus comes in glory's brightness, 
Before him mercy, truth, uprightness, — 
How fair their crown ! How rieh the prize ! 
They live with God's dear Son, 
Their light, his shining throne ; 
Shout Hosannas ! 
Redeemer, thou 
Dost give us now 
Sure mansions of eternal peace. 

182 HYMNS. 

3 Praise shall be our glad employment 
Through endless day of pure enjoyment ; 
What stores in thee of grace unknown ! 
Joys are now all hope excelling, 
New wonders still thou art revealing, 
Our friend, and God's beloved Son. 
Never to eye appear'd, 
Such things were never heard, — 
Thine the glory ! 
Lord, to thee 
New songs and honors be address'd ! 

C. C. Sturm. 


1 The Savior comes ! Sing praise to Hirn, 
The God proclaim'd by seraphim 

" Thrice Holy ! " in their praises. 
Thou comest, God's Eternal Son, 
Descending from thy heav'nly throne, 
Whose grace to glory raises ! 
May we 
By Thee 
Find deliv'ry 
From our slavery, 
And, in glory, 
Sing of grace the wondrous story ! 

2 We welcome thee, great Prince of peace, 
Through whom from sin we hope release, - 

Welcome to earthly dwelling ! 

HYMNS. 183 

Thou takest on thee fiesh and blood, 
Becomest man to work our good, 
Thy heart with pity swelling. 
And now 
Art thou 
Mercy reaching, 
Kindly teaching 
To transgressors, 
How of grace to come possessors. 

3 Thou bringest comfort from distress, 
Life, health, enduring happiness ; — 

To thee be praise forever ! 
What, dearest Savior, can we bring ? 
How render thee fit offering ? 
Thou, by thy matchless favor, 
To men 
In sin 
Helpless lying, 
Near to dying, 
Op'nest heaven ; — 
Greater boon was never given ! 

4 We bring a grateful heart to thee, 
For sin aggriev'd, from feigning free, 

And in thy service ready : 
To thee, and to our neighbor true, 
Where'er thou leadest would pursue, 
With purpose ever steady. 
To us 
Make thy pleasure 
Duty's measure ! 
All who cherish 
Not thy love, by wrath must perish. 

184 HYMNS. 

5 May we for endless glory strive, — 
By faith upon thy promise live, — 

Our hopes still upward rising ; 
In sorrows look to thee above, 
Abiding ever in thy love, 

Earth's vanities despising ; — 
Till we 
To thee 
Sing the praises 
Heaven raises, 
And, before thee, 
With the ransom'd throng adore thee. 



1 Bethlehem ! O Bethlehem ! 

To envied honors growing ; 
sister of Jerusalem, 

What grace to thee is flowing ! 
Ephrata, once David's home, 
Now David's Lord to thee is come, 

His promis'd mercy showing. 

2 The time of promise is fulfill'd, 

Now comes the great salvation ; 
The sorrows of the heart are still'd, 

Restor'd our desolation : 
What boundless, what unearthly joy ! 
Our hope and peace none can destroy, 

Or stay our exultation. 

HYMNS. 185 

I, like the shepherds, sat, — the shade 

Of darkness all around me, — 
A darkness that my sins had made, 

And there in fetters bound me : 
When lo ! — a splendor from on high, 
Whose glories, spreading o'er the sky, 

With hopes and fears confound me. 

Which should I look for, — weal — or wo ? 

Then heard I sweetly pealing, — 
" To God on high new praises now ! 

" To all mankind good feeling ! 
" On earth shall endless peace abide 
" With all, who for His grace confide 

" In him this grace revealing ! " 

And I my darkness fain would leave, 

This call of light obeying ; 
But, like the shepherds too, receive 

The bliss, no value paying : 
I have no gold, or precious störe, — ■ 
I give my heart, I have no more, 

A heart füll often straying. 

And wilt thou take it at my hand, 

Thy peace on me bestowing ? 
wondrous child of Canaan's land, 

What in my heart is glowing ! 
Prince of peace, — thy grace I own, 
A peace and joy, before unknown, 

Thy Spirit there is sowing. 

186 HYMNS. 

7 Henceforth, when sin would seek my härm, 
'T will have no pow'r to härm me ; 
The night of Death, with its alarm, 

No longer can alarm me : 
O'er sin and trouble, fear and Death, 
T'll rise triumphant, cheer'd by faith 
In him whose love will arm me. 

Wm. Meinhold. 



1 Ye who with years are sinking, 

To death so nearly gone, 
Now on the grave be thinking, 
With aged Simeon. 

2 He, at the holy temple, 

In pray'r employ'd his breath, 
And was a bright example 
Of hope and joy in death. 

3 Gently his days were flowing, 

As baisam gently flows ; 
His spirit brightly glowing, 
As day of summer glows. 

4 He knew it was appointed 

From death he should be free, 
Until the Lord's anointed 
His longing eyes should see. 

HYMNS. 187 

5 He saw : — with transport thrilling, 

He took him to his breast, — 
The sight his wishes sealing, 
His soul was fully blest. 

6 And see ! — tbis saint beholding, — 

Of death he has no fear ; 
His feeble arms infolding 

The Lord, — his triumphs hear ! — 

7 " Though head with age is hoary, 

" Young pleasure swells my heart ; 
' ; Now, to the realms of glory, 
" Would I in peace depart. 

8 " Him — What my joy can heighten ? — 

" Who Israel's hope has been, 
" Who gentiles shall enlighten, — 
" At length my eyes have seen." 

9 As faith still mounted higher, 

And rapture yet increas'd ; 
He press'd his Savior nigher 
Upon his heart, — and ceas'd. 

10 When, Lord, with age encumber'd, 

Or bow'd with ills and grief, 
I here my days have number'd, — 
May such be my relief ! 

11 Though not, in form as living, 

My Savior greet my eyes ; 
May he, his presence giving, 
Release me to the skies : 

188 HYMNS. 

12 And, while my soul is singing 
" Hosanna ! Lord, appear ! " 
The heavens back be ringing — 
" Hosanna ! He is near ! " 


1 I too, through Jesus, may in peace 

Depart, like Simeon praying; 
And lind in death my wish'd release, 

No grief or fear betraying ; — 
For rest my weary eyelids close, — 
My flesh in quiet sleep repose, — 

My spirit rise to heaven. 

2 What then will be my glad surprise, 

When, earthly cares all ended, 
My ransom'd soul shall mount the skies, 

By angel-guard attended ! 
When I shall see, in glory bright, 
Those mansions of eternal Hghtj 

By God for me made ready ! 

3 May I, Lord, ever ready be, 

Upon thy grace relying ! 
May hope of glory strengthen me, 

To honor ihee in dying ! 
Then will I cry, with cheerful faith 
In Him, who dying conquer'd Death, — 

" Come, Jesus ! Lord, come quickly ! '■ 

HYMN S. 189 


1 Kixg, to Jews and gentiles given 

For their healing and their light, 
Saba sees thy star in heaven, 

And rejoices at the sight : 
Shem and Japhet come from far, 
To the light of Jacob's star. 

2 Join'd to those, who are inquiring 

From the East, dear Lord, for thee, — 
All vre ask, or are desiring, 

Is the royal child to see. 
We our knees before thee bow, 
With our arms embrace thee now, 

3 Take our presents, nor refuse us 

Giving what we value most ; 
In thy gentleness, excuse us 

That our hands no riches boast : — 
Ours is no blest Araby, — 
All our wealth is poverty. 

4 Stead of gold and costly treasure, 

Faith, and hope, and love receive ! 
May our incense meet thy pleasure — 

We our hearts' devotion give ; 
But for myrrh, — our penitence, 
And of guilt an humbling sense. 

5 Take in kindness what we offer, — 

Willing gifts from souls sincere ; 
Leave us not from foes to suffer 
Rous'd to rage by guilty fear : 

1 90 HYMNS. 

From the Woody Herod's sword, 
Thy protection be our guard ! 

6 While we homeward sliall be going, 
May tby blessing with us go : 
Cheer us on, thy mercy showing, — 

Still the rage of ev'ry foe ; 
Lead us with thy gentle hand, 
Till we reach our father-land. 


1 Though manhood's feeble nature 

Our Savior made his own, 
The godhead's ev'ry feature 
In him was clearly shown. 

2 Earth's wealth and pomp declining, 

His lowly way he trod, 
While through the veil were shining 
The glories of the God. 

3 By him God wrought with power, 

God's image he express'd ; 

God's Spirit was his dower, 

As none beside possess'd. 

4 Of prophets sent by heaven 

With him could none compare ; 
He Israel's hope was given, 
A light to lands afar. 

HYMNS. 191 

5 His god-head was discoverd 

To Bethl'em's shepherd throng, 
When angels o'er them hover'd, 
And sang their raptur'd song. 

6 While childhood yet was tender, 

His piety was seen : 
What fruit his graces render ! 
How godlike was his mien ! 

7 His perfect approbation 

God gave him from above ; 
Men show'd their admiration, — 
None could withhold their love, 

8 For highest worth he nervM him, 

On this he kept his view ; 
Ye angels here who serv'd him, 
Make him your pattern too ! 

9 Here learn we virtue's measure ; — 

His early days to tili, 
It was his highest pleasure 
To do his Father's will. 

10 God's glory he is seeking, 

Nor waits for riper years ; 
He hears when Wisdom's speaking, 
And ponders what he hears. 

11 Assemble now, ye sages, 

And listen while he speaks : 
The wisdom of long ages 

From lips of childhood breaks. 

192 HYMNS. 

12 From doubt and error türaing, 
Ye teachers, hear him teach : 
From him a knowledge learning, 
Your schools could never reach. 

13 'Tis wisdom all he's saying, 

And, with attractions new, 
The way of life displaying, 
His doctrine all is true. 

14 How blest the child that chooses 

Religion for his part ; — 
While evil he refuses, 

To virtue gives his heart ! — 

15 In size and knowledge growing, 

Like Jesus he shall prove — 
While men their love are showing, 
God too will show him love. 

16 The words of Christ regarding, 

In youth he shall be blest ; 
Honors his age rewarding, 
His end be endless rest. 

HYMNS. 103 


1 The world, enslav'd to sin, 
Were loaded with its curses ; — 

'T was then that God would show 
The fulness of his mercies, 
And sends a herald forth 
The tidings to declare — 
That now his Son, their King, 
Is with salvation near. 

2 The messenger is come, 
And of the king gives warning ; 

He shines, a steady light, 
With holy zeal is burning ; 
While sinners of all ranks 
He bids their guilt deplore : 
And on his spirit rest 
Elijah's, and his pow'r. 

3 The faithful John proclaims 
Upon the banks of Jordan, — 

" The heav'nly King is nigh, 
" Repent, and seek for pardon !* 
" Lo ! the Redeemer comes ! 
" Bear fruits of righteousness ! — 
" And thus shall Israel's God 
" His mourning people bless." 

194 HYMNS. 

4 He own'd — "I am not He ! 
" But show you the anointed : " 

And to his hearers cried, 
While he to Jesus pointed, — 
" Behold the Lamb of God, 
" Whose blood, for sinners spilt, 
" A fountain shall supply 
" To wash away their guilt ! " 

5 what a word was that ! 
To us the message reaches ; 

And shall we not accept, 
The mercy that it teaches ! 
Hail to the Lamb of God, 
By John so clearly shown 
The Savior of the world ; 
And be his praises known ! 

6 This word, Lord, reveals, 
The myst'ry of salvation ; 

May it thy glory sound 
To ev'ry clime and nation ! 
Who penitent believes, 
Has joys unknown before ; 
And, when his course is done, 
Shall live forevermore. 


HYMNS. 195 


1 That men to truth might not be strangers, 

— The truth that has its source above, — 
Might thus escape sin's fearful dangers, 
And purify their hearts in love ; 
For this, Lord, thou wast hither sent, 
For this thy life on earth was spent. 

2 This daily was thy great employment, — 

How active was thy ceaseless care ! 
In this was centred thy enjoyment, 
Of love no efforts didst thou spare, 
That, by display of truth so bright, 
The darken'd world might see the light. 

3 The light, that shows God's mercy given 

And teaches all we need to know ; 
The light, that shows the way to heaven 
And how that way we should pursue ; 
The light, that cheers our prospects here, 
Till we in perfect light appear. 

4 That thou might be this light of gladness 

To wretched man, — what ills were borne 
By thee ! — what load of shame and sadness ! 
No trials could thy purpose turn ; 
So great thy patience to endure 
Whate'er would make our blessings sure. 

5 And, Lord, thy life abides forever — 

The life which thou hast liv'd below, — 
The richest blessing of God's favor, 
For which to Hirn our thanks we owe. 

196 HYMNS. 

A blessing, too, tliat bids us raise 
To Thee, Redeemer, songs of praise. 

6 Great Teacher, now accept our praises, 
For thy salvation clearly shown : 
May all in sin's delusive mazes 

Thy grace and truth be brought to own ! 
And we, here faithful to thy love, 
Enjoy thy perfect light above ! 

J. S. Dieterich. 


1 Jesus, of what we should approve, 

Thou art the bright example ; 
Thy heart, warm in the Father's love, 

Was virtue's living temple ; 
And with his glorious image seal'd, 
Thou, in thy lowly state, wast fill'd 
With wisdom, pow'r and goodness. 

2 To do the Father's will, Whose aim 

Was ever shown so zealous ? 
Who, for the honor of his name, 

Was ever found so jealous ? 
Thine was no selfish interest, 
The ruling object of thy breast 

Was but to work his pieasure. 

3 When thou the wicked didst regard, 

With grief thy soul was filling ; 
But when was done thy Father's word, 
Thy heart with joy was thrilling : 

HYMNS. 197 

On his depended all thy will, — 
To Hirn thine eye was looking still, 
With meekness and reliance. 

4 Before the world, by word and deed, 

Thou praise to Hirn didst offer ; 
Wast ready too, as he decreed, 

For our relief to suffer : 
And as the Father's name is Love, 
So thy delight, all eise above, 

Was found in showing mercy. 

5 Nor could the injuries or wrath 

Of man, to murmurs move thee ; 
True to thy God, in griefs and death, 

Thou on the cross didst prove thee : 
Thy courage never falter'd once, 
In him was placed thy confidence, 

So cheerful and unwav'ring. 

6 Thy hope was constant in his name, 

Though scofFers were deriding ; 
And when thine hour of darkness came, 

It found thee still confiding : 
Thy hope was met ; — thy God was there, 
He heard and answer'd then thy pray'r, — 

Thou wast from death deliver'd. 

7 By him wast thou in glory thron'd, 

Angels on high adore thee ; 
There saints their grateful songs resound, 

And cast their crowns before thee, — 
Proclaiming — " Worthy is the Lamb 
" Who died for us, — and to his name 

M Be worship, praise, and power ! " 

198 HYMNS. 

8 Grant, Lord, that to resemble thee 
May be our highest pleasure ; 
That we too, in God's love, may see 

Our noblest, richest treasure ; — 
May in his providence confide, 
And fearless all his will abide, 
In living, and in dying. 


1 Most holy Jesus ! — Fount unfailing 
Of joy all other joys excelling, 

Thou art the fount of holiness. 
The brightest cherubim before thee, 
The seraphim, who there adore thee, 
Compar'd with thee sink in disgrace. 
A pattern thou for nie, — ■ 
may I copy thee, 
Holy Savior ! 
And, Jesus, now 
Thy help bestow, - 
And teach me to be holy too ! 

2 Most humble Jesus ! — self-denying, 
With all thy Father's will complying, 

To death thou didst his will pursue : 
My spirit with like temper arming, 
My actions to thy will conforming, 

My pride and waywardness subdue ! 

HYMNS. 199 

May I, like thee, be mild ; 

With feelings of a child 
Truly humble : 
And, Jesus, now 
Thy help bestow, 
And teach me to be humble too ! 

watchful Jesus ! — without slumber, 
ßy toils and sorrows out of number, 

Thou wast encircled night and day ; 
By day, in ceaseless labor keeping, 
Whole nights before thy God wast weeping, 
Forgetful not to watch and pray. 
Grant thou, Lord, to me 
That I may also be 
Ever watchful ! 
Yes, Jesus, now 
Thy help bestow, 
And teach me to be watchful too ! 

tender Jesus ! — -kindest Savior, 
What love and mildness of behavior 

Didst thou maintain to friend and foe ! 
So God to all the sun is sending, 
To all his fruitful show'rs extending, 
Though thanks to him they never show. 
Like thee, Lord, would I love, 
Myself I thus would prove 
Thy disciple : 
And, Jesus, now 
Thy help bestow, 
And teach me to be tender too ! 

200 H Y M N S . 

5 Most gentle Jesus ! — unofTending, 
Thy foes, with injuries unending, 

To wrath could not thy spirit rouse. 
Unmov'd, while shame on thee is pourirrg, — 
Indignant zeal thy soul devouring, 

When shame is shown thy father's house. 

My Savior, 1 would be 

Thus gentle, — and like thee 

Timely zealous : 

And, Jesus, now 

Thy help bestow, 

And teach me to be gentle too ! 

6 Great Heir of all ! — Thou King most wortliy ! 
Though angels ceas'd not to adore thee, — 

Content with poor and mean estate, 
Thou livedst here in deep depression, 
A servant's was thy low condition, 
For seif thou soughtest nothing great. 
Lord, this temper give, 
That I on earth may live 
Ever lowly ! 
Yes, Jesus, now 
Thy help bestow, 
And teach me to be lowly too ! 

7 Unspotted Jesus ! — thy demeanor 
Was chaste and pure in all its tenor ; 

A perfect modesty was thine 
In thought and word, in look and feeling ; 
Thy manners, dress, and acts revealing 

A soul of purity divine. 

HYMNS. 201 

Dear Savior, I would strive 
Like thee below to live 

Pure and blameless. 

And, Jesus, now 

Thy help bestow, 
And teach me to live spotless too ! 

8 Most temp'rate Jesus ! — here while living, 
In meat and drink thy seif wast giving 

Example for our guidance still : 
When hunger press'd, its force allaying, 
For food, thy Father's call obeying, 
And hung'ring most, to do his will. 
Lord, teach me in thy school 
My appetites to rule, 
Temp'rance learning. 
Yes, Jesus, now 
Thy help bestow, 
And teach me to be temp'rate too ! 

9 Now, hear me, Jesus — my chief pleasure ! 
Conform me fully to thy measure, 

And let me bear thine image bright ! 
Thy Spirit and thy strength bestowing, 
That I, in ev'ry virtue growing, 
May ripen for the world of light. 
may thylove, with pow'r, 
Constrain me more and more, 
Faithful Savior ! 
Yes, Jesus, thou 
Wilt grace bestow, 
That I may reign in glory too. 

G. Arnold. 

202 HYMNS. 


1 How great the wonders wrought by thee ! 
At thy command diseases flee, 

Thy pow'r and mercy telling ; 
While devils now their victims yield, 
And Satan, baffled, quits the field, — 

Thy arm his fury quelling. 
The raging storm at once is still : 
Thy steady feet, if such thy will, 
Walk on the floods that vainly rave ; 
Thy path is o'er the foaming wave — 

This is an hour 

Displays a pow'r 

All should adore, 
And never doubt thy godhead more. 

2 We see the blind restor'd to sight, 
The deaf, now list'ning with delight, 

Their way with thee pursuing : 
The dying leave their bed of pain, 
The buried walk on earth again, 

Their ended life renewing : 
Where crowds were famishing for bread,, 
There now by thee are thousands fed, — 
Sweet as thy new-created wine 
They drink thy heav'nly doctrine in. 

Each soul distress'd 

That seeks thy rest 

Is fully blest, — 
Of all good gifts thine are the best. 

HYMNS. 203 

In thee all might and wisdom stor'd, 

With goodness join'd, proclaim thee Lord, — 

The rocks might well proclaim it. 
But scoffers would more wonders see, — 
In scorn of all thy works and thee, 

New proof they ask, — and name it :- - 
" The sun must at his bidding stand, 
" The moon, ahide at his command ; 
" Let him of time roll back the course ; 
" Or rise through sky to God his source ; — 
" When this is done, 
" It will be shown, 
"And we will own 
" He is indeed God's equal Son." 

Ere shepherds to thy manger came, 
The skies had witness'd to thy claim, 

Unwonted light displaying : 
Again their op'ning vault appear'd, — 
The Father then his love declar'd 

To thee, at Jordan praying : 
Then too, the Spirit from above, 
Descending on thee as a dove, 
Call'd on the world in thee to own 
Messiah, Christ, the promis'd one. 

All wisdom's thine ; 

WhiJe pow'r divine 

And goodness join, 
That here in flesh the God may shine, 

204 HYMNS. 

5 In mercy is thy pleasure still, 

No flames of vengeance at thy will 

Against revilers burning : 
So, when for fire disciples pray'd, 
Thy tender pity was display'd, 

Their thoughts to mercy turning. 
But, sinners, dare not to presume ! 
He, who triumphant bursts the tomb, 
Whom God from grave to glory brings, 
And there enthrones him King of kings, — 
Will ever reign 
The pride to stain 
Of mortals vain 
Who treat his gospel with disdain. 

6 To earth thou yet wilt come again, 
Before the gather'd sons of men 

To work thy greatest wonder. 
Enthron'd on clouds wilt thou appear, 
When friend and foe thy doom shall hear, - 

Then, ever part asunder. 
Let sinners dread that final doom ! 
To saints thou wilt with favor come : 
By thee they find a mercy-seat, 
And now in faith thy Coming wait. 
Thy wondrous pow'r, 
Thy wisdom's störe, 
Thy goodness, more, 
And truth, dear Savior, we adore. 

HYMNS. 205 


1 Christ, our bliss — all joys combining, 
Thy face above the sun is shining, 

A glitt'ring robe thy form arrays : 
Glory bright from thee is beaming, 
The voice of truth thy worth proclaiming, 
While from the Father's mouth it says 

In love's endearing tone — 

" This is my only Son, 
" Me well pleasing : 

" His word regard ! 

"And yoirr reward 
" Be endless glory with the Lord ! " 

2 Can one glimpse, so quickly over, 
Suffice us, Jesus, to discover 

The splendors of thy high estate ? 

All thy glories to be telling, 

We need to build for thee a dwelling, 

And evermore around thee wait. 

Dear Savior, at thy side 

Joy, health and peace abide — 

Hallelujah ! 
Here, Lord, with thee 
'Tis good to be, 
From ev'ry care and sorrow free. 

3 Lord of life, to earth returning, 
Our bodies with thy light adorning, 

Give us thy splendor then to see ! 
When our dust, from dust awaking, 
And, in his glories too partaking, 
Shall splendid and immortal be, — 

206 HYMNS. 

Far brighter light shall shine 
Than, Tabor, e'er was thine ! 
While Hosannas 
Of higher praise 
Our tongues shall raise, 
On Zion's hill, through endless days. 


1 Our Lord wept o'er Jerusalem 

In sin yet unrelenting; 
Think, then, what joy it gives to him 

When sinners are repenting : 
And how to his own people's cry 
Can he a gracious ear deny ? 
These tears, too, fully manifest 

That Jesus Christ — 
He is the faithful Great High-priest. 

2 Yes, Jesus, and these tears of thine 

For me make intercession, 
When I from duty's path decline, 
Too heedless of transgression. 
Their price in God's esteem is high, 
And none who thither turn their eye 
Of hope, — for guilt sincerely grieve, 
And sin will leave, 
< But that from God shall grace receive. 

HYMNS. 207 

3 And have they not a voice to speak 

Their solemn admonition ? — 
A voice that in my soul should wake 

A deep, sincere contrition ? 
suffer not that earthly cares 
At once command my ready tears, 
While, in this erring heart of mine, 

Sorrow for sin 
Can brief admission scarcely wi». 

4 Füll oft my spirit is depress'd, 

And bitter tears are flowing ; 
The sight of crime afflicts my breast, 

The world their malice showing : 
But 'neath such trials ere I sink, 
Be it my comfort then to think, 
The hatred which to thee they prov'd 

Whom thou hadst lov'd, 
To tears thy tender pity mov'd. 

5 Lord, all my tears thyself dost see, 

Each in succession counting ; 
Though many are forgot by me, 

To thee not one is wanting : 
These never from thy view depart, 
So move with sympathy thy heart, 
That, while through trials I proceed 

Where thou hast led, 
Thou cheerest me in all my need. 

6 The Christian, who with pious tears 

Is to the Spirit sowing, 
Shall reap, when his reward appears, 
A harvest overflowing. 

208 HYMNS. 

Shall reap such blessings as excel 

All we conceive, or tongue could teil, — 

For trifling sorrows of an hour, 

Abundant störe 
Of joys to last forevermore. 

7 Thee, after grief and shame endur'd, 
Now praise and bliss are crowning : 
Tears were by thee in torrents pour'd, 

While for our sins atoning ; 
But, when thy sorrows here were past, 
In heav'n was found thy perfect rest : 
And thither soon thou 'lt welcome me, 

To honor thee, 
For all thy tears, eternally. 

J. Herrmann. 


1 Great thy sorrows, injur'd Jesus, 

That with joy we might be crown'd : 
Thou, from bondage to release us, 

Art as malefactor bound. 
Schemes of cruel foes thou knewest, 
Back, to shun them, never drewest ; 

But, in holy courage strong, 

Goest forth to meet their wrong. 

2 More than twelve of angel-legions, 

That Surround thy Father's throne, 
Quick would leave the heavenly regions, 
For the rescue of his Son : 

HYMNS. 209 

At thy call would fly to save thee, 

Crush the foes that scorn and brave thee, — 

Yet, for vengeance or defence, 

Callest thou no legions thence. 

3 Nor the strength of thy high nature 

Leaves thy manhood now alone : 
But, redeeming thy lost creature, 

Boundless might in grace is shown. 
Only let the word be spoken, 
All thy fetters soon were broken, — 

And the throng of scoffing foes 

Plung'd in helpless, hopeless woes. 

4 On they come — now, backward flying, 

Prostrate fall before thy word — 
" I am He ! " — sure proof supplying 

Of thy pow'r and courage, Lord. 
Thee to die no one has driven, 
Life for us by choice is given ; — 

And, our guilty souls to free, 

Shame and bonds are borne by thee. 

5 'T is to break our chains f orever, 

Thou art bound by wicked hands ; 
To complete God's scheme of favor, 

Sparest thou the soldier-bands ; — 
Aid of friendly sword repellest, 
Wound of eager foe-man healest ; 

Freely takest fetters on, — 

Though no evil thou hast done. 

210 HYMNS. 

6 Should thou here account me worthy 
For thy sake to suflfer shame ; 
Grant me, Jesus, I implore thee, 

Grace to honor thy dear name : 
Bonds, reproach — all — I-can bear it, 
Only give thy cheering Spirit, 

And with joy Pll spend my breath, 
Ever faithful until death. 

J. J. Rambach. 


1 How trying to the heart 

The wound that friends impart ! 
To thee, Lord, far more bitter 
Than buffet, stripe, or fetter, 
That, when thy foes assail thee, 
Thy chosen twelve should fail thee. 

2 The danger scarcely near, 
These all are fill'd with fear : 

They who could boast so loudly, 
And were so ready — proudly 
To prove their faith by dying, 
Their safety seek, by flying. 

3 Who boldly drew his sword, — 
E'en Peter — leaves his Lord ; 

He flees, with panic taken ; — 
Sham'd thee to have forsaken, 
Eeturns ; — but on new trial, 
Falls deeper by deniaL 

HYMNS. 211 

[ Is faith in Peter found ? 
When safe, he Jesus own'd, 
Hirn as the Christ proclaiming, 
With zeal and courage flaming, — 
But now, when danger tries him, 
He, with an oath, denies him. 

i But soon thy look, Lord, 
Him to himself restor'd, 
His guilt most deeply feeling : 
— Sorrow his lips is sealing, — 
While tears, in torrents pouring, 
For mercy are imploring. 

He sought, — he found it there : 

then, let none despair, 
But ask forgiveness rather ! 
God is a gracious father, 
And sins, feit as a bürden, 
Through Christ may find a pardon. 

Had e'en the traitor too, 

After his deed of wo, 
Sought grace, with godly mourning, 
To the betray'd returning, — 
What hasted his perdition, 
That blood had seal'd remission. 

But he who mov'd the plot, — 

Satan, — ■ forsakes it not, 
Exciting guilty terrors, 
Till Judas' growing errors 
Make him of seif the hater, 
To his own soul, a traitor. 

212 HYMNS. 

9 How dreadful his award ! 
Mortals, be on your guard ! 
Still Satan frights, entices. 
Lord, show us his devices ! 
Be thou our strength and tower, 
To save us from his power. 

1 Should any guilt divide — 
( may it ne'er betide ! ) 
Me from thy holy keeping ; 
Make me like Peter, — weeping, 
For grace to thee repairing, — 
Not, Judas-like, despairing ! 


1 Urg'd, Lord, by sinful terror, 

Peter denied thy name : 
Soon, conscious of his error, 
He mourn'd his guilt with shame : 
Thy look with sorrow fill'd his breast, 
He sought thy pard'ning mercy, 
And was with pardon bless'd. 

2 After, how grew this martyr 

In faith and hardihood ! 
He scorn'd thy truth to barter, 
But seal'd it with his blood : 
For thee his Lord he spent his breath, 
In life declar'd thy glory, 
And honor'd thee in death. 

HYMNS. 213 

3 My soul is in disquiet, 

'T is fill'd with constant pain : 
5 T were useless to deny it, 

From thee concealment's vain , 
And, Lord, with grief I own to thee 
Thy name I have dishonor'dj 
pardon, pardon me ! 

4 When loud the bold blasphemer, 

Amid the scoffing crowd, 
Revil'd thee, my Redeemer, 
Thy name, my Lord and God ! 
I durst not own myself to be 

A Christian ; — basely fearing 
Their scoffing, more than thee. 

5 Lord, thon hadst freely offer'd 

Thy life's blood in my place, — 
And still by thee was prorTer'd 
For me all needed grace. 
What vile ingratitude in me, 
That I, the scoff of sinners 

Should more regard, than thee ! 

6 I own, deep sorrow feeling, 

My fear was strangely base : 
Pardon me, Lord, revealing 
The strangeness of thy grace. 
On Peter feil thy pitying eye — 
may thine eye of pity 
Pass my transgression by ! 

214 HYMNS. 

7 And<may this time of sorrow 

Be ever in my mind ; 
Thence may thy service borrow 
New cords my love to bind. 
My Lord and God, thee to deny 

Fills more with dread my spirit, 
Than for thy name to die. 

8 May but thy favor arm me, 

Then all reproach is vain : 
Who is it that would härm me ? 
God makes it work my gain. 
Let all my foes their strength unite, 
And marshal all their terrors, 
Pm fearless in thy might. 

9 From thee what shall divide me ? 

Henceforward I will own, 
Should all the world deride me, 
Jesus my Lord alone : 
And when before thy judgment brought, 
If here I shall confess thee, 
Thou wilt deny me not. 

B. Muenter. 

HYMNS. 215 


1 The Lord of our salvaüon 

Must now to judgment go ! 
At such humiliation, 

Shall we no wonder show ? 
'Gainst Jesus, the unspotted, 

Of Jews the promis'd Head, 
Their Council long had pLotted, 

He's now their pris'ner led. 

2 With impious haste and daring, 

To glut their cherish'd hate, 
Their scheme afore preparing, 

They hurry on his fate. 
Their wrath, to fury raging, 

The innocent condemns : 
His blood alone assuaging 

Its fierce malignant flames. 

3 His holy words and living — 

To whom were these unknown ? 
Who most, their favor giving, 

Were bound his worth to own ? 
Who most ow'd him protection ? 

None more should guard his cause, 
Than they who claim'd direction 

Of worship and its laws. 

4 But here false proofs were render'd 

By base and perjur'd men ; 
The holy one was slander'd, 
As if the slave of sin : 

216 HYMNS. 

Here justice was denied him, 
The Judge's seat disgrac'd ; 

As falsehood had belied him, 
The guilty doom was pass'd, 

5 The place bore degradation, 

The court, a shameful blot, 
From Jesus' condemnation, — - 

His innocence, no spot. 
He spoke not, — his not speaking" 

Their calumny disprov'd ; 
While they their rage were wreaking, 

His spirit was unmov'd. 

6 that, to wrong perverted, 

Were found no judges still, 
Whose pow'r is e'er exerted 

To work the righteous ill ! 
No place, though once devoted 

To virtue and to God, 
That now is strangely noted 

For violence and blood ! 

7 Keep me, Lord, from deceiving l 

Whate'er is right and true, 
Thy guidance never leaving, 

I onward would pursue : 
In speaking, or refraining, 

Would own thy gentle yoke, 
From ev'ry thing abstaining, 

Resentment to provoke. 

HYMNS. 217 

8 Reproach guard me from saying 

To those reproaching me ; 
From hate with hate repaying : 

Thus may I follow thee ! 
I will no inj'ry ofFer, 

And if, in duty's place, 
I still must inj'ries suffer, 

Pll trust me to thy grace. 

H. J. Heeren. 


1 Behold the man ! How heavy lay 

On him the sinner's bürden ! 
What grievous price had he to pay 

That vre might hope for pardon ! 
Such sorrows, since the world began, 
Before were never seen by man, 

Nor since on earth been witness'd. 

2 The Prince of life, to glory born, 

Out Savior here, hereafter, 
Now bears the Jewish rulers' scorn, 

Their taunts, and jeering laughter ; 
As malefactor he is seiz'd, 
Accus'd, defam'd, — the crowd are pleas'd. 

And join the proud derision. 

3 Their fury, raging unrestrain'd, 
To grosser insult urges ; 
With fetters bound, with blood distain'd, 
With buffets bruis'd and scourges, 

218 HYMNS. 

A reed his sceptre, thorns his crown, 
In purple robes for mock'ry shown, — 
He Stands before revilers. 

4 His heathen Judge, of foreign birth, 
Is with compassion taken ; 
He brings bim to bis bretbren forth, 

Their pity to awaken : — 
" Behold the man ! — there's no ofFence, 
" I can't condemn wbile innocence 
" So strongly pleads to save him." 

5 'T was vain ! — alas, 't was all in vain, 
This plea of gentile stranger ; 

The mad, infuriate, Jewish train 
Grow bold in Jesus' danger. 

His death alone can satisfy 

Their rage : — with deaf 'ning shout they cry 
To Pilate, — "Cracify him ! " 

6 Thou canst not, but with horror, think 
That this devoted nation 
Thus mix their cup of wrath to drink 

To distant generation. 
Think too, my soul, how 't is with thee ! 
What are thy sins? — and art thou free 
From guilt for death of Jesus ? 

7 Behold the man ! — it was for thee 

His shame and griefs were sulfer'd ; 
Now hear him say — " Behold, in me, 
" The victim for thee ofFer'd ! 

HYMNS. 219 

" The guilt was thine, — its fearful load 
" I bore, atoning with my blood, 
" I died, from death to save thee ! " 

8 Biest Jesus, God's beloved Son ! 

Who all my sins removest, — 
Exalted to thy Father's throne, 

Show that my soul thou lovest ! 
And let thy griefs and death, Lord, 
New life and peace to me afford, — 

Thus glorify thy mercy ! 

9 And when the world, when flesh and blood 

To paths of sin allure me ; 
That I may keep the heav'nly road, 

From wand'ring to secure me, 
In mercy cry to me — " Behold 
" The man, who suffer'd ills untold 

" For thee ! — Wilt thou forsake me ? " 

1 Redeemer, I have sworn to thee, 

— Let not my purpose waver ! — 

As my God liveth, — that in me 

Thy love shall rule forever : 

And may the mem'ry of thy death 

And sorrows, while I have my breath, 

Constrain me to be faithful ! 

B. Maenter. 

220 H Y M N S . 


1 Come now, my soul, thy thoughts engage 

On what by Christ was spoken, 
When on the cross man's deadly rage 
With griefs his heart had broken. 

His words may prove 

A gift of love, 
The best his love could offer ; 

Keep them in störe, 

And learn their pow'r, 
When call'd thyself to suffer. 

2 What then employ'd his care the most, 

Of his first pray'r the bürden, 
Was that the scoffing, cruel host 
From God should find a pardon. 

" Forgive ! forgive ! 

" And let them live ! 
" My Father, forgive them ! 

" They little know 

" What 't is they do, — 
" Their darken'd hearts deceive them." 

3 How good, for hate to render love, — 

'T is what his pray'r would teach us, — 
Nor seek, by inj'ry, to remove 
The injuries that reach us. 

'T would also teach — 

In grace how rieh 
The man who, when with rudeness 

Malignant foes 

His good oppose, 
Opposes only goodness. 

HYMNS. 221 

4 To Mary then he made address, 

Where she with John was mourning ; 
And from his cross sooth'd her distress, 
His heart with pity yearning ; 

" Mother, thy son 

"Behold ! — this one 
" Belov'd by me, will love thee ! " — 

" Thy mother see ! 

" And do for me 
" As love to both shall move thee ! " 

5 So, Lord, thy friends shall ever share 

Thy love, nor meet denial : 
Thou watchest them with tender care, 
In seasons of their trial. 

By deed and word, 

Thou'lt help afford, 
When sorrows may depress them : 

In all their grief , 

Thou'lt give relief, 
And with new mercies bless them. 

6 Then, next, our Savior spake the word 

To one this pray'r addressing — 
" Remember me with favor, Lord, 
" And grant me then thy blessing, 

" When thou the throne 

" And glorious crown 
" Shall take, as Prince of Heaven ! " 

" To thee the bliss 

"Of Paradise" — 
He said — M this day be given ! " 


222 HYMNS. 

7 How sweet this promise to assuage 

The cares of saints who hear it ! 
Should Death redouble all his rage, 
No longer sliall they fear it. 

With all his pow'r, 

What can he more 
Than soul and body sever ? 

While they shall rise 

To perfect joys 
In Paradise forever. 

8 But while the malefactor's joy 

Thy words, Lord, awaken, 
Yet deeper griefs thy soul employ, 
Now by thy God forsaken. 

" Eli ! my God ! 

" How great the load 
" I here am doom'd to sufFer ! 

"And when I cry 

" To thee on high, 
" No answer wilt thou offer ! " 

9 Learn hence this lesson, my soul, — 

When griefs from God assail thee, 
When waves of sorrow o'er thee roll, 
Let not thy patience fail thee i 

Till life be past, 

Hope to the last 
To see the storm abating ! 

In faith abide ; — 

Through Hirn who died, 
For mercy pleading, waiting. 

HYMNS. 223 

10 He speaks again, and feebly cries, 

— His thirst from anguish growing, — 
" I thirst ! " — Thus spake he whose supplies 
Of life to all are flowing. 

What can it mean ! — 

It thence is seen 
How he was bow'd with curses, 

For crimes of thine 

Through years of sin, 
That thou might sing of mercies. 

11 And further, too, well may it teach — 

How much it meets his pleasure, 

That still his cross, in all and each, 

Of good should work its measure. 

Be ye aware ! 

Whose anxious care 
Your thirst for grace is showing, — 

To give you drink, 

Himself would sink 
"With thirst — his blood bestowing. 

12 And when his strength well nigh was gone, 
His soul with griefs replenish'd, 
Then said he — " Now the work is done ! " 
ßutj What work then was fmish'd ? 

'T was often told 

By seers of old, — 
Through ages 't was predicted, 

That on the Son, 

For sins our own, 
Such griefs should be inflicted. 

224 HYMNS. 

13 'Tis fmish y d l What for thee remains? 

Would thou the work go over, 
As if the sinner's toil and pains 
Could help his guilt to cover ? 

The work is done ! 

Well be it known — 
Naught can be added to it. 

'Tis thine, by faith, 

To trust his death, 
And by thy living show it. 

1 4 His sorrows now approach their end, — 

" Receive," he cries, " my spirit ! 
" This, Father, I to thee commend, 
" Thy glory to inherit. 

" My soul receiye, 

fcc When it shall leave 
" My heart, which death is chilling ; 

"And thus shall close 

*' My heavy woes, 
" Thy plan of grace fulfilling ! " 

15 Grant, my God, that such an end 

May, when I die, attend me ! 
That I with joy into thy hand 
Of mercy may commend me ! 

let my Lord's 

Last spoken words 
My last words too be spoken ! 

Then let me rise 

To take the prize 
Of bliss that's never broken ! 

Paul Gerhard. 

HYMNS. 225 


1 " 'T is fmish'd ! " — thus, in tortures dying, 

Spake Jesus with triumphant voice ; 
Words, from our fears relief supplying, 
Which bid confiding souls rejoice 
That now the ofF'ring is complete 
By which they find a mercy-seat. 

2 Our Savior dies ! — the rocks are rending, 

In darkness hides the glimm'ring sun ; 
Down to the dead new life descending, 
The graves of saints are open thrown : 
Earth quakes, — the temple-veil divides, — 
Nothing the seat of mercy hides. 

3 How much, Lord, art thou fulfilling, 

While Death and Hell their pow'r display ! 
Thy agonies the wrath are stilling 
Which on a world of sinners lay. 
The work is done ! there needs no more, 
But that for mercy we implore. 

4 Our all to thee, Lord, we tender, 

No less thy benehts require ; 
Help us, that we the service render, 
To which our grateful hearts aspire : 
With needed strength our weakness meet, 
That we our oif'ring may complete. 

226 HYMNS. 

5 Oft, painful fears of Death alarm us : — 
nerve us for that trying hour ! 
May then the courage fully arm us 
Wherewith thou hast subdued his pow'r : 
Thus, by tliy strength brought conq'rors through, 
We will exclaim — « 'T is finish'd ! " too. 

J. E. Schmidt. 


1 Let tears descend ! 
Man's noblest friend, 

In deeds of love untiring, 
Now, amid reproach and shame, 
Is with thieves expiring. 

2 Let tears descend ! 
Man's injur'd friend 

In snares of Hell is taken : 
What the grief his soul endures, 
While by all forsaken ! 

3 Let tears descend ! 
Man's suff'ring friend 

His soul to God is breathing : 
Ransom for a guilty world 
By his death bequeathing. 

4 Let tears descend ! 
Man's faithful friend 

In dreary grave is lying : 
Weep no more ! Sweet sleep is there 
Rest and strength supplying. 

HYMNS. 227 

Weep, weep no more ! 

Our Lord, with pow'r, 

Without corruption seeing, 

Shall from death, in glory new, 

Rise to endless being. 

C. \V. Rnmhr. 


1 Now to the tomb 
Thyself art come, 

Who, for us death enduring, 

Didst bear the curse for sin, 
Eternal life procuring. 

2 Death wrought his will 
On thee, and still 

Our life in thee reposes, 

As of weak mortals now 
The grave thy form incloses : 

3 Yet, in the grave, 
Thy God shall save 

Thee, from corruption seeing : 

And soon be shown thy pow'r 
From death thy body freeing. 

4 Yes, and at last, 
When Time is past. 

Us from the grave thou'lt waken ; 

And why should now our hearts 
With fear of it be shaken ? 

228 HYMNS. 

5 Nay, we will there 
Till thou appear, 

In peace and hope recline us ; 

Then, through thy death, to thee 
From death and grave will join us. 

6 Ye, whom in chains 
The world detains, 

May at corruption tremhle : 

Through Christ, our moulder'd flesh 
His body shall resemble. 

7 No, — nothing's lost, 
Sure is our trust, 

The very dust that's sleeping, 

For glory purified, 
Shall leave the earth's safe keeping. 

8 Then let the grave 
Our bodies have, 

This matter nothing grieves us : 

The thinking on thy grave 
From all such care relieves us. 

HYMNS. 229 


1 Dying a guilty world to save, 
Jesus the shoul of vict'ry gave, 

With his last breath " 'T is done ! " he cried. 
In silent wonder, round the throne 
The angels stood, when to the Son — 
" The work is finish'd ! " — God replied. 
The heavens heard, and raise 
New songs of sacred praise 
To God the Son. 
He conquers, — for the vict'ry dies ! 
Thus Judah's Lion wins the prize ! 

2 He left the tomb, with glory crown'd, 
God, reconcil'd, the ransom own'd ; — 

The curse of Sinai rules no more : 
Who now thy triumphs, Grave, shall sing ? 
Relentless Death, where is thy sting ? 
Ye're captives to the victor's pow'r. 
'Tis done, in Hell's despite, 
This work of grace and might, — 
Jesus be prais'd ! 
Great Death-destroyer ! with thine aid, 
Of Death who now shall be afraid ? 

3 Assert, victorious King, thy throne ! 
A people shall thy sceptre own, 

Unnumber'd as the morning dew : 
They're safe who put in thee their trust ! 
Zion, all glorious from the dust, 

Thou wilt restore with honors new. 

230 H Y M N S . 

Though fire and sword impede, 
The church shall rise : — the deed, 
Jesus, is thine ! 

Hell rages, — this but swells thy praise, 

Thy vict'ries all its fury raise. 

4 Thou wilt appear to judge our race, — 
Grant me, Redeemer, then a place 
Among the saints lipon thy right ! 
Thou Savior from avenging doom 
When flames shall earth and skies consume, 
Afore prepare me for thy sight ! 
High-seated on thy throne, 
The Conq'ror, God's own Son, 
Thy grace bestow ! 
That I may love thy service here, 
And with th)~ saints at last appear. 


1 My Savior Ums! — and through death's dreary gloom 

Now streams the dawn of day, 
The Prince of life to us with life is come ! 

The grave has lost its prey ! 
In death awhile he slumber'd, 

Now wakes with strength to save ; 
No more with sorrows cumber'd, 

He left them in the grave. 

2 My Savior leadsJ — and Hell, and Grave, and Death 

Are driven back to Night ! 
My soul he strengthens now with cheerful faith, 
To seek his home of light. 

HYMNS. 231 

Through shades of Death, — beside me, — 
And through the grave, — still on, 

He heavenward will guide me, 
The path himself has gone. 

3 My Savior reignsf — on high in glory reigns ! 
His throne shall ever last ! 
With power divine the sceptre he sustains, 
His trials all are past. 
At death my trials closing, 

My soul with him shall rest ; 
My flesh, in hope reposing, 
Shall wake, with glory blest. 



1 Who is this with glory gleaming, 
His features bright with vict'ry beaming, 
That shines amid sepulchral gloom ? 
Mortals ! — of your dread annoyer, 
Of Death — it is the great Destroyer, 
Who now triumphant leaves the tomb 
His grave is empty now, — 
His foes are lying low 
All around him. 
His praises teil ! 
O'er Death and Hell, 
In grateful songs, his vict'ry show ! 

232 HYMNS. 

2 Sin brouglit Death and desolation, — 
Thou Prince of life and of salvation, 

Of Death thou hast subdu'd the might : 
That to earth peace might be given, 
And man enjoy the hope of heaven, 
Thyself didst leave the realms of light. 
Thy struggle not for thee, — 
Thy vict'ry, Lord, for me — 
Me a sinner ! 
Thy death endur'd 
My life secur'd, 
And set my prison'd spirit free. 

3 Jesus, shall I not adore thee ? 

My thanks shall never cease before th^e, 
Thy praise my heart can ne'er decline. 
Thou for me the light sustaining, 
In death a perfect vict'ry gaining, — 
Thy vict'ry, Conqueror, is mine. 
My love shall endless be, 
For boon so rieh and free, 
Mighty Hero : 
Songs too of praise 
And thanks I raise 
To thee, eternal God, to Thee. 

4 Now, this Conqueror addressing, 
Come, sinners, humbly seek his blessing, 

And fix your faith on Hirn alone ! 

Each with me now bow before him, 
With songs of grateful praise adore him, 

And teil what he for us has done ! 

HYMNS. 233 

His word let all believe, 
As God's own truth receive 
All his teaching ! 
He won the prize, 
And bids us rise 
That in his glory we may live. 

When the cup of Death is tasted, 
For us his terrors all are wasted, — 
Where is his sting ? What can he do ? 
Jesus lives ! — His saints he numbers, 
His voice shall wake us from our slumbers, 
And then our graves be empty too. 
Those who his promise trust, — 
He'll raise them from the dust — 
Vict'ry shouting. 
The voice — it comes — 
" Leave now your tombs ! 
" Arise, and triumph with the just ! M 

What a day of bliss surprising, 
When now the Sun of glory rising, 

Shall scatter Death's long-gather'd gloom ! 
what joy and wonder blended, 
When, all our night of darkness ended, 
The morn shall break upon our tomb ! 
Great Leader, guide our way 
On to that glorious day, — 
Lo, we follow ! 
Yes, though thy path 
Shall lead through death, 
We'll follow thee without delay, 

234 HYMNS. 

7 Terror, Lord, lo Hell thou givest, - 
Thyself hast died, — and yet thou livest ; 
Thy life and reign shall ever last : 
Vict'ry, life, a throne in heaven, 
His world to rule, thy God has given : — 
And tili thy glory shall be past, 
In it, 't will be thy care 
That all thy friends shall share 
Here, hereafter. 
By thy behest, 
We here are blest, 
And look for endless blessings there. 

B. Mu enter. 


1 Rejoice, ye saints ! — your fears be gone ! 
Your Lord ascends to take his throne, — 
He conquers ! — with triumphant voice, 
Proclaim his vict'ry and rejoice ! 

2 His conflict here is finish'd now, 
Death is disarm'd, a vanquish'd foe, — 
Peace to the world from God is giv'n, 
And He with glory crown'd in heav'n. 

3 Now all abroad, and to the sky, 
Extol his pow'r and majesty ; 

The seraphim resound his praise, — 
To him your highest anthems raise i 

HYMNS. 235 

4 All nations are his purchas'd right, 
His sceptre rules with grace and might, 
Will ever rule, tili at his feet 

All foes shall to his pow'r submit. 

5 In ev'ry strait He is at hand, 
The guardian of his faithful band ; 

He is their Head : — your honors bring, 
And let the skies with echo ring ! 

6 Jesus, accept our honors due ! 

While we, with praise and rapture, view 
The glories of the heav'nly throne, 
To which thy God exalts his Son. 

7 In thee our störe of blessings lies, 
And faith in thee secures the prize 
So dearly purchas'd, with thy blood, 
For all who seek a pard'ning God. 

8 What should we fear ? Thou art our Lord, 
Thy pow'r and skill shall be our guard, 
Thy grace, all needed mercies grant, 

Thy fulness, meet our ev'ry want. 

9 We joy, — in hope, when life shall end, 
Eternal life with thee to spend ; — 

On earth our pilgrim-service done, 
To serve with angels round thy throne. 

10 draw us to thee more and more, 
That upward our desires may soar, 
And seek the things that are above, 
Where sits the Savior whom we love. 

236 HYMNS. 

11 And may thy throne of glory there 
So sink all earthly joy and care, 
That, from a life of faith below, 
We may ascend to glory too. 

12 Then will we, thou sinners' friend, 
With nobler pow'rs thy fame extend ; 
And, to thy praise, new songs employ 
In regions of eternal joy. 


1 Lift iip now your heads for the Prince ever glorious ! 

Wide open, ye gates of the world, to your King ! 
He comes, — over Hell and his foes all-victorious, 
He comes his salvation to bring. 

2 He comes, who alone spoiling Death of his terrors, 

Can quell our alarms of the opening grave ; 
Who sinners, from bondage to ruinous errors, 
By grace is almighty to save. 

3 Their hands, stead of bonds, the glad palm-branch 

are bearing ; 
And hopes, stead of sorrows, are filling the breast : 
For prison-groans, songs now their joys are declaring, 
Their troubles are follow'd by rest. 

4 His heralds haste onward the message of heaven, 

Proclaiming salvation, and life from the dead : 
Away the dark clouds of delusion are driven, 
And night's gloomy shadows are fled. 

HYMNS. 237 

5 May we, King of glory, our honors now bringing, 
For all the rieh tokens to man of thy love ; 
In life and in death here thy praises be singing, 
Then sing nobler praises above. 



1 Can human thought thy secret counsels measure, 

Our King at God's right hand, our sov'reign Lord ? 
We see thee form a people for thy pleasure, 

Thy little flock from ev'ry mischief guard. 
Where is a work of wonder like thine own ? 

An humble work, and yet of glory too ! 

So still, — on earth 't is heeded but by few, 
So great, that angels hail it round thy throne. 

2 Celestial principalities and powers 

Here learn thy wisdom deep, and manifold : 
While, over sinners, righteous vengeance lowers, 

Proposing terms of peace, thee they behold. 
Thy law and grace together must unite — 

Can light and darkness then be made agree ? 

Faith wonders : — naught but darkness can we see, 
But all thy darkness only leads to light. 

4 Yes — 't is through death that thou to life art leading, 
The vict'ry is alone for them who yield : 
The shadows thick must first abroad be spreading, 
Before thy morning star can be reveal'd. 

238 HYMNS. 

Here clouds and darkness circle us around, 
Through deserts wild and drear lies oft out way, — 
Till we will hail of light a single ray, 

Rejoice, when one poor blade df comfort's found. 

4 Thine eye of fire the universe pervading, 

To Thee the secret thoughts of all are known ; 
How oft the hearts, our confidence persuading, 

Are to thy view unsound and faithless shown. 
Thy call and choice, what's scorn'd by others, raise, 

The lowly are pref err'd : — men would not spare 

The plant, that in thy garden wins thy care, 
And, more than proudest tree, yields fruit of praise. 

5 The poor man, not the rieh, thy gifts replenish, — 

That praise to thee may ne'er be mix'd with pride ; — 
Before thy light must human glory vanish ; 

The glory of thy grace alone abide. 
Thou teachest all — thine all-sufficiency ; 

For humble souls thou keepest open door, 

Against the proud thy gates wilt doubly bar, 
Our weakness make us feei in victory. 

6 No change or weakness do thy plans discover ; — 

Who shall presume to form thy council-board ? 
Thou dost thy will : — and only when 't is over, 

We then may learn the pleasure of our Lord. 
Here is a land ; — for harvest ripe it seems ; 

Thou sendest thither messengers of grace, — 

" 'T is Midnight ! " -=- is the cry, — but in its place, 
Behold thy merey spreads its morning beams. 

HYMNS. 239 

7 A Station here — thou lettest foes destroy it, — 

'T was one, perhaps, of which thy flock were proud : 
There, guardest well from all that would annoy it, 

A barren field where scarce a blossom blow'd. 
Here, with thy host*clisp!ay'd in martial line, 

Struck down in midst of life, their champion died, — 

There, lone and feeble, for relief applied 
A sickly guest, — where now thy temples shine. 

8 As river courses, human hearts thou turnest ; — 

That secret wisdom, Lord, is only thine : 
The vict'ry, oft, with striving long thou earnest, 

But, oft, one word of grace will vict'ry win. 
The wildest tempers to thy beck are tarne, — 

How many foes receive thy gentle sway ! 

The strongest now are led thy willing prey, — 
They stay to bless thee, who for cursing came. 

9 The age of wonders never yet has ended ; — 

Thy name is " Wonderful," nor suffers loss, 
They see it not, whose glare themselves has blinded, 

Wh an shine abroad the wonders of the cross. 
Still by thy angels are the light'nings sped — 

Lo ! Sannacherib, with his dauntless host, 
Of scorn to thee and people makes his boast, — 
The morning comes, — th' insulting foe has fled. 

10 To testify, — with joy thy people hasten, — 

That Israel's Hero thou abidest still ; 
And though thy hand may bow them oft, and chasten, 
They leave thee not, — thy Spirit rules their will. 

240 HYMNS. 

So much of light upon our hearts has shone, 
How could we wish to live in darkness more ! 
Who once has known thee, and thy saving pow'r, 

A thousand times will trust thee — thee ahne. 

1 1 We of thy glory now can only stammer, 
Although in glory thou art ever great. 

Biest he who, in these times of doubt and clamor, 
By faith maintains allegiance to thy state. 

Now fitful glimpses break the gloom of night, — 
But earth from pole to pole shall own thy sway: 
Thy triumphs then shall show, in endless day, 

Thyself art wisdom — all thy darkness, light. 

A. Knapp. 


1 Our Jesus, now at God's right hand> 

Is high in glory seated : 
He reigns in that dear father-land 

From far with transport greeted, 
Whither our warm arTections move, 
And where celestial spirits love 

Hirn, as their Lord, to honor. 

2 Above all principality 

His shining throne he raises, 
The angels' highest minstrelsy 

In vain would reach his praises : 
To Hirn the songs of cherubim, 
Responded by the seraphim, 

Cry " Holy ! Holy ! Holy ! " 

HYMNS. 241 

3 All things are subject to bis reign, 

The earth and skies together, — 
What is, and what has ever been, 

The upper world and nether ; 
All pow'r and might of ev'ry name 
Shall own, dear Lord, thy sov'reign claim — 

Thy rule is universal. 

4 Thou must too be our great High-priest, 

Thy blood, our soul's oblation ; 
None eise can show our guilt releas'd, 

Or bless us with salvation. 
The grace we need none eise can give, 
For none, like thee, a priest shall live 

To intercede forever. 

5 Bright hopes to us thy love afTords, 

To faith thou naught deniest ; 
Thou reignest now the Lord of lords, 

Above all kings the Highest : 
Thy throne of righteousness secure 
Through endless ages will endure, 

Dispensing grace and judgment. 

6 Immanuel ! ever at our side 

Thou'lt be, tili time is ended, 
Through all our pilgrimage to guide, 

With pow'r and mercy blended : 
Tn ev'ry strait wilt bring us through, — 
For us contend and conquer too, — 

Till Death himself is vanquish'd. 

242 HYMNS. 

7 Thou say'st — " Hirn that shall overcome 

" None from my joys shall sever ; 

" A child of God I'll bring him home, 

" To share my throne forever ; 
" E'en as I too have vict'ry won, 
" And sit lipon my Father's throne 
" In majesty and glory." 


1 The trumpet sounds ! — the day is come ! 

In glory Christ revealing ; 
To men the day of final doom — 

Their State forever sealing. 
He comes ! The Son of man is here, 
Borne on a cloud, see him appear 

Array'd in robes of judgment ! 

2 Earth's fleeting schemes of error fail, 

But firm the truth of ages ; 
Now right decides with even scale, 

And sin receives its wages ; 
Repentance has no longer space, 
Art and deception find no place, — 

'T were vain to seek false witness. 

3 Here, on the brink of endless fate, 

Each takes his sev'ral Station : 
All who have lived, both small and great, 
Since first the world's creation ; 

HYMNS. 243 

Each by th' Omniscient seen, they stand, 
Though countless as the ocean's sand, — 
All wait the solemn sentence. 

4 He speaks ! — the list'ning skies are still, — 

All eyes on Jesus centre, 
While awe and dread the bosom fill : — 

" Come ye, your kingdom enter!" 
He says to those who mercy sought : 
And then, — to all who priz'd it not, — 

" Departfrom me, ye cursed ?" 

5 Lord, with what resistless might 

Thy doom of justice sounded ! 
The sinners, who refus'd thy right, 

Sink down to Hell, confounded ; 
Where meets them deep, unmingled wo, — 
Ah ! who can ever save them now ? 

All hope is gone forever ! 

6 But lo ! The saints ascend on high, 

Cloth'd with the light of heaven ; 
Their Savior leads them through the sky — 

What burst of joy is given ! 
For now they see, with raptur'd eyes, 
That faith and love receive the prize, 

Through grace rieh, free, abounding. 

7 And see ! — they take the mansions bright, 

Where God prepar'd their dwelling : 
Like angels now, — and, to their sight, 
Their joys are onward swelling : 

244 HYMNS. 

They knew in part, — now, all is clear, - 
Nor doubt, nor sorrow enters here, 
To break their bliss unceasing. 

8 Oft, Jesus, from thy judgment-seat, 
Would I reflection borrow : 
That thus my soul may fearless meet 

The waves of earthly sorrow. 
teach my hopes above to mount, 
While, mindful of my last account, 
I search thy truth for guidance ! 






To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
While angels bow before him, 

With joy let all the ransom'd host 
Sing praises and adore him. 

(Hymn 38.) 


To God,— the Father, and the Word, 
And Holy Ghost, — with one accord, 
Let us with angels join to raise 
The song of gratitude and praise. 

When angels " Holy ! Holy ! " cry, 
" Supreme in grace ! " let saints reply, 
And strive in praise to honor most 
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 
(H. 52, 83, 96, 124.) 




3 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost sing praises, 

The God whom Christians love ; 
From sin and fear, from death and Hell he raises, 
To endless joys above. 

(H. 59.) 

4 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, sing praises ! 
He is the God of grace : — and from the mazes 
Of sin, and death, and Hell, he bids us come 
To joys on high — a bright, eternal home. 

(H. 80.) 


5 Now to our God — the Father, Son, 

And Holy Spirit, sing ! 
With praise to God, the Three-in-one, 
Let all creation ring. 

(H. 87.) 

6 Now to Father, Son, and Spirit, 

Let the earth her praises sing ! 
And, ye angels, as ye hear it, 
Let the skies your echoes ring ! 


7 To Father, Son, and Spirit, 

From earth let praise arise ! 
Ye angels, as ye hear it, 

Prolong it through the skies ! 
(H. 101, 104.) 



To God, — to the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, 

Let saints now with angels in praises unite ! 
Beginning the joys they shall fully inherit 
Forever in regions of light. 

(H. 125.) 



9 To God, the Father of our Lord, 
To God, the Son, the living Word, 

To God, the Holy Ghost, 
Let saints their grateful notes prolong, 
" The God of grace " their only song. 
(H. 36.) 


10 Let saints below their honors bring 

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ; 
Here tune their voice the praise to sing 
That shall employ the heavenly host, 

(H. 46.) 

11 To God, the Father of our Lord, 
To God the Son, the living Word, 
To God, the Spirit of all grace, 

Our songs \ve raise, 
While heav'n resounds with higher praise. 

(H. 82,85.; 



12 To Father, Son, 
And Spirit, — One, — 

As by the host of heaven, 
Honor, thanks, and ceaseless praise 
By the earth be given ! 
(H. 119.) 


13 ToGoDalone, 
The Three in One, 

On earth be praises given, 

As by the saints redeem'd, 
And angel-hosts in heaven. 
(H. 120.) 



14 To Father, Son, 

And Spirit, — One, — 
The God who reigns in heaven, — 

As done above, 

May praise and love 
By all on earth be given. 

(H. 6.) 


15 Now to the Father-GoD, who gave us 

His Son to bear away our guilt ; 
To God the Son, made flesh to save us, 

Whose blood was for our ransom spilt ; 
To God the Spirit of all grace, 
Let praise ascend from ev'ry place. 

(H. 8, 12, 39, 49, 53, 62, 74, 84, 86, 69, 106, 118.) 



16 Come, let us now our honors bring, 
To Father, Son, and Spirit sing, — 

The song of angels raising ! 
Let all below, and all above, 
Unite in holy joy and love, 

Our God Jehovah praising ! 


17 Praise to the Father-GoD, who gave us 

His Son to seek and save the lost ; 
To God the Son, who died to save us, — 

Nor less to God the Holy Ghost : 
Eternal praise, for grace abounding, 
To God, the Three in One, be sounding ! 

(H. 25.) 

18 Praise to God the Father bring, — 
Well our praise his favors merit ; 

And with equal praises sing 
God the Son, and God the Spirit : 
Praise in song, ye heav'nly host, 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ! 
(H.26, 60.) 


19 To God, whose boundless favors 
Demand our best endeavors 

In songs of grateful praise, — 
To Father, Son, and Spirit, 
As well their glories merit, 
Let earth and skies loud anthems raise. 
in 35.) 



20 Our God, who from heaven 
His blessings has given, — 

The Father, the Son, and the Spirit we sing : 

While angels before him, 

And saints too adore him, 
Exalting with praises Eternity's King. 

(H. 45.) 

21 To God the Father, God the Son, 

And God the Spirit, — Three in One, — 
On earth he praises given ; 

While angels raise 

Their higher praise 
With the redeem'd in heaven. 

(H. 63.) 


22 Him, who gave his only Son ; 

Him, who died from death to raise ; 
Him, who makes the Savior known, 

All ye ransom'd join to praise ! 
Praise in song, ye heav'nly host, 
Father, Son and Holy Ghost ! 

(H. 78.) 

23 Let God the Father, God the Son, 

And God the Spirit he ador'd, 
By saints and angels round the throne, 

By all on earth who love the Lord. 
To Him, whose grace all good supplies, 
Now let our Hallelujahs rise ! 
(H. 81.) 

D0X0L0G1ES. 251 


24 Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, 

Now ye saints exalt with praise : 
And, ye angels, as ye hear it, 
Higher still your anthems raise ! 
Striving how to honor most 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

(H. 103.) 

25 To God, — the Father, Son, 
And Holy Spirit, — One, — 

Be honor, glory, Messing, 
With songs of praise unceasing ! 
Let all on earth adore him, 
And angels bow before him ! 



26 Thou God and Father of our Lord, 

We bring our praise before thee ; 
Thou equal Son, the living Word, 

With praises we adore thee : 
Thou Holy Ghost, accept the praise 
Which, taught of thee, alike we raise 

To Father, Son, and Spirit. 
Now to the Father, and the Son, 

And Holy Ghost give praises ! 
To God, whose grace to sinners shown 

From death to glory raises: 


Let saints below, and saints above, 
With angels vie in showing love, 
'T is man alone finds mercy. 

(H. 1, 9, 13, 22, 24, 33, 40, 47, 48, 54, 55, 67, 77, 79, 90, 100, 

102, 107, 116, 127, 128.) 

Another doxology of this measure may be found, H.22, stanza 13. 


27 Let all, with heart and voice, 
To Father, Son, and Spirit 

Sing praises and rejoice ! 
To Hirn, his Son who gave, 
To Hirn, who died to save, 
To Hirn, who works our peace, 
Our honors we address. 

(H. 15.) 


28 Glory now to God who gave us 
His Son to bear away our guilt ! 

To God the Son, made flesh to save us, 
Whose blood was for our ransom spilt, 
To God the Spirit of all grace, 
Let saints resound, in endless praise, 
Glory ! 
(H. 17.) 


29 To God be praise ! — The Father of our Lord, 

The Son and Spirit, too, 
With grateful songs of honor be ador'd, 

By all who dwell below ; 
While hosts above, with joy unceasing, 
To Hirn give glory, honor, blessing: 

To Göd be praise ! 

D0X0L0G1ES. 253 

Praise Hirn that's true ! — The Father of our Lord, 

The Son he loves so well, 
And Holy Ghost — forever be ador'd ! 

Let saints His praises teil 
Whom angels, for his truth unbendin£, 
Extol with praises never ending, — 

Our God is true ! 

(H. 23, 63, 70.) 

30 Praise ye the Lord ! — To Father, and the Son, 
And Holy Ghost — be sacred honors done ! 

He is the God of grace, — and bids us come 
From all our wand'rings to a peaceful home. 
Praise ye the Lord ! 

His praise, his praise 
Shall there employ our songs through endless days. 



31 It here must pleasure be, 
Father, Son, and Spirit, 
To all who grace inherit, 

Their praise to ofFer thee. 
But when to us in heaven 
An^elic notes are given, 

What must our p'easure be ! 

(H. Ü2.1 


32 Now to our God in heaven. — 

The Father and the Son, 
And Holy Ghost, — be given 
Our praise for mercy shown : 



Let all his saints on earth adore, 
And saints above be singing — 
" Glory forevermore ! " 



33 Jeho7ah,God! — The Father,Son,and Spirit,- 

Accept our humble sacrifice of praise ! 
For all the gooi we have, or shall inherit, 

To thee our song of gratitu le we raise. 
The Father gives for us his only Son, 

The Son to pay our ransom freely dies, 

The Holy Ghost the purchaö'd graceapplies,- 
Eternal praises to the Three in One ! 

(H.2, 126.) 


34 Now God, the Father, praise, 
On earth as done in heaven ; — 

To Jesus, his dear Son, 
Be equal praises given ; 
Help us, thou Holy Ghost, 
Whom we with praise aJore, 
The Father, Son, and Thee 
To praise forevermore. 
(H. 3, 18,23,21,37,51, 105.) 



35 All ye who grace inherit, 

The God of grace adore i 
To Father, Son, and Spirit 

Give praise forevermore ! 
Of mercies here, the treasure 

Demands our praise and love ; 
And praise shall be our pleasure 

Before his throne above. 

(Hymn 4, 93, 115.) 

36 Saints and angels bow before thee, 

Singing praises near thy throne ; 
So, Lord, let earth adore thee, 

Praising God, the Three in One ! 
God the Father, grace supplying, — 

God the Son, the way of grace, — 
God the Spirit — sanctifying, — 

Aid and own our songs of praise ! 

(H. 5,31.; 

37 It was the Father's wondrous love 

That gave his Son to die, 
And sent his Spirit from above 

To train us for the sky : 
Now to our God, — the Father, Son, 

And Holy Ghost, — we sing, — 
Witb praise to God, the Three in One, 

Let all creation ring ! 




38 Praise to Hirn, his Son who gave us 

Here to seek and save the lost ! 
Praise to Hirn, — who died to save us ! 

Praise to Him — the Holy Ghost ! 

Ever praise the Three in One ! 

He is God, — and He alone ! 
Saints and angels bow before him, 
Let the earth with songs adore hirn ! 

(H. 10, 19, 94.) 

39 Come let us now our honors bring, 
To Father, Son, and Spirit sing, — 

The song of angels raising ! 
Let all below, and all above, 
Unite in holy joy and love, 

Our God Jehovah praising ! 
'T is He who iirst our being gave, — 
He gives his grace our souls to save. 

(II. 14.) 

40 The Lord is God ! — To Father, Son, and Spirit, 

Let saints unite their grateful songs to raise ! — 
Till all the nations of the world shall hear it, 
And too shall learn to swell the notes of praise. 
Let earth and skies rejoice 
To spread his name abroad, — 
And shout with thankful voice, — 
" The Lord is God ! " 

(H. 16.) 



41 It was the Father's wondrous love 

That gave for us his Son to die, 
And sent his Spirit from above, 

To train us for his joys on high : 
Now to our God — the Father, Son, 

And Holy Ghost — our praise we sing, 
Let saints below, to Hirn alone, 

And saints above, their honors bring ! 

(H. 28.) 

42 Come, Holy Spirit, aid our songs, 

While we our praise are singing 
To Hirn — to whom all praise belongs, — 

To God, our honors bringing : 
Your praises join, ye ransom'd host 

From ev'ry tribe and nation, 
Of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

Proclaim the great salvation ! 
(H. 30.) 


43 Saints and angels bow before thee, 

Singing praises near thy throne ; 
So, Lord, let earth adore thee, 

Praising God, the Three in One ! 
God the Father, source of blessing, 
God the Son, of love unceasing, 

God the Spirit of all grace, — ■ 

Now accept our song of praise ! 
(H. 43, 56, 112.) 




44 High let us now our voices raise, 
The Father, Son, and Spirit praise, — 

His gracious aid and ear imploring ! 
Let angels, as they hear the song, 
The notes of joy and love prolong, 

Jehovah, Gor> alone, adoring. 

The wonders of his grace and pow'r 
Demand our praise forevermore. 

(H. 57.) 

45 From God the Father, through the Son, 

And by the Holy Spirit, 
Believers shall around the throne 
Eternal joys inherit. 

Here let them raise 

Their songs of praise, 
Till nobler songs be given, 
To swell their praise in heaven ! 

(H. 64, 65, 97.) 

46 Now to our God in heaven, — 

The Father, and the Word, 
And Holy Ghost, — be given 

Our praise with one accord. 

Let all on earth adore, 
With saints their honors bringing, 
And with the angels singing — ■ 

" Glory forevermore ! " 
(H. 69.) 



47 Now to the Father-GoD who gave us 

His Son to bear away our guilt; 
To God the Son, made flesh to save us, 

Whose blood was for our ransom spilt ; 

To God the Spirit of all grace, 

Let praise ascend from ev'ry place ! 
This God is ours ! — let earth adore him, 
While saints and angels bow before him ! 

(Ei. 72.) 


48 Now to God, the Three in One, 

Songs of glory raise ! 
God the Father, God the Son, 
God the Spirit — praise ! 
The God of love ! 
Boundless wisdom, grace, and pow'r 
Give to Him, as evermore 
Is done above ! 
(H. 98.) 


49 Praise ye the Lord ! — The Father, and the Son, 

And Holy Spirit praise ! 
To Him be everlasting honors done, 

For matchless pow'r and grace ! 
Our life — 't is He who gave it, 

'T is his to take away ; — 
Our soul — 'tis his to save it, 

And bless with endless day. 

(H.95, 122.) 




50 To God — the Father, and the Son, 

And Holy Ghost — sing praises ! 
The God, whose sov'reign grace alone 
From death to glory raises. 
Saints below, above, 
Sing Redeeming love ! 
Angels, swell the song ! 
Our notes of praise prolong ! 
Sing " Holy ! Holy ! Holy ! " 

(H. 66.) 


51 Now to the Father, and the Son, 

And Holy Ghost give praises ! 
The God, whose wondrous mercy shown 

From death to glory raises : 
Let saints below, and saints above 
With angels vie in showing love ! 
Sav'd, when on waves of min toss'd, 

The saints should most 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

(H. 111.) 

D0X0L0G1ES. 2G1 



52 (i.) H. 32. 54 (in.) H. 41. 

53 (ii.) H. 34. 55 (iv.) H. 76. 

56 (v.) H. 117. 

57 (i.) H. 61. 58 (ii.) H. 121. 


59 (i.) H. 50. 98. 110. 123. 61 (in.) H. 99. 

60 (ii.) H. 75. 62 (iv.) H. 108. 


63. H. 29. 42. 44. 71. 109. 


Hymrx Page. 

1. The God of Xature, 5 

2. TheGodofGrace, 7 

3. The God of Nature and ofGrace 8 

4. Power of God, 11 

5. I oveofGod, 12 

6. Word ofGod 13 

7. Tree wi h gwlden Fruit,« 15 

8. Knowledge of God from his Word,... * 15 

9. Law and Gospel, 17 

10. On the Soul, 19 

11. C:ire of the Soul 20 

12. Sudden Death <>f a Sinner . 22 

13 Sinners warned in view of the Judgment, . 24 

14. Scoffer* confounded at the Judginent* 26 

• 5. Self-examination 23 

1 i. Living VV;iierr<, 32 

17. Cill to Sinners, <* 34 

18. Repetitance i 36 

19. Penitent's P!ea . 38 

20. Conscience appea&ed, 40 

21. Faith 43 

•,2. Sjtlvation hv Faith 44 

23. Redempiion 48 

24. Hopein God's Mercy, ....< 49 

25. Love of God the chief Good, * 51 

23. Si mers re eived by Jesus, * 52 

27. Father-land. 54 

2 t. Savior fonnd, 55 

2 ). Grace accejited , 53 

30. Ren in Jesus, 58 


Hymn. p agQ> 

31. Safety in Jesus, 59 

32. Christ our Rock, 61 

33. Treasure in Heaven, 63 

34. Christ, the Believer's Portion, 64 

35. Vanity ofEarth, 66 

36. Vanity of the World, 69 

37. Christian's estimate of the World, 71 

33. Vanity of earthly Pursuits, 73 

39. Jesusand the World, 75 

40. Wisdom of the Just, 76 

41. Praise to Christ, 78 

42. Love to Christ, 79 

43. Love to Christ tested, 81 

44. Confidencein Christ. 83 

45. Christ the good Shepherd, 86 

46. Christ's Presence Ins People's Joy, 87 

47. Joy of God's Presence, 83 

48. Jesus rememhered, 90 

41). Prayer, 91 

50. Missionaries' Prayer, 93 

51. General Prayer, 96 

52. Prayer for general Mercies, 98 

53. Worthof Prayer, 100 

54. Prayer to the Trinity, 102 

55. Believer's Conflict, 103 

56. The Christian Warfare, 104 

57. PilgrimngeofLife, 100 

58. Rest in Heaven, 109 

59. Pathof Life, 110 

60. Way to Heaven, 111 

61. Desponding Christian and Christ, 112 

62. GodlyFear, 114 

63. Joy in God, 116 

64. Confidencein God, 118 

65. Trust in God, 129 

66. God our Defence, 122 

67. God's Guidance, 123 

63. God our Light, &c. , 125 

69. FaithfulnessofGod, 126 

70. Godistruc 129 

71. Christian's Ilope, 131 

72. Christian Love, 313 


Hymn. Pa^e. 

73. Assurance of Hope, 135 

74. Christian's Thanksgiving J36 

75. Thanksgiving, (Ps. 103,) I3D 

70. G.'d our Father 14t 

77. Relief to the Poor, 145 

TS. Blamage, 143 

79. Morning Hymn, 149 

PO. Evening Hymn 151 

81. Death, 152 

82. HappyDeath 153 

83. View of Death, a means of lloliness, 155 

84. Christian in view of the Grave, 157 

85. Prayer für Support in Üea'h, 159 

83. flope in Death 139 

87. Release by Death, 1G2 

88. Aiming for Heaven, 103 

83. Confi-Ience of Immortality, 105 

CO. Christian's view ofEternity, K'8 

91. Longing for Home, 170 

92. Pleasurein Heaven, 171 

93. At Death of an aged Christian 172 

94. Children on Death of a Uother, 174 

95. To a Christian mourning pious Friends, 177 

93. Ata Christian's burial, 17? 

97. Christian in prospect of the Resurrection, l c 

98. Resurrection ofSaints, 131 

C9. Advent of Christ, 182 

100. Birth of Christ, 181 

101. Simeon and the infant Jesus, 183 

102. Prayer ofSimeun, l c 8 

103. Visit of Vlagi, 189 

104. Childhoodof Jesus 190 

105. John the Fore-runner, 193 

103. Ministry of Jesus, 195 

107. Example of Jesus, ...196 

106. Jesus our Pattern, 198 

109. Miracles of Jesus, 2 2 

110. Jesus on Tabor, 205 

111. Tearsof Jpsus, 206 

i/ure of Jesus, "-8 

113. Jesus deserted, 210 

114. Peter'» Denial, 212 



Hymn. p a g e , 

115. Jesus before the Council, 215 

116. Jesus before Pilate, 217 

117. Christon the Cross, 220 

118. Last words of Jesus, 225 

119. Death of Jesus, 226 

120. Burialof Jesus, 227 

121. Resurrection of Jesus, 229 

122. " '« " " 230 

123. " " " " 231 

124. Ascension of Christ, 234 

125. Jesus, Kingofglory, 236 

126. Kingdom of Christ on Earth, 237 

127. Jesus in Glory, 240 

128. Christ Coming to Judgment, . . 242 

Doxologies, 245 



Ah, when shall I be from sinning 55 

All our hope on Him's suspended 50 

All with Jesus are delighted 43 

As God shall lead I'll take my way 67 

Aspire, my heart, on high to live 33 

A tow'r of safety is our God 63 

Awake, my soul, from sleep arise 79 

Behold the man ! How heavy lay 116 

Be wäre, O man, lest endless life 38 

Bow thine ear, I now implore thee 19 

Can human thought thy secret counsels measure 126 

Can I this world esteem 1 37 

Christ our bliss, all joys combining 110 

Come now, my soul, thy thoughts engage ...» 117 

De ar Savior, when I here am blest 71 

Dread Majesty above ! 3 

Dying, a guilty world to save 121 

Earth's boasted joys and splendor 35 

Firm is my hope of future good 73 

For help O whither shall I flee 1 55 

From deep distress to Thee I pray 24 

Füll ofwonder, füll ofskill, 78 

God is Love, then sing his praises 5 

God is my Light— 63 

God, to my soul benighted 09 

Good Shepherd and tender 45 

Great thy sorrows, injur'd Jesus, 112 

Happy the man who wins the prize 72 

Hark! the trump of God is sounding 98 



Hasten ye who wish bis favor 17 

Heavenward, still heavenward 88 

Here many wise and prudent grow 40 

He who once came as surf'ring man 14 

How could 1 wish a greater Messing 25 

How great the wonders wrought by thee 109 

How heedless, ho v secure is man 83 

I/ow sad will he the sinner's part 13 

How trying to the heart 113 

I am redeem'd ! — 23 

1 hail the d:iy, in prospect hright 97 

I love ihee, Lord, with love sincere 42 

I 'm bot a weary pilgrim here 90 

Impart, O Lord, thy light 15 

In «rlnry hright, O God. thou d wellest 8 

I no w have found ahiding rest 30 

I now have found the Rock of ages 32 

In thee, O God, I find my joy 63 

I too through Jesus may in peace 102 

I trust the Lord 6 

Jehovaii is my light! bis grace revealing, 2 

Jesus, my chief pleusure 34 

Jesus, my Lord and God 6L 

Jesus, of what we should approve 107 

Jesus, nur Lord, when thou art near 46 

King, to Jews and gentiles given 103 

Know ye the bind? 27 

Let tears descend ! 1 19 

Lift up now your beads, &.c 125 

Lord Jesus Christ, my spirit's bealth 44 

Lord, on the souPs enduring woith 11 

Love, honor, praise and tbanks to Thee, 41 

Man were better nam'd a spirit - 10 

Most High., with reverence to fear thee 62 

Most holy Jesus, fount unfailing 108 

My life is but a pilgrim stand 57 

My riebest cornfort, here while living, 53 

My Savior lives, and through I eaih's dreary gloom, 122 

Now in thy presence I appear 52 

Now one in health Death instant crushes '. 12 

Now to the Lord sing praises, 75 

Now toihe tonih 120 



O BETHLKHE>f,0 Bethlehem 100 

O teil rae not of glitt'ring treasure , 39 

O that I had a thousand voices 74 

Our blessings come, O God, 51 

Our God is true ! — 70 

Our Jesus no w at God's right hand 127 

Our Lord wept o'er Jerusalem 111 

Re joice, ye saints, your fears be gone 124 

Remember Jesus, God's dear Son 48 

Repent ! nor still delay 18 

Robes of white thy form inclosing 94 

Rule thou ray portion, Lord ! my skill 65 

Shall I not his praise be singing 76 

Sinai flames its awful wonders 31 

Soon in the grave my flesh shall rest 87 

Steep and thorny is the way 60 

That I shall die, füll well I know 81 

That men to truth might not be strangers 106 

The day is gone, the weary sun declining 80 

The fountain flows ! — 16 

The Holy Law and Gospel both 9 

The Lord of our salvation 115 

The poor are waiting at your door 77 

The reaper now is waiting 93 

The Savior comes, sing praise to Him 99 

The trumpet sounds, the day is come 123 

The way of Christians leads through deserts dreary 59 

The world enslav'd to sin 105 

This man sinners doth receive 26 

Though manhood's feeble nature 104 

Thou God the Father, now in love 54 

Thou Great First Cause, when of thy skill 1 

'T is flnished ! — thus in tortures dying 118 

To thee, Lord Jesus, now I come 29 

To us salvation now is come 22 

fpoN* a h ill there Stands a tree 7 

LTrg'd, Lord, by sinful terror 1 14 

We are but pilgrims here below 58 

Weary now, that Home of pleasure 91 

We give this body to the dust 96 

We 're thine, O God, forevermore 85 

Whate'er God does is fitly done 64 




What meanest thou my soul 20 

What without thee would I have been 1 23 

When they may chance to meet together 72 

Who is this with glory beaming 123 

Who knows liovv near my life's expended 1 86 

Who, Lord, has any good whatever 49 

Who, Lord, thy deeds can measure'? 4 

Why is my heart so far from thee 47 

Why so alarm'd my deathless spirit 84 

Why vex thy seif with anxious fears 30 

Why weepest thou ? — 95 

Will it no pleasure be 92 

Without true faith, O Lord 21 

Yes, I was born to live forever 89 

Ye who with years are sinking 101 


Page 35, last word, read ' Lehmus '. 
" 40, line 15, for 'how' read 'who '. 
" 91, " last, for * wilt ' read 'will'. 
" 110, " 3, from bot. for ' thy ' read ' my '. 
" 1G8, " 15, for *the' read 'thy'. 
" 178, " 13, for ' Why — ? ' read ' O weep no moie I 


A versiox of "Dies Irae", and of a part of 


( The Latin hymns may be found in the " Encyclopaedia Americana ", 
under the words " Dies " and " Stabat ".) 


Judgment comes ! — that day of mourning! 
Earth in flames ! — to ashes turning ! 
So the Scriptures give us warning. 

How will fear the soul be rending, 
When the Judge is seen descending, 
Angel-hosts their Lord attending ! 

Hark, — the trump ! — its blast of wonder 
Tears the graves of Earth asunder ! 
These their prison'd charge surrender ; — 

Death and Nature frighted, quaking, 
While the dead, their tombs forsaking, 
Are their place for trial taking ! 

Then, before the world collected, 
Books are open'd, and inspected, 
And by these the doom directed. 


When the Judge, for judgment seated, 
Marks for vengeance unremitted 
Open crimes, and crimes secreted ; — 

Guilty — what can I be pleading? 

Who for me be interceding ? 

Saints themselves are mercy needing. 

Savior, thron'd in exaltation, 

Thou hast wrought a free salvation,--- 

Save me from that condemnation ! 

Think of all thy way from heaven 
That my sins might be forgiven, — ■ 
Must I still to wo be driven ? 

Seeking me, thy strength oft fail'd thee, 
On the cross, ills thick assail'd thee, — 
Have thy sufF'rings naught avail'd thee ? 

Righteous Judge of retribution, 
Grant to me thine absolution, 
Ere that day of execution ! 

For my sins my soul is sighing, 
Guilt with shame my cheek is dyeing, 
While for mercy I am crying. 

Weeping Mary met thy pity, — 
Thou didst hear the thief's entreaty, — 
Still to save thou art almighty. 

Nothing all my pray'rs are earnktg, 
Teach me ! — that, thy mercy learning, 
I may 'scape eternal burning. 

With thy friends my Station give me, 
Nor with those thou hatest leave me, 
But upon thy right receive me. 


When the curse, thy foes oppressing, 
Sinks them into wo unceasing, 
May I hear thy voice of blessing ! 

Sad and prostrate, I adore thee, 

And with contrite heart implore thee, — 

" Let me then rejoice before thee ! " 

When, Lord, at thy assizes, 
Man from dust for judgment rises, 
Though our crimes deserve thy curses, 
Show us then thy tender mercies ! 

Jesus, Savior, Prince of peace, 

Bid our grief and terror cease ! — Amen ! 


Near the cross was Mary weeping, 
There her mournful Station keeping, 

Gazing on her dying son : 
There in speechless anguish groaning, 
Yearning, trembling, sighing, moaning, — 

Through her soul the sword has gone. 

what grief on her was pressing, 
Lately blest beyond all blessing, 

Mother of ttiat promis'd seed ; 
Sorrow, agony unbounded, 
Horror all her thoughts confounded, 

While she saw her darling bleed. 

Who, with heart to love another, 
Could have seen this weeping mother, 

And could yet remain unmov'd ? 
Who have kept from sympathizing 
With her spirit agonizing 

For the pangs of him she lov'd ? 


What he for his people sufTer'd, 
Stripes, and scoffs, and insults offer'd, 

His fond mother saw the whole ; — 
Never from the scene retiring, 
Till he bow'd his head, expiring, 

And to God breath'd out his soul. * * " 

[ But we have no need to borrow 
Motives from the mother's sorrow, 

At our Savior's cross to mourn. 
'T was our sins brought him from heaven, 
These the cruel nails had driven, — 

All his griefs for us were borne. 

When no eye its pity gave us, 
When there was no arm to save us, 

He his love and pow'r display'd : 
By his stripes he wrought our healing, 
By his death, our life revealing, 

He for us the ransom paid. 

Jesus, may thy love constrain us, 
That from sin we may refrain us, 

In thy griefs may deeply grieve : 
Thee our best affections giving, 
To thy glory ever living, 

May we in thy glory live ! 


Who, w T ith deepest adoration, 
Should extol the great salvation 

Wrought by grace for sinners lost ? 
Sinners sav'd ! — your honors bringing, 
Swell its praises, ever singing 

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ! ] 

£ CD 

g-S.S.S.3 > 

CD t~i< *w ,»_> _> — 




















sc .3 

a o 

o o ° 

ts 8: 

>2 S> 

— r^ o P- 

*-» °° 

<3 OD 

T3 :r« 

Z w 

CD . 
Co g 


o v «? 



CÖ r 

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C £ 

od f 


For tbe New-York Observe/. 

ifin*Ä *°J *^°° f 


££.p •6-).^ T; BKI»»IJI|0«Mj1 ,B <l 

.0,3 'um* jo »*» r^v^vsrsi "ä «»1 
o, P! , d **, »j -n:»»< «^ to ä«äs ,? b -ä ,